Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

The baptismal record of Abial Holmes reads:--

"Holmes, son of Jon. Maltbie, A.M., bapt. June 10, 1792." Mrs. George Beecher Maltby wrote: "We have letters written to Father Maltby"(Seth Murray (5) Maltby) "by Holmes Maltby and DeGraff" (should be DeGrasse) "Maltby, some almost 100 years old, written in 1707." (H.B. I think she intended to write 1807). Her letter is dated "March 16, 1906."

V.334. Oliver Ellsworth Maltby, b. May 12, 1794 (Jonathan 4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Oct. 6, 1840, Harriet Board, dau. of Senator Board of Beardsville, New Jersey. She b. May 14, 1810. He died in Florida, very suddenly of heart trouble, in 1870.

The fine old home of Oliver Ellsworth Maltby in Fair Haven, Conn., must have been a showplace in his time, with beautiful grounds. I saw a picture of his daughter, a lovely girl, beneath an arbor of roses.

He was very wealthy and even in my time, 1906, the house con- tained many handsome articles of old mahogany furniture, large pieces of table silver. I remember Ellsworth Maltby, his son, selling everything. A beautiful large mahogany round dining table went to a Yale student for fifty dollars. Mr. William H. Mossley of "The New Haven House," bought the silver coffee and tea urns. I, modest- ly, purchased an old "coffin handle" tablespoon, marked "E. M."-- for Elizabeth Maltby, my great, great, great, grandmother, and a "flowing blue" soup plate, and a very old small "willow pattern" plate, which belonged to Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby. Mr. Ellsworth Maltby presented me with a quaint old box, covered with wallpaper which has Benjamin (4) Maltby's name, and date "1776" on it, and price in shillings. It was here I saw Oliver Ellsworth Maltby's gold seal ring with the Maltby coat-of-arms, of the three wheat sheaves.

I remember when I was not more than seven years old, hearing people talk of seeing Mrs. O. Ellsworth Maltby sleigh riding on Grand Avenue, with rich fur robes, and a "spanking pair of horses," driver in livery.

Mary Scott (Scranton) Jones wrote: "I knew the Mrs. Maltbie on Grand Avenue who lived in that large house set back from the street. I used to go to see her. She kept a high life horse as long as she could and I have ridden after it in sleighing time."

I think the following is a baptismal record. "July 6, 1794. Ellsworth, son of Jona. Maltbie, A.M. and Submit his wife."

Mr. Fred A Molby sends the following: "I find Oliver E. Maltby in land transactions and records of the Register of Deeds at Hillsdale, Michigan. I came across his name several times, he seemed to operate in a land selling synitcate, with home address New York. At Lansing, Mich., I found his name in con- nection with diverse and numerous transactions. He also dealt in Oakland Co. lands."