Maltby Genealogy

John MALTBY , Emigrant

bend gules, 3 garbs (sheaves of wheat) cottissed gules."

Again, quoting the "Winthrop Papers, Vol. VIII, p.508" we have a letter from William Leste, (Governor) to John Winthrop, Jr.(son of Gover- nor Winthrop) dated

                                        "Newhaven, Apr. 13, 1671." 

"I have herein inclosed Governor Lovelace his letter, but the in- structions are with Mr. Eliot for perusall.

Here is no news with us, but of Mr. Malby's arrival safe at Nevis; that ship he went in being there cast away by herracane after the goods were landed and he since gone for England."

It seems evident that on returning from England his two younger brothers, William and Robert came with him as we have the "New Haven, Conn. record, p.165" where:

"Dec. 29 - 1671 "Mr. Robert Maltbye, Sr. and Robert Maltbye, Junior" were drinking and Robert, Senior, appears to have been "distempered" but pleaded his "ow ness and the wrong he had sustained in coming from England and being to return again "he was released from the fine. They are called "strangers" in this record. Robert, Senior, as shown elsewhere in this book, was a first cousin of the emigrant brothers, John, William and Robert. Robert, Junior, was in New England as late as April 16, 1673, when he witnessed the purchase of William's homestead at Branford. It was pro- bably for this journey that Robert, Senior, borrowed the 50 pounds, as will have been shown in the English records.

The first mention on record of William Maltby in New England is on 29 March, 1672 (Town Records, New Haven. 1662-1684, p.18) when: "I, John Maltbie of Newhaven in New England, Merchant, in consideration of my be- loved brother, William Maltbie, new resident in Newhaven in New England, Merchant, ingaging with mee in a bond for the payment of 35 pounds in pork and pease unto Mr. Richard Raymond, Senior, of Saybrook, in New England, Mariner, sometime in March next as in and by said bond doth more fully appear. Have and by those presents Dos, by way of Mortgage, make ever unto my beloved brother, Wm. Malbie, afsd.: Three horses, one cropt on both ears called Benny, one bay horse and one black horse, which sd. horses I have wrought with ye last winter. Also one horse cart and wheels with all the irons thereunto belonging, also the harness for the afsd. horses, also one plow and irons with a terse of Rape seed, also one mare with what stock of hers may be with her at a place called Eaton's Neck on Long Island, also one cow now at home and a heifer in the keep- ing of Thomas Mecker, also four pigges now at home, also one case of pistalls and houlsters and one gun for his security in case any damage shall come to him by ye afsd. ingagement upon my----(undecipherable); and in case of faylure of payment on my part (by anything that may fall out) of the aforesaid sume of 35 pounds, that my beloved brother aforesd., be neceessitated thereby to make good the same, then the aforesd. houses, horse cart and wheels, harness, plow, rape seed, mare and stocks, cow, heifer, pigges, pistalls and gun shall be ye proper Estate of my sd. brother, his hayres or assignes for ever; or so much of them as shall be to his full satisfaction. But in case of payment by mee made, or my order according to the said bond without Damage to my sd. brother. That then the aforesd. Estate mortgage, to return to mee, my hayres or assignes, or just satisfaction for any part of that may bee made use by my sd. bro- ther. In witness hereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal this twenty-ninth Day of March, Anno Domini, one thousand six hundred and seventy-two.