Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

    Children of Morgan Joseph Trowbridge (by 1st wife):
VI.1084.  Ann Eliza Trowbridge, b. Sept. 22, 1833, Auburn, N.Y.
VI.1085.  Caroline Simpson  "   b. Aug. 27, 1835, Skeneatelis, N.Y.
VI.1086.  Daniel Platt      "   b. Dec. 3, 1837, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
VI.1087.  Russell Higby     "   b. July 4, 1843, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
     By 2nd wife:
VI.1088.  Amasiah Lucas     "   b. Apr. 12, 1847, Casenovia, N.Y.
     By 3rd wife:
VI.1089.  Mary Emily        "   b. July 20, 1852; d. Nov. 8, 1852.
VI.1090.  Hannah Clara      "   b. Oct. 11, 1853.
VI.1091.  Harriet Phelps    "   b. May 30, 1859.

The Trowbridge descent is: Thomas 1, William 2, Thomas 3, William 4, William 5, Joseph Ebenezer 6, Morgan Joseph 7 Trowbridge. (Ref. Trowbridge Genealogy).

V.408. John Maltby. bpt. April 30, 1769, Fairfield, Ct. (Jonathan 4, Jonathan 3, Jonathan 2, Wm.1). In his father's will, 1798, John is called "eldest son."

Mrs. S. B. Doggett, a Maltby descendant, sent: "Black Rock Seaport--of Old Fairfield, 1644-1870, p. 174"---

"Maltbie, John. 1769-1809; son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Allen) Maltbie or Maltby. He mar. Sept. 8, 1803, Rachel Mason, daughter of Salathiel and Huldah (Wheeler) Mason, and was first keeper to the Black Rock Light on Fayerweather Island, where he died in 1809. His widow later left Black Rock and her name appears on various deeds as Rachel Elder of N. Y. City." (Note. Elder was evidently mis-read for Eden or Edden).

(p. 74) Mar. 21, J. Maltbie and 6 men besides go in a boat to Nor- walk Islands, to dig off a vessel. (They got her off). "1809. Jan. 8, Died at the Lighthouse (of which he had the care) John Maltbie, sick of cramp about 30 hours.

By formentations and bathing his feet in warm water the cramp was driven from his side a few moments before he died and supposed to have struck his heart, when he groaned but once, and spoke nomore."

"John Maltby married at Trinity Church, 8 Sept. 1803, Rachel Mason. Died at Fairfield, Jan. 8, 1809 aged 40." Administrationgrant- ed to William Maltbie, dower set out to widow Rachel, Feb. 9, 1810." (Hist. of Families of Old Fairfield, by Donald Lines Jacobus). Mrs. Anna Gray Taylor of Fairfield Historical Society, writes "Mr. Jacobus secured his records from our collection." (Vol. 26. Fairfield)

"Distribution of John Maltbie to Rachel of Black Rock, in Feb. 1810."

Mrs. Taylor also sent "From the Records of the Episcopal Church," "Sally Ann and Elizabeth, children of "Capt. Jonathan Mallbby, bapt. Dec. 3, 1807."

Note. These would be Sarah, b. 1804 and Elizabeth, b. 1806, given as sisters of "Rebecca Wheeler, b. 1808, who mar. as his 2nd wife, Governor John Lide Wilson, of South Carolina. I do not under- stand why John is called "Jonathan" in this record. Jonathan brother of John is not mentioned in his father's will 1798.

A description of the house where John Maltbie lived was furnished by Mrs. S. B. Doggett. (Following page).