Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Tombstone inscriptions, Riverview Cemetery, Baldwinsville,N.Y. Lot124.

   Jacob Maltby died Nov. 2, 1856 ae. 74-8-4. (so born Feb. 28,1782).
      War of 1812 marker.
   Sarah Maltby, wife of John Bowman, died June 17, 1887 ae. 95-9-28.
      (so born Aug. 19, 1791).
   Henry Maltby, 1821-1903.
   Lucy, wife of William Smith, died June 15, 1864 ae. 36-10-15.
      (so born July 30, 1827).
   Sarah M., daughter of W. & L. Smith, died Jan'y 9, 1854 ae 1-9-4.

Tombstone inscriptions, Belle Isle, N.Y. Cemetery.
   John Bowman, Apr. 17, 1789 - Oct. 13, 1869.
   Matilda, his wife, Sept. 9, 1788 - Nov. 3, 1853.
      His wife was Matilda Miner, a sister of Sarah Miner who
      married 1st, Jacob Maltby, and 2nd John Bowman.

Henry Maltby, called "Hank" was eccentric, and never very well. He was the one who had his parents' bodies removed from the cemetery on the farm to Baldwinsville, N.Y., cemetery.

Jacob Maltby's wife, Sally Miner, is given as born in Albany Co. in both the 1855 and 1865 Van Buren Censuses. Her obituary gives the place of her brith as Rensselaer Co. One of the towns in Albany County is Rensselaerville formed in 1790, a year before Sally was born, and it is probable that she was born in this town and in the county of Albany.

Onondaga Gasette - issue of Nov. 7, 1856.

Died. At his residence in Van Buren, November 2, 1856, Mr. Jacob Maltby, in the 77th year of his age.

Mr. Maltby was one of the earliest settlers of the town of Camillus (now Van Buren) having moved there in 1800, and has webelieve, always resided on the farm on which he died. Our old inhabitants are fast passing away and the "place that now know them will soon know them no more." (Date 1800 and age are probably wrong).

V. 285. Chester Molby, b. Dec. 8, 1788 (Jonathan (4), Sam.(3), Sam.(2), Wm.(1)), mar. Mar. 20, 1814, Sally Wigent, b. Nov. 2, 1795, dau. of John Wigent and Mary ----. He was a soldier in the Rev. War. She is also known as Marilla Wigent. Mr. Fred A Molby, Baldwin, Kansas, possesses Sally Wigent Molby's Bible. Sally Wigent was a sister of Burr Wigent. The Wigents were a resident family ofCamillus, N.Y. Sally died July 3, 1846, at Reading, Michigan. Buried at Read- ing. Chester d. May 18, 1837. From "Early Van Buren Land Records." Lot 11. Survey of 1790.

State designates Lot No. 11 as one of those reserved for school and gospel purposes.

Mar. 8, 1813. William I. Vredenburgh of Marcellus Town to Chester Molby of Camillus Town for $750. Part Lot 11, being sub- division No. 2 agreeable to the survey of the surveyor-general, con- taining 139 acres, more of less.

Recorded Aug. 25, 1828. Book NN. p. 101.

R.S. Hess, Clerk.

(The Land Grant made to William Lee, of Lenox, Mass., included lot 11 and lot 12).