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Family Group SheetWilliam & Mary BISHOP or Rachall WILLIASON

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I.I. William Maltby, "Esqre", Judge, Gentleman, was born March 16, 1644/5, at East Retford, Nottinghamshire, England, second son of John Maltby, Alderman of East Retford, and his wife, Mary Williamson.

Major Ray Keyes Linsley, on p. 16 of his book "Connecticut Linsleys" gives the following record. "On Jan. 20, 1667-8", "The New Plantation and Church Covenant of Brain- ford, Conn." was signed. Among the signatures are the following:---

          Mich. Palmer             John Linsley, Jr. 
          John Linsley             William Maltby 
          Eleazer Stent            Francis Tyler 
          Peter Tyler              Daniel Swain 
          Mich. Taintor            Edward Frisbie 
          Francis Linsley          Thomas Harrison 
          William Hoadley          John Taintor." 

This date is obviously incorrect, as we know that in 1668, William Maltby had a tradesman's token, dated that year at Bawtry, Yorkshire; and it is in March, 1672, that John Maltby calls his brother, William, "now resident in New Haven in New England." It was on the 11th of Oct. 1686, that the town of Branford applied "for permission to embody into a church estate." William Maltby was chosen one of the delegates and his name is appended to the petition, and on the 12th of Sept. 1687, Mr. Samuel Russell accepted the call to the pastorate. Gillett in his Sermon, p. 10, mentions the "seven pillars" of the Church, namely:----------------------and women

     Samuel Russell (the minister)   Elizabeth Barker 
     Wm. Maltby                      Hannah Maltby 
     Eleazer Stent                   Sarai Blatchly 
     Samuel Pond                     Miriam Pond 
     Jnot. Frisbie                   Dorcas Taintor 
     Jno. Taintor                    Eliz. Stent 
     Peter Tyler                     Hannah Wheedon. 
At the same time joined 
     Danll Swain                     Eliz. Pamer 
     Aaron Blatchly                  Hannah Frisbie 
     Thos. Sargent                   Deliver's Rose 
     Samll. Betts                    Mary Betts 
                                     Ruth Frisby 
                                     Sarai Page 
                                     Sarah Cutarel 
                                     Jane Tyler. 
This was the reorganization of the Church, about 1688/9. 

Therefore our earliest record of William Maltby as being in New England is in New Haven, 29 March 1672, when his brother John Maltbie of New Haven in New England, engages in a bond for the payment of 35 pounds in pork and pease unto Mr. Richard Raymond of Saybrook, Conn., Mariner. John makes over to William "three horses, one croft on both ears, called Bonny, one bay horse and one black horse, one horse cart, etc., harness, one plow and irons, with a Terse of Rape seed, also one mare with her stock, at a place called Eaton's Neck on Long Island, also one cow now at home, and a heifer in the keeping of Thomas Mecker, also 4 pigs now at home, also one case of pistols and houlsters and one gun for his security in case any Danger Shall come to him, etc. Signed, sealed and Delivered in the presence of James Bishop. Witness, Martha Roundletell (her mark).