Maltby Genealogy

Mary (3) Maltby

Some Noteworthy Descendants, Cont.

president of Yale (1795-1817); distinguished lawyer and journalist. Theodore Dwight (1796-1866), son of the last above; distinguished author and journalist. (Mrs. Verrill closed this division at this point).

Mr. Walter D. Molby, M.A. Yale, 1914, suggests, Professor Bainton and Editor Harry B. Adams assent that we use here this item. Lucky we.

The caricature was done by Bainton at lecutres in 1915. Titus Street Professor of Eccleciastical History in Yale University, Roland H. Bainton, contributed the item to the Yale Divinity News, May, 1959.

             To the photographer:  Please attach the cari- 
             cature of Timothy Dwight the Younger by 
             Bainton, in this space on this page.  The 
             preceeding paragraphs and the caricature have 
             been adapted to a space that was left blank 
             in the original Manuscript. 

             Thank you.  F. A. Molby. 

When I came to Yale in 1914 one of the listeners at the Lyman Beecher lectures was an old man who sat on the front seat with cupped ear. He was bent as he shuffled down the aisle to his seat. This man was Timothy Dwight the Younger. He referred to himself as "the Stoopedest man in New Haven." I saw him only as a decrepit old man about whom clung a vague aura of greatness. Why, I did not then know. I have since learned that he was one of Yale's greatest presidents. He was the grandson of the first Timothy Dwight, himself the grandson of Jonathan Edwards. Timothy the Younger was linked with Yale's generations and with New Englan's religious tradition. Robert Dudley French, the first master of Jonathan Edwards college, said that to see this figure walking under the elms and to hear him in faint but clear tones pronounce the benediction at commencement was to realize that we were not the first as we shall not be the last to frequent this campus. When I attended my first Beecher lectures I did not know that I was touching the hem of the garment of one so venerable. How I realize that just to have seen Timothy Dwight ties one to the ages.