Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

1676. (from Mrs. Cushman, descendant of Samuel (2)).

A list of estates in 1676 gives: "Mr. Maltbye # 103-00s.-00d." Names of thirty planters were in the list but none of the estates reached the sum of # 200.

(P. 412) "Mar. 19, 1676-7. William Maltby's name appears as wit- ness to a sale."

(P. 153) "Feb. 24, 1677-8. William Maltby was chosen town col- lector."

(P. 127) Dec. 21, 1677. He was "appointed to lay out land."

(P. 121-3) "June 4, 1678. At a towne meeting, the towne have appointed Wm. Hoadley and Wm. Maltby to agree with Mr. Jno. Arnold to keep a scholl in ye towne, and they are to give what may be collected in ye towne from those that have children, for ye satisfaction of ye schoolmaster." (Note. William Maltby's daughter, Elizabeth, married Abraham Hoadley, son of William Hoadley).

(P. 131) "Aug. 1, 1678. The town appoint Wm. Maltbie and two others to give Mr. John Harriman a call to settle as minister in Branford." (Also Branford Church Manual, p. 12). (The Harrimans were from Rowley, York. John Harriman, bpt, 1647, m. Hannah Bryan, sister of Mary, wife of John (1) Maltby).

"1678/9. James Browne appointed Wm. Maltby in trust, Stamford, Conn. Justice Simpson." (Note. William Maltby's son, Jonathan, settled at Stamford).

(Colony Records. P. 114).

"25 Feb. 1678-9. At a towne meeting the towne have granted liberty to William Maltbie of Guilford, to soujourn in Branford." (Note. Intensive research at Guilford yielded no reference to Maltby at so early a date. The general opinion seems to be that they, or William, "must have come on a ship from Barbadoes.")

(Branford Rec., Vol. I.)

(P. 163) Feb. 25, 1678. Appointed with others "to proportion every man's land according to the agreement of 1676." Also as "collecter of what shall be expended in laying out the township." (Also in New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Reg., Vol. III, p. 154; and History of Branford).

(P. 312) "July 8, 1678. Appointed with others to view land."

(P. 159) "Dec. 4, 1678. His name appears as a witness."

(P. 211) "May 19, 1679. Daniel, son of William Maltby, was born at Branford."

(P. 114) "Sept. 11, 1679. He was appointed one of the 'listers' to make up the country list."

(P. 376) "Nov. 10, 1679. Samuel Martin of Wethersfield sold unto Mr. Wm. Maltby of Branford, a gray stone horse about 16 years old. marked XO on ye near shoulder."

I consider this a most important record, as furnishing a good indication as to who was the mother of Daniel Maltby b. "May 19, 1679." His sister Elizabeth, was born April 30, 1676; and from the fact that her first child is named Rachel (and it does not appear to be a name in the Hoadley family), I feel confident Elizabeth was a daughter of William's first wife, Rachel (probably Williamson). I believe Daniel, b. May 19,