Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Three years later Mr. Maltby went into the drug business for himself and married Elizabeth Broughton Maguire. They had two child- ren, Edward Parks and Mary Louise.

Shortly after the above children were born the War broke out and Mr. Maltby disposed of his drug business and went South, where for some time he supplied General Grant's army with provisions.

Later he established an oyster business in Norfolk, Va., and was the first to ship opened oysters in bulk to New York, for a long period averaging five hundred gallons a day.

In 1864 Mrs. Maltby died and for seven years he was a widower. In 1871 he married Ruth Atwater Bostwick, and to them were born Margaret Atwater; George Erastus; and Lucius Upson Maltby.

In 1878 Mr. Maltby and his family left Virginia and went to New York to live, where the northern branch of the oyster business was supervised by him. Mrs. Maltby died in May, 1898, and soon after Mr. Maltby gave up active business and divided his time between his elder daughter, Mrs. Frederick S. Smith, of Chester, Ct., and his younger daughter, Mrs. William M. Bernard, of New York City, at whose residence he died, in Ardsley, N.Y. The internment was at Trinity Center, N.Y.

Mr. Maltby was very proud of his office as President of our Maltby Association, and at times, during his last illness, his near relatives called him "President," which seemed to please him.

     Children by 1st wife:
VII.1931.  Edward Parks Maltby, b. Apr. 12, 1855, unmarried.
VII.1932.  Mary Louise     "    b. Sept. 3, 1857.
     By 2nd wife:
VII.1933.  Margaret Atwater "   b. June 7, 1872;
                                m. William M. Bernard, N.Y. City
VII.1934.  George Erastus   "   b. Apr. 25, 1874.
VII.1935.  Lucius Upson     "   b. Mar. 30, 1878.
               (Records by George Erastus Maltby, Senior).

Note on No.910. George Erastus Maltby was the first Presi- dent of "The Maltby Family Association," founded by the compiler, for the purpose of carrying on the research work in England to estab- lish our English ancestry, which was begun at the personal expense of my father, George Ellsworth Maltby, and cut short by his death at the age of forty-two. The money was also used to care for old tomb- stones and fees, when necessary, for obtaining records of descendants.

Our 1st Booklet, published in 1908, was printed by, and at the personal expense of Jay H. Maltby of Forman, North Dakota. It con- tains 59 descendants of William (1) Maltby, amongst them:

   No. 27.  George Erastus Maltby, Continental Hotel, Philadelphia,Pa.
   No. 33.  Lucius Upson Maltby,       "         "         "        "
   No. 39.  Oliver Ellsworth Maltby,   "         "         "        "
   No. 51.  Jane Almira Maltby     90 Grand Avenue, New Haven.
               (Mrs. Henry J. Stevens)
   (The list is arranged alphabetically).

A photograph of Mr. George Erastus Maltby was printed on page 1 of Booklet No. 2 Maltby Association, published Feb. 1, 1909, by Jay H. Maltby of Forman, North Dakota.

The three Maltby brothers owned the Continental Hotel, Phila- delphia, and used the Maltby coat-of-arms of the three wheat sheaves on their paper.