Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

wedding anniversary, and that the Bible contained his family history.

Samuel Hugh referred to his son, Horace L. Maltby of Munger, Mich. He also stated that William was a brother of Chester Molby who lived and died near Baldwinsville, N.Y. Samuel Hugh evidently knew personally Chester's son, Samuel, born 1815.

Regarding the spelling of the name, he thought the differences in spelling were due to carelessness by different branches of the family.

He also stated that his grandfather's name was Jonathan and that Jonathan spelled his name Maltby.

     Children of Isaac Molby and Esther ---- (?):
VI.1079.  Truman Molby, b. 1825/26, N.Y. State (1850 Census "aged 25")
VI.1080.  William H. "  b. 1833, N.Y. State (Census 1850, "aged 12")

V.400. Deac. Jeremiah Russell, b. Aug. 1, 1801 (John 4 Russell, Sarah 3, Sam.2, Wm.1). Mar. (1) Nov. 29, 1802, Sarah Parmelle. She d. in 1842 and he mar. (2) Abigail Platt.

VI.1080A.  Emily R. Russell, b. Dec. 29, 1833, died young.
VI.1080B.  Jay Edward   "    b. Nov. 19, 1835.

Note. His 1st cousin, Morgan Joseph Trowbridge, (son of Abi- gail 4 Russell), mar. (1) in 1832, at Skeneatelis, N.Y., Hannah Platt, (dau. of Daniel and Betsy (Higby) Platt), b. 1809 at Milford, Connecticut.

V.404. Edward Russell Trowbridge, b. June 18, 1800, Skeneateles, N.Y. (Abigail 4 Russell, Sarah 3, Sam. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. June 18, 1826, Auburn, N.Y., Martha Matilda Allen, b. May, 1812, Auburn. He d. July9, 1839, at Cincinnati, Ohio. She m. (2) ---- Chapman, removed to the South, taking her youngest dau. by her first husband.

VI.1081.  Jane Russell Trowbridge, b. June 8, 1828, Woodstock, Vt.
VI.1082.  Frederik         "       b. Feb. 28, 1833, Skeneateles, N.Y.
                                   d. Nov. 5, 1833.
VI.1083.  Frances Isabel   "       b. Jan. 12, 1835.

V.406. Abigail Trowbridge, b. July 18, 1806 (Abigail 4 Russell, Sarah 3, Sam. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Alonzo Edwards of Laneils (?) Illinois.

V.407. Morgan Joseph Trowbridge, b. Dec. 21, 1801, Skeneatelis, N.Y. (Abigail 4 Russell, Sarah 3, Sam. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Oct. 4, 1832, Hannah Platt at Skeneatelis, dau. of Daniel and Betsy (Higby) Platt. She was b. Apr. 2, 1809, at Milford, Conn., d. Aug. 16, 1843, Baldwins- ville, N.Y. (Important. Morgan Trowbridge was 2nd cousin of Jacob 5, and Chester 5, (Jacob was of Baldwinsville, died there 1856).

He mar. (2) Aug. 18, 1845, at Augusta, N.Y., Clarinda Lucas, dau. of Amasiah and Nancy (Green) Lucas, who d. Apr. 8, 1851 at Casenovia, N.Y. He mar. (3) Oct. 22, 1851, at Fitchburg, Mass., Harriet Phelps, dau. of Sewall and Catharine (Wright) Phelps, b. May 16, 1817, Auburn, N.Y., d. Jan. 10, 1895 at Syracuse, N.Y.