Tickhill, of Armthorpe, and Barba Maltby, aged 18, of Bawtry. Spinster. 1666."

Of John Maltby, the 3rd son of Robert of Bawtry, I know nothing further than that he was living in 1665 when his brother William of Bawtry made his will.

Of Robert Maltby, the second son of Robert of Bawtry, I deal more in detail, as he is the Robert who was in New Haven in 1671 and "being to return to England".

(Chancery Proceedings before 1714. C 542 - 206)

                    "Maltby  v  Maltby" "17 Feb. 1672/3.  Orator Daniel Maltby 
of Doncaster, Co. York, gent. Robert Maltby of Bawtry borrowed 50 (fifty) pounds from Robert Langley of Bawtry and for security mortgaged three messuages in Bawtry. Langley conveyed his interest in the mortage to your Orator. Robert Maltby has failed to pay the principal and interest. To recover money and dis- covery of a deed of agreement. Defts. Robert Maultbie, Cornelius Clarke, Wm. Simpson and Elizabeth Partridge".

It seems evident that Robert borrowed this fifty pounds to finance his journey to New Haven where he is on record "Dec. 19, 1671.

In 1663, Robert Maltby of Bawtry, Yorks, married Elizabeth Phillips at Bawtry.

(York Fest of Fines).

     "J. Phillipps  V  R. Maultby in Bawtry. 
                               E. 18 Charles II." The will of "Richard Board of 
Bawtry, Co. York" mentions: "To my daugh- ter Mary Board, house in Bawtrey wherein one Elizabeth Carbonell now dwelleth, lately purchased of Robert Maultby and John Phillips. Dated 6 Aug. 1672." We learn from the following that Robert Maltby of Bawtry had two daughters, viz. (Chancery Proceedings before 1714, Whit. 122.") "22 Nov. 1672. Oratrixes Ann and Sarah Maltby, daughters of Robert Maltby of Bawtrey, Co. York, gent., infants under 21 by Robert their father, Ann Maltby of Bawtrey, widow, deceased, employed Robert Coulson of Cottingham (York) as her steward. Defts. Robert Coulson and John Alured. John Alured claims to be one of the next of kin to Ann Maltby." The widow Ann Maltby evidently died in 1669. (York Arch. Sec. Vo. XXXVIII. Index, Wills, York. Reg.) "Maltby, Anne Bawtry. fol. 275 Retford. idm. ist. 30 April 1669."

(Chancery Proceedings before 1714. C. 63)

                        "Maltby  V  Alured." "15 June 167?.  Oratrix Sarah 
Maltby, spinster, ye only daughter now living of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, Co. York, by the said Robert her father and guardian. Anne Maltby of Bawtry ye elder, was during her widowhood, ??ised of a good estate. To recover ??ate. Ann Maltby the younger, deceased, sister to your Oratrix.

The ?????re of Mary Coulson, Richard Wayne and Dorothy his wife, defts, to bill of Sarah Maltby an infant by Robert Maltby her guardian.

Robert Foulston (sic) was agent for Ann Maltby the elder as collect- or of rents.