Maltby Genealogy

John MALTBY , Emigrant

Harris, Stephen Harris, Peter Mackes or Markes, William Andrews."

In the same list as Isaack Allerton, is Charles Hill; no county men- tioned, 1655 and 1658."

This Charles Hill I presume was he of John Winthrop, Junr. letter, 1666/7, to Richard Nichols, Gov. of New York, which mentions: "Came a let- ter from Mr. Charles Hill of New London, newly arrived from Barbadoes.... Mr. Malbye at that time on his journey thither".(i.e. to New York.) Indexed. "Mr. John Maltby (Malbye")

There is another "Mayflower" connection here, as Charles Hill of New London, married Ruth Brewster, daughter of Elder William Brewster of the "Mayflower", from Seresby, Nottingham. (From Seresby to Bawtry, where John's brother William was of in 1668/9--is but 2 miles.)

The first husband of Ruth Brewster, was John Pickett of New London; he died Aug. 16, 1667 at sea, while on a return trip from Barbadoes. Charles Hill married the widow Ruth Brewster Pickett, July 2, 1668.

The earliest record I have of John Maltby in New England is in 1664. This is a Deed: Between Lieut. Thomas Wheler of Pagaset, Conn. and Alex- ander Bryan of Milford, Conn. The Deed is dated "6 Jany. 1664" and was witnessed by "Thomas Oviat

              J. Mallbier 
              John Webb. 

John Maltby married Mary Bryan, grand-daughter of Alexander Bryan; Thomas Oviat was a nephew of Alexander Bryan, having married Isabella (or Elizabeth) Bryan in 1630, at Wondover, Bucks, England.

Regarding Thomas Wheeler, whose deed John "Mallbies" witnessed, Derby, Conn. 1664. (Croutts' Hist. of Stratford, Conn. ) calls him : "Thomas Wheeler of Concord, Mass. His son, Sergt. John Wheeler married Elizabeth---and settled on Grover's Hill, Black Rock. (See further.)

New York Abstracts of Wills. p.25 gives "Will of John Maltbie in Southampton, Suffolk Co., N.Y., joiner, had daughters Mary and Sarah, and by this Will, signed "24 June 1706" left property in Stratford, Conn. to John Fordham." (Probably Joseph Fordham, for John's daughter Mary, married Joseph Fordham.)

It is interesting to note that John Maltbie, baptized 1769 (descend- ant of Jonathan (2) Maltbie) was "Keeper of the Light at Black Rock. His wife, Rachel Mason, was grand-daughter of Abiel Wheeler of Black Rock. One would expect him to be a descendant of Sergt. John Wheeler of Black Rock.

We have seen that John Webb witnessed with John Mallbier at Derby, Connecticut. At Southampton, Long Island, 1639, George Webbe witnessed a deed of Edward Howell. (See further)

Returning to John Maltby.

There is an agreement dated "27 June 1664" but this was not recorded until the 26 Dec. 1666, at New Haven. (Town Records, New Haven, Conn. p.4)

"I, underwritten, dos acknowledge to have rec'd of John Maltbie, Twenty gall. of Rum which I due promise to make sails of (at or upon my arrival in Virginia) is his best advantage, and likewise to make him Re- turns in the ship with Capt. Newton's goods, or by the first ship to Mr. John Rocksby, merchant, in Barbadoes, as witness my hand this Twenty- seventh day of June, 1664.

                                 John Goring 
          Samuel Hopkins.