Maltby Genealogy

John MALTBY , Emigrant

This (which procedes) is a true record of the original Bill, ex- amined and proved see to be this 26th of ye 12th mo. 1666, per. ?o James Bishop, Recorder. Recorded at the desire of John Maltbie."

Apparently John Maltby was not at New Haven in June 1664, as it was not until two years later that he recorded the deed. He was probably in Barbados. We know the Maltbys had property there as the Inventory of William Maltby, junior, nephew of John, in 1701, mentions: "Debts due ye Estate in Barbadoes." The next record of John Maltby is dated Feb. 18, 1666." (New Haven Town Records 1662-1684, p.100) "At a Towne meeting held at New Haven, ffeb. 18, 1666. "Mr. John Maltbie ppounded to ye towne for admittance as a planter to buy and sell as he shall see cause. It was left to ye Comittee, formerly appointed by the Towne for admitt- ing of planters. Sometime hereafter makeing aplication to ye ad. comitt- ee, upon ye testimony of John Harriman and John Winston was admitted."

Note. John and Leonard Harriman were Yorkshire Puritans from Baw- ley, Yorks. John, Senior, had a son, John, b. 1647 who married Hannah Bryan, sister of Mary, wife of John Maltby.

The following is from Milford, Conn. Town Records. "John Maulbie (Maltby) and Mary Bryan, daughter of Richard (merchant) were married Feb- ruary 28, 1666." A loose scrap of paper found in the Town Records, gave her birth as Feb. 15, 1649."

In the "Winthrop Papers, 1666/7. Mass. Hist. Coll. Vol. VIII, Fifth Series., Part IV. p.115, is a letter from John Winthrop, Jun., to General Richard Nicholls, Governor of all His Royal Highnesses, the Duke of York, his territories in America at New York. (The Index refers to "Mr. John Maltby (Malbye)".

               "Hartford, Mar.6, 1666/ (7)" 

"I could never yet heare of arrival of it at Mr. Bryan's to whom it was directed at the seaside." (Milford, Conn.) "Last Friday came a letter from Mr. Charles Hill of New London, who was newly arrived from Barbadoes. There was a letter for Capt. Delavall.--Understanding by Ed Messinger, by whom I receive yours of Jan. 18, at his return from New York, that the report of it (fire) was gone beyond Milford as he came that time being on his journey thither." (Mary Messenger of Jammica, Long Island, b. ca. 1640/3, m. Thomas Benedict of Jammica, L.I. 1663 Their children of Southeld, L.I. and Huntington, which was formerly Eaton's Neck).

Then we have another record in 1667, for which I am indebted to Mr. Francis H. Parker, at the time of writing, of 202 Main Street, Hartford, Conn. It follows: "June 5, 1667. John Maltbie in behalf of Thomas Del- eval, Esqre., Agent for His Highness, the Duke of York, and Eachous Sedg- wick, plaintiff, in a suit returned to the New London County Court, June 5th, 1667, against James Bliss, Master of Bark "Susannah", claimed 250 pounds damage for loss of goods shipped on this Bark which was wrecked on Gull Island. Judgment was revoked for the defendant to recover his costs" 'In other words, the Court found that the Master of the Vessel had not been negligent in wrangaling his vessel or in caring for the goods after the vessel was stranded."

It seems evident John Maltby was a man of considerable standing or Thomas Delavel would not have had him represent him in New London.

I find, from Miss E. Cope, well-known in hereldry in England, that "Blisse or Blyse of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Eng. used the same arms as Sir Nicholas Malby, born 1528, excepting Malby had red (gules) cotti- ses. and Bliss had blue (asure) cottisses. Malby, Argent (silver) on a