Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"then wilderness country, a distance from here to Savannah of 296 miles, on horseback. My Grandfather purchased many of his supplies in Augusta, Georgia, 171 miles distant; such as sugar, coffee, etc., and they went after it in wagons.

He married Philadelphia Winn, in 1817-18. She was born in Jack- son County, Georgia, July 27, 1804, and died in Lawrenceville, Ga., Sept. --- 1887. He d. in 1865.

     Children (of William Maltbie and Philadelphia Winn), all born
        in Lawrenceville, Guinnett Co., Georgia."
VI.1106.  John Winn Mallbie, b. May 5, 1819, He was an M.D. Practised
                                  in Laurenceville, Ga. Buried there.
VI.1107.  Elizabeth Ann  "   b. Aug. 23, 1820.
VI.1108.  Harriet Chester"   b. Dec. 1, 1823.
VI.1109.  William Hall   "   b. Oct. 6, 1826.
VI.1110.  Mary Louisa    "   b. Feb. 19, 1829.
VI.1111.  Henry R.       "   b. Jan.20,1831; d. Sept.20,1867,Calif.
VI.1112.  James          "   b. May 1,1833; d. Jan.30,1857, single.
VI.1113.  Maria J.       "   b. Mar. 23, 1835, unmarried.
VI.1114.  Richard        "   b. Jan. 5, 1837.
VI.1115.  Martha         "   b. Feb.26,1839; d. Feb.26,1858, unmar.
VI.1116.  E. Winn        "   b. June 15, 1841; d. 1864, unmar.
VI.1117.  Walter         "   b. July 22, 1843.
VI.1118.  Kate           "   b. Oct. 9, 1845.

William Maltbie was appointed Admin. of the will of his brother John (5) Maltbie, who d. at Fairfield, Ct., 8 Jan. 1809. Mrs. Anna Gray Taylor of Fairfield Hist. Society writes me: " I have a letter written by William Maltbie from Savannah, June 4, 1814, to a Bucking- ham Sherwood, who was a well-known merchant of Fairfield. Maltbie is down South, trying to sell a cargo of cotton. He may have to 'buy a poney or contrive some other way to get on from Augusta---'

There were many Sherwood letters in an old trunk in my father's attic."

V.415. Anna Maltbie (Nancy), bp. July 29, 1787 (Jonathan 4, Jonathan 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Dr. Philo Hall, who died in Lawrenceville, Georgia, June 18, 1856. She is said to have returned to Fairfield, Conn., after the death of her husband.

I can find no "Dr. Philo Hall" in the "Hall Genealogy." As Gov. Lyman Hall was Governor of Georgia, it may be Dr. Philo connects with this family. He signed the Declaration of Independence and died in 1790. (Her brother, William Maltbie, Lawrenceville, Ga., named a son "William Hall Maltbie.")

V.416. Hannah Maltbie, b. Apr. 7, 1789 (Jonathan 4, Jonathan 3, Jon- athan 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Feb. 6, 1815, Stephen Coley Lynes, son of Ben- jamin and Sarah Sanford Coley Lynes. Hannah d. Apr. 8, 1871, at New York, aged 82 and 1 day. He d. Oct. 9, 1872 at New York, ae. 84 and 11 months.

VI.1118A. Mary Ann Lynes, b. Jan. 25, 1816, drowned in crossing
                              Fulton Ferry, July 24, 1850.