"Robert Maltby" are on the list of vendors, selling property in East Retford, West Retford and Babworth, Co. Notts.

Having sold his property, John evidently left for the New World, for it was on the "27 day of June, 1664" that John Goring undertook to sell 20 gallons of Rum for him. Everything seems to point to these brothers having come to New Haven via Barbados.

On Dec. 29, 1671, Robert, the youngest brother, was in New Haven, Conn. On the 16 April, 1673, Robert Maltbye witnessed a deed of Thomas Blatchley of Branford, Conn., whereby he received "100 pounds from Will- iam Maltbye, resident at New Haven in New England, merchant," for sell- ing him, "my dwelling house, barns, orchards, garden, homestead, with all other buildings and fencings, etc. etc."

In 1895, letters from the "old people" to my mother had in them two traditions, about equally divided. One was the "Two brothers came from England." The other half maintained "Three brothers came from England. One went South."

     I an inclined to think the following may be the brother Robert. 
     (Charlestown, South Carolina Land Grants) 
     "23 March, 1681.  To Robert Maltby." 

This ends the material we have obtained in England. For conven- ience the pedigree in tabulated form is given below.

                      Maltby Pedigree in England. 

1. (Probably)  William Maltby      =     Isabel -------- 
               Ingham, Lincoln 
               b. ca. 1485. 
               died 1547. 

2.             John Maltby         =     Margaret -------- 
               Kexby Hall,                (or Margery) 
               Kexby, Lincoln. 
               b. ca. 1510. 
               d. 1557. 

3.             Richard Maltby      =     ---------- 
               Kexby, Lincoln. 
               Will proved 1602. 

4.             John Maltby         =     Margaret Bishop. 
               Springthorpe, Linc. 
               Will 1610 

5.             John Maltby            =  Mary Williamson 
               born 1601              |     Mar. May 22, 1632. 
               Will 1647-8            | 
               East Retford, Notts    | 
6.      John             William                  Robert Maltby 
        b. ca. 1640/1.   of East Retford, Notts.  of East Retford, Notts. 
        New England      March 16, 1644/5         Dec. 28, 1647 
        1664             Of Bawtry, Yorks.        New England 
                         1668-1669.               1671. 
                         New England