Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

       Children of Warren Maltby and Louise Ann Curtis:
VII.1667.  Charles Warren Maltby, b. May 22, 1833.
VII.1668.  William           "    b. Nov. 11, 1835.
VII.1669.  Curtis            "    b. Oct. 13, 1838.
VII.1670.  Henry H.          "    b. Mar. 23. 1841.
VII.1671.  Martha E.         "    b. Dec. 6, 1843.
                                  She was living in 1910.
               (Curtis Family of Madison, Ohio in 1811).

VI.782. Almira Maltby, b. Aug. 13, 1809 (Jacob 5, Benj.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Juliette (Cranston) Thompson wrote: "My Mother was a daughter of Jacob Maltby, or 'bie', who came from Conn. and settled on the Western reserve, near Unionville, Ohio, called New Connecti- cut. She was Almira Maltby Cranston. Almira mar. George Clemmons Cranston. She d. Sept. 6, 1855." He d. Aug. 5, 1874.

VII.1672.  Sarah Elizabeth Cranston, b. Dec. 4, 1835.
VII.1673.  Juliette Adela     "      b. Sept. 11, 1842.
               (Record by her).
(Cranston descendants of Gov. John Cranston of Rhode Island).

"George Clemmons Cranston mar. at Unionville, Ohio, Feb. 5, 1835, Almira Maltby, b. Unionville, dau. of Jacob Maltby. Amongst their children, was: Rev. George Edward Cranston, b. Oil City, Canada."

VI.783. Elizabeth Maltby, b. May 25, 1811 (Jacob 5, Benj.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Apr. 10, 1831, Barsilla King Cranston, b. June 18, 1806. She d. Oct. 30, 1890.

VII.1674.  Barsilla Cranston, b. Aug. 8, 1835; d. July 13, 1836.
VII.1675.  Barsilla M.  "     b. June 30, 1837; d. July 19, 1842.
VII.1676.  George Maltby "    b. Oct. 14, 1850.

They were mar. in Geneva, Ohio. From there they moved to Will- oughtby, O., where their first two children were born, died and bur- ied. Mr. Cranston was in business there for several years and Post- master, 1839-1846. The family removed to Lockport, Erie Co., Pa., where George Maltby Cranston was born. About 1853, moved to Pains- ville, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Cranston are buried in Painsville.

(Records by Geo. Maltby Cranston). (M.E. Hist. & Gen. Reg., Vol. 801, p. 145 (1926)).

"Descendants of Governor John Cranston of Rhode Island," by Charles A. DuBose of Philadelphia, Pa., and William Jones of Mt. Vernon, N.Y."

"Barsillas K. Cranston, 7th generation from Gov. John Cranston. b. Unadella, N.Y., June 18, 1806; d. Painsville, Ohio, July 21, 1868; mar. Geneva, Ohio, April 10, 1831, Elizabeth Maltby, b. at Norfolk, Conn., May 25, 1811; d. Painsville, O., Oct. 30, 1890, dau. of Jacob Maltby.

Barsillias Cranston was a traveling salesman. He lived at Una- della, N.Y.; at Cleveland; Willoughby and Painsville, O.

Son. George (8th generation) was b. at Lockport, Pa., Oct. 14, 1850." (Cranston line: John 6, Sam.5, Peleg 4, Thomas 3, Dan.2, Gov. John 1).