Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

     Children of Hiram and Mrs. Mary White Maltby:
VII.1846.  Laura Maltby,          b. Jan. 1, 1861.
VII.1847.  Charles Samuel Maltby, b. Sept. 19, 1862.
VII.1848.  Emma Jane         "    b. Sept. 27, 1864.
VII.1849.  Frederick Herbert "    b. May 20, 1866; d. Sept. 17, 1882.
VII.1850.  Bertha            "    b. June 26, 1869.
VII.1851.  Julius Bradly     "    b. Feb. 3, 1871.
VII.1852.  Hiram Herbert     "    b. Nov. 19, 1873.
VII.1853.  Corabelle         "    b. Sept. 27, 1876.
VII.1854.  Arthur Garfield   "    b. Nov. 11, 1880.
VII.1854a. Lillian           "    b. Nov. 1, 1883.

VI.868. Harriet Maltbie, b. Jan. 16, 1837 (Sam.5, Zach.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Dec. 28, 1858, George Freeman.

VII.1855.  Emma Freeman, mar. a Mr. Jones.
VII.1856.  Norman  "
VII.1857.  William "     Res. 360 Baynes Place, Buffalo, N.Y.

VI.869. Seth Maltbie, b. (Jonathan 5, Zach.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1).

Mrs. Armstrong Maltbie (Annie Catharine Maltbie) wrote in 1894, "An old gentleman, named Seth Maltbie, died at Oswego, N.Y., many years ago, who said he was a son of Jonathan Maltbie."

VI.871. William Hall Maltby, b. Aug. 29, 1810 (Thad.5, Benj.4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Sept. 30, 1835, Polly Ann Foote, b. Aug. 16, 1811; d. Nov. 27, 1872, dau. of Rufus and Elizabeth (Harrison) Foote, of Northford, Ct. He mar. (2) Apr. 30, 1873, Martha Birdsey, dau. of John and Esther (Coe) Birdsey of Middlefield. She res. at New Haven, Ct., and was very kind in furnishing records of this branch of the family. She gave the compiler the Family Bible and an old likeness of her mother.

(Northford Church record)

     "Bapt. 1840. Aug. 6.  Benjamin Edgar, son of Wm. and Polly
                                Ann Maltby.
       "    1843. Sept. 17, William Edward, son of Wm. and Polly
                                Ann Maltby."

A Freestone monument at Northford reads: "Children of William Hall and Polly A. Maltby.

     "Benjamin E.  b. Feb. 2, 1840; d. Mch. 29, 1841.
     "William E.   b. April 7, 1843; d. Mch. 3, 1864.
          "He was just going to be married."

Mrs Mabel Kitchen, a Maltby descendant, discovered a picture of William Hall Maltby at the Congressional Library, Washington, D.C., and had it photographed. The picture strongly resembles Deacon William Maltby of Northford, who descended from Samuel (2) Maltby.

     Children of William Hall Maltby and Polly Ann Foote:
VII.1858.  Benjamin Elbridge Maltby, b. Feb. 21, 1840; d. Mar. 29, 1841.
VII.1859.  Wm. Edward           "    b. Apr. 7, 1843; d. Mch. 21, 1864.
VII.1860.  Elbridge Lyman Hall  "    b. Aug. 23, 1846.

VI.872. Isaac Maltby, b. Jan. 1820 (Thad.5, Benj.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. in 1857, Evelyn Atwood. He was received into the