Maltby Genealogy

John MALTBY , Emigrant

The final record of John Maltby, Emigrant, we give below. 1676/7. "At an adjourned Court held at New Haven, Jan. 3, 1676/7. The Inventory of the estate of Mr. John Maltby amounting to the sum of

58 - 5s. - 5d. - he reputed to be deceased, exhibited in court, proved and approved for record, this court do order Mrs. Mary Maltby, widow, to be Conservator of the Said estate, until the County Court in June next when the Court intends to proceed to a settlement and distrib- ution.

Notice is to be given in due manner to the Creditors (if any) etc. Accordingly "At an Adjd. County Court held at New Haven June 25, 1677, Mrs. Mary Maltby having given etc., came etc., and Mrs. Samuel Balse appeared in her befalf, etc. The debts claimed by John Conney* of Bos- ten; Attested before Mr. Edwards, Assistant of Boston of # 13-12-6, at under his hand May 5, 1677, also a debt of # 249-17-6, claimed by Mr. Richard Bryan, also a debt due the County of # 4-15-0, showed that the estate was insolvent, etc."

* (The Coney's were a Boston, Lincolnshire family.)

Mary Bryan, widow of John Maltby married about 1680, Rev. Joseph Taylor of Southampton, L.I., and she married (3) Mr. John Howell, Jr. of Long I.

"July 28, 1698. She was the wife of Mr. Howell, as we know from "County Court Record, New Haven, Conn., Vol. II. p. 566).

"Know all men by those presents that I, Mary Howell, mother of John Maltbie and Mary Maltbie, now Mary Fordham of Southampton in the Province of New York, have received of my brother Alexander Bryan, the Administrator of the estate of my father, Mr. Richard Bryan, the full and just summe of ten pounds, a legacy to my children (that is to say five pounds each) from my grandfather Mr. Alexander Bryan late of Milford deceased, to them by Will bequeathed and I do for my heirs discharge said brother Alexander Bryan, his heirs, etc. forever and oblige myself to pay to the said children their legacies. I say received ye said ten pounds in full, July twenty eighth, Anno Domini, 1698.

                                             Mary Howell.
" There is a record; "Will of Edward Howell, Jany. 27, 1697, Southampton, L.I., New York Witnessed by John Maltbie." Note by the compiler. I think that the correct solution is Edward (1) Howell, 1639, to Southampton; John (2) Townsmen, 1649, Southampton; and John Howell, Junior, m. Mary Maltby, widow, who was born 1649.

Ralph Smith wrote of the Bryans. "Mr. Richard Bryan was one of the richest Merchants of Conn. in his time, having an Inventory of 3,400; a very large estate for those days. His father, Hon. Alexander Bryan, emigrant from Ashton-Clinton, Bucks, Eng. was also for many years a merch. of Milford and a member of the Governor's Council."

There is a "1668 Sale to Alexander Bryan of land on Eaton's Neck, L.I. patent granted for that neck of Land by Richard Nicholls, Esq., Gov- ernor of N.Y. unto said George Baldwin, as appears by deed of Sale of Capt. Robert Seeley," and "1667. Mr. George Baldwin of Southampton, L.I., sale dated 1663, from Robert Seeley of Huntington, L.I. of all right, etc., in Parcell of Land called Eaton's Neck lying on East side of Huntington Harbour." (Note. Alexander Bryan, Senior, was a son of Richard Bryan and wife Ann Baldwin.)