Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

V.465. Andrew Morehouse, b. Dec. 14, 1805, at Fairfield, Ct. (Sarah 4 Bulkley, Hannah 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). Mar. (1) Dec. 20, 1832, Eliz- abeth Penny. She d. in Jan. 1837. He mar. (2) Lavinia Lord of East Windsor, Ct., dau. of Asaph (or Asa) and Rebecca (Gibbs) Lord, and granddau. of Joseph Lord, of Revolutionary War. She d. Sept. 25,1893. She was b. July 23, 1818. He d. at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 21, 1875, and his wife also d. at Milwaukee. His 2nd mar. was Nov.1,1840.

     Children: (1st. mar.)
VI.1174.  Clarence Maltbie Morehouse, b. Nov. 1833; d. Mar. 4, 1855,unmar.
VI.1175.  Elizabeth Anna      "       b. Nov. 22, 1836; d. Aug.22,1839.
     2nd. mar.
VI.1176.  Linden Husted       "       b. Jan. 24, 1842.
VI.1177.  Elizabeth Anna      "       b. July 18, 1844.
VI.1178.  Howard Fuller       "       b. Aug.5,1845; d. Apr. 1849.

V.467. John H. Beach, b. (Mary 4 Buckley, Hannah 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). He married and had a daughter Mary who mar. F.W. Bolande.

                    Sixth Generation

VI.469. Rev. Jeremiah Atwater, b. Dec. 27, 1775 (Lois 5 Hurd, Esther 4, John 3, John 2, Wm. 1), b. at New Haven, Conn., Yale Coll. 1793, the youngest of his Class, and distinguished himself by his scholarly attainments. Tutor at Yale 1795-1799, when he was appointed Principal of Addison County Grammar School on recommendation of Dr. Dwight, then President of Yale College. He was 1st President of Middlebury Coll., Vermont 1800; accepted similar position, 1809, in Dickinson Coll., Carlisle, Pa. Resigned 1815; returned to New Haven. Degree of Dr. of Divinity conferred by U. of Penn. Mar. at Middlebury, Vt., Clarissa, dau. of Rev. Eleazer Storrs, who died at New Haven in 1834. He mar. (2) Mrs. Susan Barnes, whom he survived four years. He d. July 29, 1858.

VII.1179.  Clarissa Atwater, b. May 28, 1803; m. Rev. O.B. Butterfield.
VII.1180.  William     "     b. Nov. 15, 1806.
VII.1181.  George      "     b. Aug. 8, 1808; d. May 11, 1815.
VII.1182.  James Storrs "    b. July 20, 1810; d. Oct. 23, 1814.
VII.1183.  John Phelps  "    b. Mar. 4, 1813.

VI.471. John Atwater, b. Sept. 10, 1777 (Lois 5 Hurd, Esther 4, John 3, John 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Olivia Sedgwick; resided Middlebury, Vt., where both died.

VII.1184.  Benjamin Sedgwick Atwater, b. 1805; d. at Philadelphia, Pa.
                                                 1840, unmarried.
VII.1185.  John G. Atwater, b. 1810, lived at Middleburg, removed to 
                                                 New York.