Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Note. Possibly Elizabeth Ritter. (Someone wrote "it looked like "Porter").)

"The following is plainly legible." "Wife of William Maltby, Esqre, Dec. 3, 1798 aged 43" "Percy, died 1792, aged 3"

Lydia, died 1792 in her 23rd year, Nov. 17

Ira, died 1797, aged 17 years, August.

Anna died 1798, Oct. 11, aged 17 years.

Alva, died 1798, Oct. 12, aged 3 years."

("The area about Lee and Lenox, Mass. supplied the marble for the North and South wings of the Capitol building at Washington, D.C.")

The second wife of William Maltby, Catherine Lee, was dau. of Stephen and Catherine (Forbes) Lee. He son of Dr. Isaac Lee and Mary Hubbard of Middletown, Conn. He s. of Dr. Stephen and Eliza- beth (Reyes) Lee of Wallingford, Conn., and he a son of John Lee of Hartford and wife Mary Hart, dau. of Stephen Hart.

The will of Stephen Lee of Pittsfield, Mass, 1783, probated 1784, mentions "daughter Cate, wife of William Maltby."

    Children of William Maltby: 
V.244.  Mary Maltby, b. Nov. 22, 1764 
V.245.  Elizabeth Maltby, bp. 20 July 1766, East Hartford. 
V.246.  William     "     bp. 14 Aug. 1768   "      " 
V.247.  Lydia       "     b. Jan. 17, 1770 (Lenox Rec); 
                          d. Nov. 17, 1792. 
V.248.  Catharine   "     b. Nov. 19, 1775 (Lenox Rec.) 
V.249.  Stephen Lee "     b. Jan. 22, 1777    "    " 
V.250.  John        "     b. Oct. 22, 1778    "    " 
V.251.  Ira         "     b. March 18, 1780   "    " 
                          d. Aug. 1797, Vershire, Vt. 
V.252.  Isaac       "     b. ---- 
V.253.  Anna        "     b. 1781; d. Oct. 11, 1798 
V.254.  Benjamin    "     b. ---- 
V.255.  Huldah      "     b. ---- 
V.256.  Percy       "     b. 1789; d. 1792. 
V.257.  Alva        "     b. 1796; d. 1798. 
V.258.  Sally       "     b. ---- 
V.259.  Percy       "     b. ---- 

IV.83. Noah Maltby, b. Sept. 23, 1744 at Branford (Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He mar. Huldah ---- probably about 1770.

In 1780 he enlisted in the Rev. War. (Ref. p. 562. Conn. in Rev. War)

"Maltbye, Noah, private, Goshen, 17th Regt. Conn. Col. Sheldon's "for defence of coast and forest until 1st March, 1780."

From "Goshen Statistics and Family History, by Lewis M. Norton, Vol. I, p. 548/9," we quote the following:

"Noah Maltbie was from Salisbury, Conn., to Goshen. He pur- chased lands of Stephen Willcox, May 16, 1776, 75 acres, lying West of the present house of William Miles, adjoining to Cornwall line."

(Note. It would appear that Noah married while in Salisbury).