Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"Mr. Foster represented, as General Agent, the trans-Pacific lines of steamers plying between those ports and San Francisco.

Mrs. Love and her husband are interred in Lone Mountain Cemetery, San Francisco, Cal., and are survived (in 1908) only by their daugh- ter Martha, (Mrs. F. E. Foster) now residing in Mount Vernon, N.Y."

     Children of Martha Church Maltby and Harlow Swain Love:
VI.995.  Charles Cutler Love, b. Buffalo,N.Y. and d. ae. 10 months.
VI.996.  John Lord       "    b. Mar. 17, 1841, Buffalo, N.Y.
VI.997.  Leila           "    b. May 12, 1844,     "      "
VI.998.  Jeannie         "    died aged 13 months.
VI.999.  Martha Maltby   "    b. Buffalo, N. Y.
          (Note. It is an extraordinary thing, but I have found
           people always forget to send important records concerning
           themselves.  Mrs. Frederick Emory Foster and I corres-
           ponded for years--yet I lack much data concerning her).

V.360. Augustus Williams Maltby, b. Oct. 22, 1789 (Stephen 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). His birth date "Oct. 22" is taken from Mrs. Cushman's notes: "it was 'in a stray volume at Branford without a number' as follows, 'Augustus Williams Maltby, son of Stephen and Abigail, b. Oct. 22, 1789.' "

He was admitted to the church at Northford, July 8, 1810.

For the record of his marriage I am indebted to Mr. Clarence D. Smith, of Rome, N.Y. who sent (evidently from the "New Haven Genea- logical Magazine"), the following: "Hannah Townshend mar. Feb. 4, 1807, Augustus Maltby."

Evidently "Hannah" and Nancy were interchangeable as she was always known as Nancy. She was my great grandmother and I have her small red-leather Bible with her name "Nancy Maltby" stamped on the cover in gold letters. It is a "Poly glott Bible" printed in 1834, Pub. by Desilver, Jr. and Thomas, 247 Market Street, Philadelphia, 1834." On the fly leaf she has written:

               "George W. Maltby
                  presented by his Mother.
                              Aug. 13, 1844.
     "May this blest volume ever lie
      Close to your heart and ---- you it
      Till life last
      And be your chosen heritage."

My Grandfather gave me the Bible, although he used to say "your cousin Edith looks like Mother, you look like my grandmother Abigail Maltby."

Later on Mary Hoadley Jones, Exchange Street, New Haven, found the marriage record in the old Center Church on the New Haven Green-- Married Feb. 4, 1807."

Augustus Maltby was received into the 1st Church (Center Church) at New Haven, Jan. 3, 1812.

The fact that Augustus died when my grandfather was but a year old, accounts for Grandfather being able to tell me practically noth- ing about him. He left his widow, Nancy, with three small children to bring up--the eldest son being but five years of age. This was a difficult proposition in those days.