Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

My grandfather told me that his mother was a little woman, with dark hair--almost black--and very dark eyes. She died of cancer, from which she suffered many years, bearing her pain with muchpatience and fortitude. She died in Dundee, N.Y. at the home of her second son, Augustus.

Augustus Williams Maltby was a well educated man and at one time kept a school. He is buried in the Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, as is his father, Col. Stephen (4), his son George Williams Maltby (6) and his grandson, George Ellsworth Maltby (7).

Augustus is referred to in a letter written by Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby, announcing the death of his brother, Colonel Stephen (4) dated "New Haven, June 26, 1812."

"Both sons behave well! Augustus though young in years, is old (I hope) in Christian experience!--While he watched the agonies of his dying Father, I could but marvel and rejoice at his serene composure!

He is not without sensibility and at times it gets the mastery (but blessed be God!) grace soon triumphs."

A letter dated "New Haven, Feb.17, 1815, to Seth Murray Maltby, Northampton, Mass., is signed "Leander Moody." He writes: "Daniel Tappan is going to live with Augustus Maltby." (Ref: Maltby Morehouse Genealogy, p. 116-122). Nancy Townshend was dau. of Robert Townshend and Hannah (White) Townshend; he son of Ebenezer Townshend and Elizabeth (Larmon) Townshend; son of Isaac Townshend and Ann (Ranger) Townshend; son of Samuel Townshend and Abigail (Davis) Townshend; son of Thomas Townshend and Mary ---- she was a sister of Ann, wife of John Newgate of Boston, Mass.

Nancy Townshend's English ancestry has been traced by Capt. Charles Townshend of New Haven, back to "Rogarde Townshende who mar. Catharine, dau. of John Atherton, who were living before 1400 A.D."

I recall hearing that at one time Nancy Maltby lived in New York City, something like, 19 Broad street--but my memory is probably not accurate.

My aunt, Eleanor (Maltby) Benedict (Mrs. Henry H. Benedict) of New Haven, had one of Nancy Maltby's old, straight backed, mahogany chairs.

Augustus died Dec. 21, 1821, aged 32 years and 2 months.

     Children of Augustus Williams Maltby and Hannah Townshend:
VI.1000.  Theodore Dwight Maltby, b. about 1816.
VI.1001.  Augustus         "      b. Dec. 1818.
VI.1002.  George Williams  "      b. Sept. 11, 1820.
VI.1003. (Two daughters died in early childhood.
VI.1004. (

V.362. Stephen Elutherous Maltby, bapt. July 17, 1796, Northford, Ct. (Stephen 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). (Recorded "Maltbie"--a form never used by this branch of the family).

He mar. (1) Ann Lucas, and in 1818, resided in Syracuse, N.Y. Mrs. Stuart Bidwell gave his photograph to the compiler. He is wear- ing a long "frock coat," carrying a tall silk hat, has a beard (not long) and the eyebrows are very low over the eyes. One relative wrote "He did reside in Skensateles, N.Y."--"He had two daughters."