This Margaret de Maltby and her husband, William de Kyne, died without issue in 1220. Her sister, Rohaise de Maltby, was then sole heiress. Rohaise married Simon de Kyne (Barons Kyne). Their son and eventual heir was Fulk Philip de Kyne, who, circa 1260(?) with wife Hawise, gave land in Wainfleet, Lincoln,....for the soul of the Countess Rohaise."

H. Talbeys, Lincolnshire Notes and Quaries, Vol. XXIII, p. 62, states "In 1220, Rahaise, widow of Simon de Kyne, on the 19th of May, her husband having died that year, gave to the King a palfrey for summoning William de Kyne before the justices of Westminster, to render to her a Knight's fee in Elkington and Cawthorpe which she claimed to be her right and inheritance."

Elkington is about twenty two air miles from Kexbie where our Maltby ancestors were of.

The family from which we descend was of both Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, and whereas it is possible that we stem from Yorkshire, it is equally possible that our direct line was of Lincolnshire for centuries. The difficulty in tracing a family back of 1500 is due to the lack of records in 1400 A.D. Up to 1400 there are numerous records. But this hundred years in between 1400 and 1500 is where the genealogists meet obstacles.

Very little work has been done in tracing the ancestry of Reinfrid in Normandy. "Freeman's Norman Conquest, Vol. 18, pp.660-661," mentions him under the spelling Reganfrith, and calls him "Miles (Knight) Stronniseinos," (Strenuous, or valiant, as we would say.) ("Vistoria County History, North Riding, Yorks, Vol. II, pp. 503, 506, 592") speaks of him as "Rainfred of Jarres" and on page 101, states: "A certain Reinfred, a most valiant soldier of the Conqueror," etc. "Notes and Quaries. (English publication.) Vol. 155, p. 310) has a note: "Rainfred was appointed to Eversham Abbey by Hugh "Lupum", Earl of Chester."

Apparently Rainfrid was a Norman baron, holding land, 1069, in France, of Roger Montgomery.

(Romans Calendar of Documents in France)

"The Montgomery document is dated 1069. A note of the property of St. Martin at Tream, which earl Roger willed to be written down and presented for confirmation at the hand of King William. After mentioning his own gifts he gives the names of the barons holding land of him and confirms their gifts to the Abbey. Amongst these is a "Robert, son of Rainfred," but the abstract does not mention the property."

From England I received additional data:

"In 1069, Robert son of Rainfred, gave all they held for the wool of their land and their souls to the Abbey of St. Martin, Tream, Lower Normandy, in the diocese of Bayoux."

This Abbey was founded by the Montgomerys, and I believe I am correct in stating that Montgomery also founded Eversham Abbey to which Reinfrid was presented by Hugh, Earl of Chester. The 1069 A.D. Montgomery document states that he "was about to cross the sea with King William", and the name of "Richard, Viscount of Avranches" appears