Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"was out of the question the Judge left the congregation and joined the Episcopal Society, which position he maintained till his death.

A pastorate of forty years is a good comment on the judgment of the parish and the ability of the pastor.

                             Boston Journal.  Feb. 12, 1866."

Note. Rev. John (6) Maltby, son of John (5) was the pastor at Bangor, Maine, and Henrietta Caroline (7) Maltby, Mrs. Cushman, was his daughter.

Rev. Erastus (5) Maltby was the Pastor at Taunton, Mass., son of Benjamin (4), Benj. (3), Daniel (2), Wm. (1).

Mrs. Cushman's notes continue:--

"Uncle Samuel, both sons worked at Clothier trade with one or two apprentices. Grandfather set up a Cooper's shop and John had more fancy to that, perhaps didn't like the dirt of the die. Grandfather boss in Clothier. Ozias Fowler boss in Coopers. Had to set table for a great many and John staid there till he began to study. He taught school in North Branford Center and once in Northford.

At the first he fully resolved to get a thorough education.

Grandfather bought a piano for Aunt Julianna Pond to make it pleasanter for her to stay home." (Julianna Maltby, dau. of John(5)). "It stood in the room over the tap room.

John was converted after I was married when I was with babe, a revival here, and he and Aunt Pond indulged hope and I without. I indulged hope a number of years after when John was a babe. Mr. Noyes was pastor when Father was converted, the same that married Grand Father and Grandmother.

Samuel and Samuel Smith went as Missionaries to the Sandwich Islands, they stood up together entering the church. (a daughter, Mrs. Page is now in this country) this was before John was converted.

Mr. Hoadly said once Brother Samuel ought to have been the scholar. He was a good man--gone to rest. He was subject to bowel complaint, to diarrhea and had a dreadful felon on the center of hand or thumb. First a severe one. Friends when he got well said it was a great misfortune, he said it was 'a great blessing, what should we do if the whole body fell.'

When Samuel married Aunt Ruth" (This would be Samuel Chauney(6) mar. Ruth Collins) "he was looking out for a wife. They lived at Street farm ever after, until death. He died of sinking Typhus, no pain but a haunted (?) debilitated gone feeling. No tendency to consumption, none in the Maltby family.

Mr. Jake Foote came in and asked Brother Jno. how accounts stood, how estate stood, he received indefinite answers, well we shall know by and by, he said, but he never did. My Father" (John (6)?) "put his shoulder to the wheel and took up the burden."

(End of Mrs. Cushman's notes). (Kindness of Ruth J. Beers, Town Clerk, North Branford) (Vol. I, p. 36). "May 18, 1832. John Maltby and Sarah. Quit Claim Deed. from them to Sarah J. Williams."

"the name of John Maltby, apppears many times in the index of land records."