Samuel (2) Maltby married Elizabeth Barker, daughter of Deacon William Barker and wife Elizabeth Harrison. Edward Barker of Branford is given as father of William Barker, and unless it is otherwise proved I should think Edward of Branford was a son of Edward Barker, given in Savage's Gen. Dist. as of Boston, 1650, with wife Jane.

There is an extraordinary parallelism in the families of Samuel Maltby of Branford, Conn., and of Brough Maltby in England. Samuel Malt- by married Ann Dyer and they named two sons "Thomas Dyer Maltby". Samuel was born Oct. 21, 1718, at Branford, Conn. Brough Maltby of the Maltby family of Groton, Notts, was born Oct. 9, 1719 and married Ann Dyer March 11, 1743, in London. Samuel Maltby married Ann Dyer four years earlier in Boston. The Ann Dyer in England was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Dilke Dyer. Brough Maltby was apprentice to Thomas Dyer, citizen and fishmonger of London, 1735. # 262 (pounds) - 10 shillings. "The Dict- ionary of National Biography calls him "Wholesale Linen Draper of Mans- ion House Street, London." Brough had a son, Thomas, b. 1746, and he named two daughters Anne, the last being born 1753; while Samuel had Anne, b. 1739/40, and named two sons "Thomas Dyer Maltby", the last born in 1742.

Returning to the Will of John Maltby of Springthorpe, Lincoln, 1610.

Of the third son, William of the foregoing Will we know little. He was baptized "8 Nov. 1606, at Springthorpe and was living 1610, when his father made his will. He probably was "William Maltby, 1627, Church warden at Springthorpe."

The fourth son, Robert, of the 1610 Will, is important to descend- ants of the emigrant brothers.

Robert Maltby was a merchant (mercator) and probably belonged to the wealthy Mareer's Company of London.

As early as A.D. 1410, a William Maltby was admitted as a member of the Mercer's Company of London. In 1488 Clement Maltby of London was admitted to the Mercer's Company, London. In his will, 1499, he mentions property in Gainsborough, Lincoln, only five miles from Kexby. In 1532, the father of Sir Nicholas Malby, Jon Maltby of Welton and Dunholme, Lincoln; and the Customs House, London, leaves his very con- siderable property "in the hands of the Worshipful Mercer's Company of London". He also leaves a bequest to "100 people of Lincoln being of my kin or alliance".

(The compiler of this book owns six fine pictures of interior views of this Mercer's Hall. The one of the Livery Hall is so beauti- ful it "defies description".) Welton and Dunholms are 4 1/2 miles S.E. of Ingham and 8 miles S.E. of Kexby. This John Maltby is believed to be nearly related to our branch of Maltby.

Although Robert Maltby's Will is dated "10 Nov. 1660", the date at which it was proved is "1663/5".

Either this Robert, or his son Robert, owned what is known as a "trademen's token"--a copper coin. From Mr. T. Sheppard, Director of the Hall, Yorkshire Museum, I obtained a description as follows:---

"Obverse. Robert Malbie - The Mercer's Arms.

"Reverse. In Bawtry, 1644. His Half Peny". An illustration of this token is in "Yorkshire Tokens". Our ancester, William Maltby of New England also had a token; viz.

     "Obverse.  William Maltby, Mercer, 1668. 
     "Reverse.  Of Bawtrey.  His Halfe Penny. W.R.M."