Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

officiated for nearly two years as Chaplain. He settled in the min- istry at Hamilton, Madison Co., in 1831, where he remained until 1835, when he returned to Clinton, N.Y., and in 1836, went to Buffalo. He died July 10, 1858 at Syracuse, N.Y. (From a letter written by him in October 1848. See below). This letter is owned by the compiler.

To Rev. Jonathan Maltby.

                                         "Syracuse. October 16, 1848.

Dear Sir.

Yours of the 12th Sept. reached me a few days since. Candour requires me to say - that your former letter of March last was also received--but about the time of receiving it, I was summoned to wait around the sick bed of my only sister who lingered until sometime in May last when her spirit departed as I trust, to a better world.

Since that time engagements growing out of her death, sickness in my family and absence from home, have interfered with my attend- ing to your Request.

I may also say that I have been hoping to be able to visit Stam- ford, Ct., my native place, and then be able to be more satisfactory in my reply to your letter--In this, however, I have been disappointed.

I suppose Jonathan Maltby was the name of my paternal "Grand- father but of this I am not certain. He died long before I was born as I am led to believe. A reference to the records of the town of Stamford might ascertain his name and other particulars.

My father's name was David. I know not that he had any brothers but he had several sisters. One of them married a Newman whom I just remember and who died I think at Stamford. She had I think several children. Another married a Hoyt, also I think died at Stamford. She also had several children.

The third, a half-sister, mar. Rev. Daniel Smith, (Mrs. David(4) Maltbie m. (2) David Webb. The "half-sister" must have been her daughter), long the pastor of the Cong. Church at Stamford, and a Trustee of Yale College, who died not long ago.

Her maiden name was Webb. (my paternal Grandmother married into the Webb family). She is still living but advanced in years and her mind somewhat shattered. I think since her husband's death.

Two or more were educated at Yale College but I think have since died. Others have died. A daughter married Mr. Fitch Rogers (de- ceased) and now living at the old homestead. A son, David, is now living at Stamford. There may be others.

My father married Nancy Davenport, daughter of Silas Davenport of Stamford, and one of the lineal descendants of Rev. John Daven- port who was prominent in the early history of Conn.

David and Nancy Maltbie had seven children, viz. William Daven- port, b. Jan. 4, 1789; d. in 1832, Merchant. Mary Catherine, b. Jan.11, 1791; died 1848.

James Rufus, b. May 15, 1793, now living at Memphis, Tenn.

                         Merchant, formerly at Huntsville.

John Robert, b. April 11, 1795; Died at Pittsburg, Pa., 1824. Charles David, b. Dec. 30, 1797; d. West Indies, precise time not known. Ebenezer Davenport, b. Jan. 20, 1799.

Albert Sylvester, b. Jan. 4, 1802, now at Utica, a Physcian.

William, Mary, James and myself married.

William mar. Miss Frances Will, of Mendham, N. Y.