Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VII.1282.  Rebecca Rice, b. July 9, 1827.
VII.1283.  Dennis    "   b. Jan. 2, 1830.
VII.1284.  William   "   b. Nov. 9, 1831.
VII.1285.  Fraulelin "   b. Mch.4,1834; m. Apr.6,1864, Frances E. Wells.
VII.1286.  Gilbert   "   b. Mar. 13, 1838.

VI.608. Lois Maltby, b. Feb. 10, 1803 (Jos. 5, Jos. 4, Jos. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. in 1835, Gideon Safford Hall. Mrs. E.H.Potter wrote: "I do not know the date but think it was sometime in the Autumn. I remember one evening they said they were married twelve years ago that night."

VII.1287.  Gordon W. Hall, b. July 12, 1836.
VII.1288.  Grove Maltby "  b. Sept. 11, 1837.
VII.1289.  Hannah Eliza "  b. Nov. 13, 1838.
VII.1290.  Harrison     "  b. Nov. 11, 1840.  "He d. in the summer of
              1894, I think, at the home of my brother Gordon's in
              Lockport, N.Y.  The H. in my name is for my Dutch grand-
              mother," writes Hannah Eliza Hall--Mrs. E.H.Potter,
              Dec. 1907. (Her grandmother was Hannah Suydann).  "He
              had no children."

VI.610. Rev. Sherman Maltby, b. Oct. 30, 1805 (Jos. 5, Jos. 4, Jos. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Oct. 15, 1826, Maria Thomas, b. Dec. 12, 1808, dau. of David and Mary (Kinney) Thomas. She was of Rutland, Jeffer- son Co., N.Y. He d. Dec. 26, 1874 and his wife d. Nov. 22, 1899.

VII.1291.  Beals T. Maltby, b. Mar. 14, 1829.
VII.1292.  Calvin     "     b. Aug. 15, 1831; d. Oct. 15, 1831.
VII.1293.  Albert F.  "     b. Feb. 14, 1834.
VII.1294.  Clark O.   "     b. July 19, 1836.
VII.1295.  Marietta   "     b. May 9, 1839.
VII.1296.  Horatio S. "     b. Sept. 16, 1841; Enlisted in Civil War,
             as a Private, at Edwards N.Y., Comp. K., 106 N.Y.S.V.
             Stationed at Ogdensburg, N.Y., and was killed in the
             Battle of Winchester in Shenandoah Valley, Sept.19,1864.
               (Ref. Bangs Gen., p. 147).

VII.611. Rev. Horace Maltby, b. Dec. 25,1807 (Jos. 5, Jos. 4, Jos. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. May 6, 1831, Lovina Billings. "She was descend- ed from Peter Morse and his wife Kezia. They had a dau. Rachel Morse, b. Nov. 27, 1770; d. Dec. 24, 1839, who mar. Matthew Billings. Their son, John Billings, mar. Katy Grovesbeck, and their dau. Lovina mar. Horace Maltby."

Rev. Horace Maltby resided at Roulette, Potter Co., Pa. He d. April 29, 1882, and his wife died June 3, 1881. She was b. Aug. 14, 1803, at, or near, North Adams, Mass. Rev. Horace Maltby was a reg- ular ordained minister of the Free Will Baptist Church. He was a church builder and for twenty years was in service constantly and al- most without pay in Roulette. By occupation he was a mechanic and mill builder.