Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"brothers, and the whole matter came back to his mind. He hunted up the survivor, whome he found with a wife and two little girls, liv- ing miserably in a hovel in Westchester County. He at once removed the family to his own home in New York and supported them until the long, protracted law suit which he began and carried through, was won and restitution made.

He directed the education of the daughters, corresponding with them regularly, and his letters to them would form an interesting and valuable treatise on female education. Besides recovering the estate, his guardianship was of inestimable value to the Misses Eden."

Miss Yates wrote: "The record in our family Bible has been lost. We always understood that Mrs. Eden, the wife of Medeef Eden of New York, married first a Mallbie of Fairfield, Conn., and her three daughters, Sarah, b. 1804; Elizabeth, b. 1806 and Rebecca Wheeler, b. 1808, were adopted by Mr. Eden and they changed their name to Eden to inherit the fortune which Aaron Burr reclaimed for them in the celebrated Medeef Eden Case in New York. We also had the impression that Mrs. Maltbie-Eden was born Rachel Mason."

(This letter caused the compiler to obtain the previously given records from Fairfield).

Miss Ethel C. Yates, 1417 Broad Street, Camden, South Carolina, sent the compiler two fine photographs copied from portraits done by Benjamin Trett:--Rachel (Mason) Maltbie-Eden is wearing a silk dress of "soft lavender." Dark hair parted in the middle, is a mass of curls at each side. On her head is a "frilly" lace cap tied with soft bow, beneath the chin, with fairly long ends. A wide lace col- lar, frilled, is also worn.

The miniature of Elizabeth Maltbie-Eden, is charming. A lovely young girl--"Her hair is brown, she has blue eyes," the low-neck bodice is of some soft white material,--like chiffon--and a sheer scarf of lavender is draped over the shouldrs. Her hair, parted in the middle is arranged much in present day style--beautifully dressed, with loose curls at the sides, and worn shoulder length at the back in a cluster of curls; broad forehead, low pencil-arched eyebrows, wide space between the eyes, nose slightly long, the shape of the face rounded-oval. She is very lovely and sweet.

Miss Yates writes "Elizabeth married a Guilette." (I think this is "Mr. Gillette of New York City).

v.410. Sarah Maltbie, bapt. April 19, 1772 (Jonathan 4, Jonathan 3, Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Oct. 30, 1794, Samuel Rowland. (Ch. Rec. Fairfield). He was b. Mch. 15, 1769. They were mar. by the Rev. Andrew Eliot. He was son of Andrew Rowland, Esq., and Elizabeth ----. (Ref. "Family Book," Town Clerk's Office, Fairfield, p. 296; Reg. of Cong. Ch. Fairfield, p. 239).

Mrs. Cushman's "Notes" contains this item. "George Rowland was a Maltbie. Miss Harriet Maltby, dau. of Rev. Jonathan 4, said he was a grocer in New Haven, on State Street, near Chapel, and knew much about the Maltby name.

VI.1095.  William Maltbie Rowland, b. 1795.
VI.1096.  George             "     b. 1796 - d. 1865.
VI.1097.  Samuel             "     b. 1798 - d. 1873.
VI.1098.  Charles            "     b. 1800 - d. 1879.