Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

V.387. Isaac Molby, b. ca. 1801 (?) (Jonathan 4, Sam.3, Sam.2, Wm.1). He undoubtedly went out to Michigan in 1836 with his brother William. His wife was evidently Esther, b. 1798. We know he was unmarried in 1825, when he is the last named of the four brothers selling part of Lot 12 in Camillus, N.Y.

Isaac settled in St. Clair Co., Mich--there is only a small county between St. Clair and Oakland Co.--to the west, where William settled. From the 1850 Census we learn his wife's name was Esther. 1840 Census. Town of Port Huron, St. Claire Co., Michiagn.

Microfilm Copy. Schedule 1.

Isaac Molby.
   1 male under 5 years.
   2 males 5 to 10   "
   2 males 15 to 20  "   (another copy "2 males 10 to 20")
   1 male 40 to 50   "
   1 female 5 to 10  "
   2 females 10 to 15"
   2 females 15 to 20"
   1 female 40 to 50 "
      (this makes 10 children born between 1825 and 1840.  The
       above, F.A. Molby reports, was in good handwriting).

1840. Town of Port Huron.

       Schedule 7 (or p. 7)--Enumerated by a different writer).
Isaac Malby  1 male under 5.
             1 male 5 to 10
             1 male 10 to 15
             2 males 30 to 40
             1 male 40 to 50
             1 female under 5
             1 female 10 to 15
             1 female 15 to 20.
     (This gives only 6 children).

1850. Census. Town of Clyde. St. Clair Co. Mich. Sept. 11, 1850.

   Truman Mulbury, 25 years, farmer. Value $300.
             born in New York; and in the same family listing:
   Isaac Mulbury, 49, farmer, b. in New York.
   Esther Mulbury, 52. born in New York.
   William H. Mulbury. 12, male, b. in Michigan."
       (Note. If the above is correct, Isaac had a son Truman,
        b. 1825, in New York, and a son William H., b. in 1838 at

Samuel Hugh Maltby, nephew of Isaac, wrote "Isaac had a son Truman."

Mrs. Horace L. Maltby wrote that a brother of William, named Isaac Maltby, "settled near Port Huron, one of his sons was in the lumber business for a number of years in Bay City, Michigan. He has moved away and I don't know his address. I have been told that they were in Chicago."

In 1916 Samuel Hugh Maltby, b. Dec. 17, 1828, wrote Mr. F.A. Molby, of Baldwin, Kansas, that his father was William, b. July 4, 1800; his burial place in the Clarkston cemetery, Oakland Co., Mich. He stated he had his father's Bible which was given him at his golden