Ann directed that any money that should remain more than herself should receive should go to the children of one Robert Maltby which they believe were Ann, who is since deceased and Sarah the new complt. Ready to per- form the trusts.
The answer of John Alured a defendant. Anne Maltby died intestate Oct./19, Charles II and Admon. was granted to this diff. as next of kin by the Perogative Court of York. Estate of Ann Maltby."
It may be of interest to know that Sarah Maltby grew up, and in 1684, she married Zepharnia Alexander of Bawtry.

These notes on the brother Robert, of John Maltby have been included in this work, to show positively that although Robert Maltby of Bawtey had sons William, Robert, John and Daniel, while our ancestor, John Malt- by of East Retford had sons John, William and Robert, there is no chance of confusing them.
Robert of Bawtry's son William died unmarried in 1665, and his son Robert, was survived by a sole heiress, Sarah Maltby.
As before mentioned, I an ignorant as to what became of the sons John and Daniel. I have considered that our ancestor William Maltby, gent. of Bawtry, 1665, probably named his son Daniel for his first cousin, Daniel Maltby who was of Doncaster, York. "17 Feb. 1672/3."

Returning to William, second son of John of East Retford, who was our emigrant ancestor; he was " baptized at East Retford, Notts, March 16, 1644/5" which checks with the age on his tombstone at Branford, Conn. "Died Sept. 1, 1710. William Maltbei, Esq. aged. 65 years."
Robert, the third son, is also recorded at East Retford:---"Dec. 28, 1647, Robert son of John Maultby, baptized."
Of "Thomas Maltby or Maulby, who witnessed the Will of John Malt- by in 1647, we know little. "Thomas" is not a usual name in this branch of the family and it is probable that he was a first cousin, son of Christopher Maltby, Will 1603, who mentions: "Son Thomas, under 21." There is little in England of these two young brothers of John Maltby, emigrant.
Mr. Gerald Fothergill wrote---"No Maltby assessed at Retford to the Hearth Tax of 1663." "This is an important fact to establish that they had gone. I searched East Retford to 1670-1671. They were not taxed at Corringham, 1661-1663. No Maltby taxed at Bawtry circa 1671 (Lay Sub- sidy Roll, 262-15."

By 1668 we know William Maltby, Mercer, was of Bawtry, Yorkshire, from his "Halfe Penny. W.R.M."
Rev. A. H. Wakefield, Vicar of Bawtry, June, 1936, searched the records from 1653 to 1680. He found: "1669. Jeane, the daughter of Will- iam Maltby and Rachell his wife, was baptized the 29th day of October, 1669." This is the last known of him in England.
By March 29, 1672, his brother John Maltby of New Haven, Conn., calls him: "my beloved brother, William Maltbie, now resident in Newhaven in New England, merchant." On May 1, 1672 "Mary, daughter of Mr. William Maltbye was born." (New Haven Records. p.131)
Of the youngest brother, Robert, baptized at East Retford, Notts, Dec. 28, 1647, there is no record in England excepting the 1662 Final Agreement where, evidently, when his brother John became of age, and 100 pounds was then to go to Robert, that both names, "John Maltby" and