Maltby Genealogy

(John) Second and Third Generation

Children of Mary Maltby and Judge Hugh Gelston: 
IV.12.  Mary Gelston, b. Jan. 19, 1718 
IV.13.  Susannah  "   b. Mch. 28, 1721 
IV.14.  Maltby    "   b. Mch. 22, 1723 
IV.15.  Sarah     "   b. Mch. 10, 1725 
IV.16.  Samuel    "   b. Mch. 24, 1727  (M.D. of Nantucket, Mass.) 
IV.17.  Jane      "   b. Apr. 13, 1729 
IV.18.  Hugh     "   b. July 19, 1730; d. May 19, 1734 
IV.19.  John      "   b. July 17, 1732; d. Feb. 26, 1734 
IV.20.  Thomas Chatfield Gelston, b. May 15, 1734; d. Apr. 1, 1752 
IV.21.  Hugh Gelston, b. Sept. 13, 1735. 

                           Mary (3) Maltby 
                     Some Noteworthy Descendants. 

Failure of male issue in the line of John (1) Maltby, emigrant, makes it seem advisable to omit a genealogy of his descendants. However it may be interesting to note that through the daughter of John (2), the following families, and many others, are represented by descent from Maltby or their marriages; viz.

Avery, Bigelow, Bogart, Bordwell, Clap, Cleveland, Dana, Delafield, Dewey, Dwight, Fanning, Floyd, Gaylord, Grieweld, Halleck, Hartwell, Hayes, Hopkins, Howell, Livingstone, Lord, Lyman, Mills, Nicoll, Olmstead, Pellstream, Pierson, Pemercy, Sayre, Stedman, Strong, Van Dyke, Whitney, Williams, Woodbridge, Woolsey, Wolcott.

D.A.R. members will be familiar with some of these surnames as various Connecticut Chapters bear their names:---"Deborah Avery Putnam"; "Mary Clap Wooster"; "Sibbil Dwight Kent"; "Katherine Gaylord"; and "Ann Brewster Fanning."

It is therefore particularly interesting to note how the name "Maltby" was maintained amongst descendants down to, and including, the eighth generation. In the 4th generation: Maltby Gelston. The 5th gen- eration has two Maltby Gelstons, (different parents). The 6th generation has two Maltby Gelstons, (different parents); also Maltby Strong and Maltby Gelston Strong. The 7th generation has David Maltby Sayre and James Maltby Sayre, (different parents); also Maltby Gaylord Gelston, Maltby Gelston Potter, and Joseph Maltby Gelston. The 8th generation has: Joseph Maltby Strong, Maltby Gelston Leach, and Samuel Maltby Potter.

There are several distinguished names which should be mentioned, which are included in the record of descendants of John Maltby, and their marriages; namely, William Floyd who signed the Declaration of Independ- ence, and Dr. Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) and his wife, Mary Woolsey. Dr. Dwight was President of Yale College (1795-1817), from which institution Samuel (2) Maltby graduated in 1712, when the class was composed of just one other student. Timothy Dwight (1828-1916), grandson of the above Timothy Dwight, was also a president of Yale University (1886-1899). Na- thaniel Dwight (1770-1831), brother of the elder Timothy Dwight (above) published "Short System of the Geography of the World," (1795; rev. ed. 1814). It was the first school geography published in the United States. He was an American Physician. Sereno Edwards Dwight (1786-1850), President of Hamilton College (1833- 1835), American Clergyman and Writer. Great-grandson of Jonathan Edwards. Theodore Dwight (1764-1846), brother of the elder Timothy Dwight who was