Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

VI.1118B. William Maltby Lynes, b. Oct. 3, 1817.
VI.1118C. Benjamin         "    b. Sept. 13, 1819.
VI.1118D. Samuel           "    b. Dec. 1, 1821.
VI.1118E. Edward           "    b. May 8, 1824.
VI.1118F. John             "    b. Nov. 19, 1826; d. unmarried.
VI.1118G. Stephen Coley    "    b. Nov. 14, 1829.
VI.1118H. George           "    b. Jan. 25, 1833; d. unmarried.

Here it seems advisable to include an unplaced Maltby. Appar- ently a Maltby girl married a Mr. Weed, and had a son, Maltby Weed, b. in 1795, as we learn from the following:

"Weed. At Stamford, Conn. on the 6th inst., of a lingering illness, Maltbie Weed, aged 73 years. In early life Mr. Weed connect- ed himself with the Presbyterian Church in Pearl Street. Constant through life in the discharge of duties as husband, father and friend, few men had done more, in proportion to his means to promote the cause of his Master."

Miss Ethel Lord Scofield found the following at Stamford: (Vol. 27, p. 707)

     "Quitclaim deed from  Alanson Weed)
                           Hezekiah  " )
                           Harvey    " ) of the City of New York.
                           Maltby    " )
                           James     " )
James M. Weed)
Alfred M.  " ) also of New York.
George W.  " )
     4500 to Nathaniel Weed of said City, land in Darien
     20 Sept. 1842."

We know Maltbie Weed had at least one child, from the following: (New York Evangelist, May 2, 1867)

"Died at Stamford, Conn., on Friday, April 12, Mrs. Catherine Lucinda, wife of Charles P. Holmes, and the only daughter of Maltbie Weed, Esq." (Some poetry followed, which I so not possess).

"Catherine" is a strong name in the family of David 4, David 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1. I find five Catherines in the 5th and 6th gener- ations, and 2 "Cates" in the 5th generation. Any information would be appreciated.

     Dau. of Maltby Weed:
VI.1118I.  Lucinda Weed, mar. Charles P. Holmes.

V.418. Lydia Jarvis, b. Jan. 30, 1780 (Abigail 4 Squire, Abigail 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). Mar. April 9, 1800, Jonathan Silliman, b. July 4, 1770, Fairfield, Ct., d. May 14, 1817. She d. Feb. 10, 1854.

VI.1119.  Isaac Jarvis Silliman, b. Dec. 28, 1800.
VI.1120.  Abraham Benson   "     b. Oct. 8, 1802; d. 1842.
VI.1121.  William Smith    "     b. Nov. 8, 1806; d. 1838.

V.420. Rufus Newman, b. April 11, 1767 (Sarah 4, David 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). Mar. April 10, 1796, Mary Knapp, at Stamford, Conn. (Ref.