Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

in a troop of horse in the British Army.")

A later record of his military record was in 1690. (Colonial Records of Conn. 1689-1700), state the following: "General Court held at Hartford, Oct. 9, 1690. Mr. Wm. Maltby is confirmed Ensigne of Branford Train band and he is to be commissioned accordingly,"

(New Haven Colony Rec., p.83)

"Garry Gratwick of Branford made over to George Page of Branford, land lying in Canonbrooks quarter, about nine acres, bounded with Wm. Maltbye's land on the East side and on the West with the common on the North, with the River on the South, also a parcel of meadow, about 2 acres, lying in Cannonbrook quarter bounded with William Maltbye's byland (?) eastward, etc."

Some William Maltbye Items from Branford Records.

(1673. Branford Records, Vol. I., p. 255) Oct. 20, 1673- "Wm. Maltbie's pasture is mentioned in locating boundary lines."

(P.313). "Wm. Maltby is admitted a planter, to possess the house and land which was Thomas Blachlyses's."

(P.365). "William Maltby's mark for his cattell is a crop upon the top of both ears and a slit in both the crops."

(P.376). "Dec. 5, 1673. William Maltby exchanges a gray horse with Samuel Ward."

Jan. 9, 1673. William, son of William Maltby, b. at Branford. (Note. This date apparently is "old style" and should therefore be "1673-4").

(P. 365) "Jan. 5, 1673. Wm. Maltbye branded a brown bay mare colt with a T on the near shoulder."

(P. 376) "Jan. 6, 1673-4. Wm. Maltby sold to Edward Barker the above horse."

(P. 368) "Feb. 2, 1674-5. William Matlby branded a brown bay mare, coming two year old, with N on the the neare buttock, being formerly branded with a T on the near shoulder. The same day he branded a dusty black mare colt with T on the neare buttock, and M on ye near shoulder; naturally marked with a brood star on forehead, above ye signe." (Possibly "T" for Totoket, and "M" for Maltby). 1674. (P.144-147) "Wm. Maltbye was chosen constable."

(P. 177). "Mar. 12, 1674-5. Mr. Wm. Maltby and Eleazer Stent are chosen collectors." Under the same date, mention is made of the location of his new fence, also some portion of his lands in fixing boundaries.

"April 30, 1676. Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. Wm. Maltby, was born at Branford."

(Pp. 121-123) Dec. 8, 1676. Wm. Maltbye's land is mentioned in boundary lines.

(P. 109). "Dec. 14, 1676. He is twice appointed to lay out land." (P. 118). Jan. 17, 1676-77. List of the children: "Mr. William Maltbye, 5 children." (Note. This record being old style, includes: John, Jane, Mary, William, Elizabeth, b. Apr. 30, 1676).