as apparently it is through him Maltby of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire descend.

Fulk son of Reinfrid; cogurs 1086-1133/4. In 1086, Domesday Book. (York Archaeological Journal, Vol. V, (1077)79. p. 309.)
"Fules held of Osborn de Arcis (Arches) lands and manors in Catterton, Toulston, Oglsthorpe and Kenton (Kyne).
He also held of William de Perei in the same neighborhood Thorpe with its barwick in Wolfington and seke of Henlaugh, with Snainton near Whitby.
He was a son of Reinfrid, etc."

Fulk is considered to have had a first wife--name unknown, and his second wife was Rohaise Meschim (the younger) sister of Ranulf, Earl of Chester; they were niece and nephew of Hugh de Avranches, Earl of Chester. Their mother, Margaret, was Earl Hugh's sister. Margaret married Ranulf, Viscount de Bayoux.
Margaret's mother was Emma, half-sister of William the Conqueror and her husband was Richard "le Cos" Viscount de Avranches.
The Pedigree of Maltby in Old York Charters gives the names of five sons of Fulk, a sixth was discovered by the compiler of this book, and there must have been a son Fulk II, as the Charters states "1175. Grant by William son of Fulk de Maltby to sons of Num- forthe, of 2 bevates in Kildale" and: "1175-1185. Quitclaim by John son of Fulk (de Maltby) to monks of Ricvauex of his right to land in Herleston." Sons of Fulk therefore were William, who witnessed a deed 1096 or 1100; Robert, John, Gilbert, Hugh, Roger, found by compiler, and definitely a Fulk, II. The pedigree carries down the line of Robert. They were, including Fulk, hereditary depifers, or stewards, to Percy. Robert married Alice de St. Quantin, daughter of "the Lady Agnes de Arches," and her first husband Herbert de St. Quantin (Dar?as) Robert died in 1148. His son Robert, Dapifer, died in 1170. He married about 1156, Rohaise "the Countess" de Clare, widow of Gilbert de Count, Earl of Lincoln, who died 1156. Robaise was a daughter of Richard de Clare, first Earl of Hartford, and the proof that Robert de Maltby descended from a first wife of Fulk, is in the fact that the wife of Richard de Clare was Alice, daughter of Ranalph, Earl of Chester, it being against the law for cousins in the 4th and 5th degree of consanguinity to marry.

"Hetitia of certain gifts to the Nuns of Appleton." 1163-1170. Mentions
1. By Robert, son of Robert (son of Fulk) and Alice de St. Quantin.
2. By Robert the steward and Rohaise the Countess, his wife, of the Church of North Elkington, Lincoln.
3. By William de Myne of 30 acres in Elkington which Robert the steward, father of Margaret his wife, bequesthed the nuns at his death."