Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"At the time of her mar. an orphan to Ward of Rev. Amzi Armstrong, D.D. (father of the Secy. of the Am. B. Coll. W. I. Armstrong) D.D., in whose family she was brought up. She died at Staten Island in 1826, much lamented by all who knew her.

William Davenport left children as follows: James Wills; William Davenport; Armstrong; David; and Frances, all living except Frances, the youngest, who died two years since while visiting her Aunt in this place.

     James Wills resided at Brooklyn, business at N. Y.
     William Davenport, Commission merchant. N. York City.
     Armstrong is, I think, in Alabama.
     Mary Catharine mar. at N. Y. City Mr. John Turnier, long time
        deceased.  She had two daughters by him:--
        Emily Maria and Catharine.  The latter died when three or
        four years of age.  The former is still living 'tho in 
        feeble health.  Her name is Widno.  She married Henry Davis,
        Jr., son of Rev. H. H. Davis, D.D., formerly President of
        Ham. Coll. and for many years a prominent lawyer and citizen
        of this place.  He died in Europe whither he went in quest
        of health, about four years since.  He left no children.

James Rufus mar. in Alabama, a dau. of Rev. D. Cunningham. His wife died I think in 1835 and left four children, Catharine; Arianne; James; Robert.

Catharine the eldest is married.

I was married in 1831 to Miss Mary Ann Davis, dau. of Rev. H. H. Davis, D.D. We have three children, daughters Ann Catharine; Emily Maria; Mary Davis.

My father died in Nov. 1807, and my Mother in Feb. 1815. Since the death of my mother I have been seperated from most of the family except my sister.

My father held the office of Sheriff of Fairfield Co., Ct., Justice of the Peace. In 1804 removed to N. Y. City. There he died, having previously become a member of the Rutgers Street Church there, under the care of the Rev. D. Willedollar (?) My mother joined the same church. In 1810, my Mother joined by certificate the Church under the care of Dr. Spring. (She died at N.Y.--but the remains, and those of my father, are at Stamford).

William D. and wife, James R., Mary C. and husband, and myself became members. At the suggestion of Dr. Spring, I turned my atten- tion to the ministry of the Gospel--Graduated at H. C. in 1824, Studied theology at Andover, Served as Tutor in H. C. from 1826 to 1831, was licensed in 1828, and officiated for nearly two years as Chaplain and expected to have been permantly connected with H. Coll. but was enduced to settle in the Ministry at Hamilton, Madison Co. in 1831. Here I remained until 1835 when my throat became--and my gen- eral heath poor. Returned to Clinton. Officiated for a while as Chaplain at H. C. 1836 went to Buffalo--was invited to set as Assis- tant Prof. in the University of Western, N.Y. but its funds proved -------. And I became Associate Principal of Hudson River Sem.(?) Thence I was called to Lansingburgh--for eight years, but having the office of Principal of the Institute there. The feebleness of my poor health at times and that of my wife, and the infirmities of my relatives and friends recalled me to Clinton and later to Syracuse.

I have been thus somewhat egotistical.