Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

married (2) Sarah Douglas, Jan. 2, 1832. (Northford Rec.)

John Maltby visited Pulaskie, N.Y. in 1840. Colonel Ralph Robinson Maltby writes of him:--

"At the time of his visit his hair was as white as snow and his skin as fair as a womans. He wore a blue coat with velvet collar and brass buttons, buff vest, white neck (cloth?) and drab trousers. There was a strong resemblance between him and the two Timothys,Senior and Junior. Timothy, Jr. was the tallest of the three, a little over six feet in his prime, and he was also the heaviest. John was the smallest of the three, perhaps 5 feet 8 or 10 inches."

He goes on to describe Rev. John as "one of the handsomest, cleanest looking men he ever met."

He thinks that Rev. John lived in or near New Haven, Conn. Rev. John had with him a parchment containing the names of some hundreds of Maltbys, members of the Maltby Ricabitis, pledged to abstain from all alcoholic beverages as were all the Ricabitis of the Bible.

"My grandfather Timothy signed this as did also every member of his family."

The following record from Branford evidently refers to this John.

"June 22, 1802. John Maltby's ear-mark, a square crop in each ear and a hole in each ear." Also: "John Maltby one of Listers, Dec. 1794."

Mrs. Cushman loaned me her notes. "Notes from talks with Aunt Foot." (Selina (6) (Maltby) Foote).

"Father" Rev. John (5)) "staid out of College a year to study, feeling that he had not had the training he needed. Went to school at -----. Aunt Julia Pound" (sister of Selina) "was with him."

"Hatty, daughter of Agatha (7) Smith married a Russell (?) had one child and died."

"One of the Maltbys owned three ships with cargoes afloat at the same time."

Church Members Admitted by Rev. Mathew Noyes of Northford. "1794. Jan. 26, John Maltby " " " Elizabeth Maltby his wife. 1814. Mar. 27. Samuel C. Maltby. 1815. Dec. 3. John Maltby, Jr. 1815. " " Julia Maltby. 1818. Oct. 1. Selina Maltby. 1832. Apr. 29. Sarah Kirtland Douglas Maltby, wife of Jno. Maltby."

Married at Northford by Rev. Mathew Noyes. "1791. Oct. 5. John Maltby and Elizabeth Ives."

Rev. Henry Maltby's Bible states:-- "Timothy Maltby married Mabel Dinock, Nov. 17, 1791." "John Maltby was born in the old house where Aunt Ruth lived." (Ruth wife of Henry Maltby). "She means Aunt Ruth now lives in the old house where Grandfather Maltby was born. His father, Samuel was a farmer. Grandfather John worked on a farm till he went to learn the trade of clothier with Mr. Street. On the farm, near the saw mill Mr. Street died before the aprenticeship closed. (His father, i.e., my great grandfather, died when I was 5 or 6 years old).

After Grandfather (John) was married he lived at the old place, and carried on clothier business, till Aunt Foote" (Selina 6 Maltby)