Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"is now living with her nephew, Mr. John Maltby Conkling. I have such an interesting account of the parting reception given her in Sophia, Bulgaria, when she left that country in 1912, which should go with her biography." (This was never sent).

About 1915, John Maltby Conkling wrote: "Last evening I listened to Miss Ellen M. Stone tell her experiences with the Turkish bandits. She was an associate with Aunt Esther for a period in Samokov, Bul- garia, and in her lecture paid Aunt Esther a high tribute."

It is rather interesting that the compiler has a snapshot sent by Mr. Charles Farquharson Maltby of Talbot House, Chingford, Essex, (he b. 1857) of himself and wife. The Bulgarian Ambassador, who appears as an elderly gentleman with white hair, beard and mustache, apparently the host with his daughter and husband, and babe of a few months. I should judge the photograph was taken about 1900.

Mr. Maltby descends from Hugh Maltby of Farnley, near Leeds, Yorkshire. Mr. Maltby owns a Bible presented to an ancestor on his marriage, by John Wesley.

(A photograph of Esther Topping Maltbie is on p. 350 of the Maltby-Maltbie Family History).

VI.834. Daniel Maltby, b. Apr. 10, 1838 (Dan.5, Benj.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Apr. 16, 1863, Marian Eliza Messinger, b. 1844, Windham, Ohio, d. Nov. 8, 1895, Indianapolis, Ind. She was of Ravenna, O. He mar. (2) in 1899, Mrs. Clara Getchell.

     Children: (by 1 st wife)
VII.1799.  Carl Daniel Maltby, b. Jan. 31, 1864, Windham, O.
                               d. June 6, 1867.
VII.1800.  Lizzie (Maude ?) "  b. Nov. 6, 1865, Milwaukee, Wis.
VII.1801.  Jessie Messenger "  b. Mar. 25, 1868, Grass Lake, Mich.
VII.1802.  Paul P.          "  b. June 29, 1870, Chester Center, Iowa.
VII.1803.  Halbert Edward   "  b. Aug. 9, 1872, Grinell, Iowa.
VII.1804.  Harry Benjamin   "  b. Nov. 24, 1875, Newton, Iowa, unmar.
VII.1805.  Bernard William  "  b. Sept. 27, 1878   "      "
                               d. July 3, 1901 on board
                                  "U.S.S. Massachusetts."
                               bur. at Geneva, O. (he was not married).

VI.835. Seth Waldo Maltbie, b. May 19, 1840, Southington, O. (Dan.5, Benj.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Of Amherst Coll, 1867; mar. Aug. 15, 1867, Rispah Stetson Boltwood; b. Feb. 20, 1843, Amherst, Mass., dau. of William Boltwood.

At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted and was enrolled in the 2nd Company organized among the students of Oberlin College. The quota being more than full the company disbanded. Entered the Army as private in Co. D., 87th Regt. Ohio Vol. Inf. App. corporal, the sergeant. Following year, commissioned Capt. of Co. E., 4th Regt. U.S.C.T.

VII.1806.  Ralph Waldo Maltbie, b. July 1, 1868, Saybrook, O.
VII.1807.  Edith Brayton   "    b. Oct. 15, 1871, Genesee, Ill.;
                                d. Feb. 12, 1894, at Chillicothe, Mo.
VII.1808.  Gertrude Boltwood "  b. Jan. 22, 1873, Genesee, Ill.;
                                d. July 15, 1873, Newton, Iowa.