Miscellaneous English Maltby Records

It is fitting that we should know something of the origin and derivation of the name we bear




Miscellaneous English Maltby Records


These notes of the English Maltbys have been gathered from time to time and are simply stray items, mostly unclassified.  However, where the compiler has been able to place an individual, a note at the end of the record has been added in order that those who are interested may have some help in placing the members of the various branches of the family.

An effort has been made to keep the notes in chronological order, but in spite of numerous revisions of manuscript this has not always been possible, and in some cases, to make the family connections more clear, the notes have purposely been misplaced as to dates.

The compiler wishes particularly to acknowledge the help given by Edward C. Harte, Esq., of Wells, Somerset, who furnished a large number of the English notes and was of much assistance with the Heraldry of the Maltbys.  To the Maulsby Genealogy, admirably compiled by Miss Ella K. Barnard of Baltimore, I am indebted for the births, marriages and deaths transcribed from the Orston Registers.  The bulk of the material, in wills, chancery proceedings and so forth, were furnished by Gerald Fothergill, Esqre, of London, whose efficient genealogical services have made possible the publishing of these records and also has done so much toward proving the ancestry of the American Maltbys of New England.


English Records 1066 – 1915




1066.  Doomsday Oferdshe – Jonanes Mably vicannis de Brodwell.  Note. – This may be the progenitor of the Maltbys in England.


1066.  “The Battle Abbey Roll,” by the Duchess of Cleveland is a list of the Knights, Barons, etc., who accompanied William the Conqueror into England and contains the name “Malebys,” evidently a nickname and in its Latinized form is “Malabestia.”


1097.  “The Genealogist,” New Series, Vol. XII., p. 281, has the following: “ces cont les noms e les armes abatues de grand signors, Sire John Malebis, de arg., aiij testes de bis de goul.”  (Rranslation: “These are the names and the arms worn by the great gentlemen, Sir John Malebis, argent, three heads of hinds gules.)  Vide Parliamentary Roll of Arms.  See also Maltby Heraldic Notes.  This was probably a near relative of Hugo (I) de Malebis of Pedigree No. I.


1189.  From “Yorkshire Nobility,” p. 341: Ricus Malbis, I fe d. ho. D. Gye (Eye?) Freeman of York.  See Ped. I. Richard (2) son of Hugo (I).


[1198]  9 Richard I.: Michael Malherbe in Cantebig.


1201.  Malebysse, Richard, Eng. Judg. 1201-d. 1209 f. (Prob. Rochard (3) Ped. I.) Cal. Patent Rolls.


[1203]  John 4-10:  Hugo Malebisce and Beatrix, his wife, in Fordham.  See Ped. I. Chief Justice Hugo (3), brother of Richard (3), mar. for his second wife, Beatrix, Lady of the Manor of Wykes, Co. Cambridge.  Founded Priory of Spinney in the reign of Henry III. [1216 – 1272].


1203.  Eustave (Gustave?) Malbeth, Merchand of Abbeville.  Vide Cal. Patent Rolls, p. 20.


1210.  Ricardi de Malteby (re S’ Mary’s Abbey) name appears in a York Charter XII.  Kal, Juli, anno Domi MCCX (p. 623, “Eboracum,” by Francis Drake) Hist. of York.  Probably Richard (3) Pedigree I.


1211.  Some Cheshire Deeds.  Allostock – Before 1211.  “Robert le Brun, son of Picgot.  Grant of Alelostoc with all its appurtenances, to be held of the said Robert le Brun and his heirs at a rent of five shillings.  Witnesses: Lydulf, the Sheriff, Patrick de Moberlegh, Henry de Stapleford, Peter, the Earl’s clerk; Richard de Maltebi, William, son of Hugh, and Richard de Rodest.  Seal of a Knight on horseback, the inscription lost.  (Ralphde Mesnilwarin was Justice of Chester before Philip de Orreby, who occurs in 1211.)  From the “Ancestor,” Number 2, p. 140.


[1219]  In 4 Hen. III., Robert son of Robert de Mauteby, Gyles, John, Jeffrey, Matthew and Ralph, his brothers came to an agreement with Robert, son of Walter de Mauteby for three caracates of land which they claimed as the inheritance of Robert, son of Richard their father, which they released to Robert, son of Walter.  Robert Mauteby, son of Richard aforementioned, gave to God and St. Mary of Sibton Priory in Suffolk, all his rent in his salt works.  A lion rampant on the seal.


Note. – The above Matthew de Mauteby is evidently the Matthew de Manuteby who accompanied the Earl of Norfolk to Rome in 1245.  pp. 227-226, Vol. XI., Bloomfield’s Norfolk.  By consulting Pedigree IV, it will be found that Richard, who had a son Robert, who had the six sons mentioned above, was very evidently a brother of Simon de Mauteby.


1227.  [12-16 Henry III.]  Hugo Maleby sec. . . .  Wyk.


Note.- This is evidently Hugo, who m. Beatrix, Lady of the Manor of Wykses, Co. Cambridge, or possibly his son.  See Pedigree I.


1227.  Hugo Malebyse (“Eboracum,” Cal. Pat. Rolls, p. 160).  See Pedigree 1.


1227.  Johannes Malebisse (Ebor., p. 207, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Perhaps John (4), Richard (3), Pedigree I.


1228.  Bloomfield’s Norfolk, Vol, XI., p. 166, gives: 13 Hen. III. Walter de Malteby conveyed to Simon, the Prior, a messauge and three caracutes of land in Hemesby and Marcham and the Prior conveyed to Walter all the land he had at Becham except adowson.  See Pedigree No. IV.


1229.  De Mindimis de Jernemne, Roberto Malteby; p. 273, Cal. Patent Rolls.  See Pedigree II.  Possibly Robert (4), son of John (3).


1235.  Robert de Mauteby, one of the Wardens to keep the peace at Yarmouth Fair; p. 119 (Norfolk) Cal.  Patent Rolls.  See Pedigree IV.  Probably brother of Sir Walter (4).


1239. [24 Henry III.] Michael Malherbe in Cantebrig. (See date 1198.)


1242.  Robert de Mauteby appointed one of the wardens for the Fair of Jernemire, Norfolk; p. 304, Cal Patent Rolls.


1242.  Protection to Matthew de Mauthebi as long as he be beyond the seas with the King; p. 295, Cal. Patent Rolls.


1245.  Protection to Matthew de Manuteby who accompanied the Earl of Norfolk to Rome on the King’s affairs; p. 454, Cal. Patent Rolls.  Matthew de Matebie held Essex lands about the time of Henry III. [1216 – 1272].  Manor in Lincoln held of Robert de Wells.


Note:  The above items evidently refer to Matthew, son of Robert.  See under the year 1219.  See also 1270.


1247.  In 32 Henry III., Walter de Mauteby had free warren.  (Bloomfield’s Norfold.)


1248.  In 33 Henry III., Walter de Malteby conveyed to Simon, Prior of Norwich, a message in town of Martham, Norfolk, and three caracutes of land in Hemerby (p. 169, Bloomfield).


1249.  In 34 Henry III., Walter de Mauteby had free warren.  See Pedigree IV.


1253.  Exemption for life of Walter de Mauteby being put on assizes, juries, etc.  (Lincoln) p. 257, Cal Patent Rolls.  See Pedigree IV., Sir Walter (5).


1256.  In 41 Henry III., Walter de Mauteby, son of Robert, was lord.  (Vide Blommfield.)  See Pedigree IV.


1257.  Exemption to William Malebisse from being made sheriff; p. 603, Cal. Patent Rolls.  Perhaps this is William (5) of Pedigree I.


1258.  William Malebisse claims forestry in forest of Gawtrys and Langwath by charter of King Richard, the King’s uncle (Co. York, p. 627, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Probably this is Sir William (4).  Pedigree II.  As King Richard only reigned ten years, this grant must have been given between 1189 and 1199.


1270.  In 1270 the co-feoffees of Richard de Haringby dec. received of Sir Walter de Mauteby six marks of silver due to said Richard (p. 227, Bloomfield).  Pedigree No. 4.


1272-1307.  Bloomfield Vol. XI., p. 194, mentions Mautebys Manor in Winterton.  Also Vol. VIII., p. 259, “Mauteby’s Hall, Lordship of, in Sparham, (Town) Norfolk,”  In Vol IV., p. 377, Bloomfield mentions “Mauteby’s Manor in Burston or Briston (Town).  The family of de Bassingham was enfeoffed of this Manor from whom it came to the de Mautebys in reign of Edward I. [1272-1307] and so on to the Pastons, temp.  Henry VI. [1422-1461].  Sold by Sir William Paston, Bart. 18 Car I.


Note.—Christian de Bassingham m. Sir Walter (2) Mauteby, Pedigree IV


1270.  In the 54 Henry III., Ronnewell was held by Matthew de Mauteby.  See under dates 1242-1245.


1270.  In the 54 Henry III., Norfolk.  Aleby (Abby?) held of Sir Walter de Mauteby.  See dates 1247-8-9-1253, etc.


1277.  Bloomfield states in Vol. VIII., pp. 83-84 “The town of which the Bassingham family became enfeoffed.”  Sir Piers de Bassingham left three daughters and co-heirs.  Christina, the eldest m. Sir Walter de Mauteby.  Margaret m. Sir John de Flegg.  In 6 Edward I. [1278] William le Fleght or Flegg released all his right in the Manor of Wast Beckam and Matalate to Walter de Mauteby.  The Church of Bassingham was a rectory, temp. Edward I.  Sir Robert de Mauteby was Patron, 9 Edward II. [1316].  John de Mauteby, Lord of Bassingham.


Note:.—Robert (3) Mauteby m. Isabel, dau. Of William Flegg,and Margaret Bassingham (sister of Christina who m. Walter (2) Mauteby) m. Sir John de Flegg.  See Pedigree IV-A.


1280.  Sir Robert de Mauteby, Kt., witnesses a grant by Thomas Abbot of Langely (Cal.Close Rolls, p. 60?).  Probably Robert (4), Pedigree IV.


1281.  Richard Maltbys held three parts of a fee gr. Tuft heses (?). (Cal Close Rolls.)


1281.  William de Mauteby held a fee gr. Luft huses (p. 106, Cal. Close Rolls).


1281.  Letters for John le Mareschel going beyond seas nominating Robert de Maulteby and Hegh le Cressingham his attorneys in Ireland for two years (p. 422, Cal. Patent Rolls).


Note.—Robert Mautby m. Ellen, dau. Of William Marshall, the younger (Vide Vist. Norfolk).  See PedigreeVIII.  This is very evidently one and the same person.  Perhaps John le Mareschel was a brother-in-law of Robert de Malteby.  Notice that in one record the name is spelled Mautby and in the other Malteby.  This is the first record I find connecting the Maltbys in and way with Ireland.  See also Pedigree IV-A.


1284.  Bloomfield, Vol. VI.  The Manor of West Becham (or Beckham).  In 1284 Simon, the Prior, granted the Manor (except advouson and Glebe lands) to Walter de Malteby or Mawtby, Lord of Malteby, and his heirs.  In 1284 Robert de Mawtby had view of frank pledge and assize of bread and beer.  Before this temp.  Henry III. [1216] Walter de Mawtby was sued for imposing a new toll in Becham fair.  See Pedigree IV.  Evidently connected with this family.


1289.  Robert de Thornoteley imprisoned at York for the death of Maude de Malteby (Cal. Close Rolls).  See Pedigree I. William (5), Matilda and Maud, probably the same person.


1291.  She is found, in 1291, to have died of quinsy (p. 163. Cal, Close Rolls).


1291.  In 20 Edward I., the jury find that neither the Manor or any lands in Mauteby were partable, but were to descend to Robert de Mauteby, son and heir of Walter.  Pedigree IV.


1295.  Custody of Maritime parts of City of Norwich and other hundreds to Robert de Malteby  (Cal. Patent Rolls, p. 169).  Probably Robert (4), Pedigree IV.


1296.  Demise of Manor of Chalk, Co. Kent, to Robert de Malteby, burgess of Gipperoiz, and anst from Priory of Bermon and saj. (?) (p. 225, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1296.  William de Malteby, keeper of the park about the sea in Norfolk (p. 74).  Probably nearly related to Robert de Malteby who had the custody of the maritime parts of the city of Norwich in 1295.  Evidently these Norwich Maltbys are a branch from Pedigree IV.  (Cal. Close Rolls).


1297.  [25-27 Edward I.]  John fil Adam Parva Neglburgham v. Walter Mabely of Whaddon and Elicia, his wife, in Wylburgham.  Pava Wylburgham (Cal. Patent Rolls).


1299.  Dominus Ricardus Malbys (Ebor.).  See Pedigree No. I.  Evidently belongs to this family.


1299.  Robert de Malteby, Yarmouth, Co. Norfolk.  This Robert de Malteby was a Knight (p. 432, Cal Patent Rolls). Perhaps Robert (6) Pedigree IV.


1299.  Sir Robert de Malteby settled a moiety of the Manor on Sibill, his daughter, till he portioned her, and in 1316, John Fitz Simons and Sibill released the right to Sir John de Malteby, their brother, who was then lord of the Manor.  It remained in this family till Margaret, dau. And heir of John Mawtby, Esq., brought it by marriage to John Paston, Esq.  It was later sold by Paston heirs to Lord Yarmouth to Lorn Anson (p. 471, Vol. VI. (?) Bloomfield).  See Pedigree IV, Robert (6) and Pedigree IV.-A, Robert (4).


1299.  Robert de Malteby, collector of customs, Yarmouth, Co. Norfolk (p. 316, Cal. Close Rolls).  See Pedigrees IV and IV-A.


1300.  In 1300 Sir Robert de Mauteby, Lord (Bloomfield) (Vide Pedigree IV.).


1301.  Richard Maltbys (or Malebyse) held a Knights’ fee in Neubo, Co. Lincoln and Acastre, Co. York, (pp. 437-439 Cal. Close Rolls).  This is evidently a descendant of Richard (3), Pedigree I, who founded Neubo Abbey in 1198 and was of Acaster, near York. See Richard (7) Pedigree I.


1304.  Cal. Patent Rolls: “William, son of John de Maltby and Gilbert, son of John de Maltby,” p. 250.  See Pedigree II., John (3).


1310.  Charter of John Miles of Hoton by Ruddeby in Cleveland of land in Hoton, witnessed by Robert de Malteby (Cal. Char. Rolls, p. 85, Vol III.); evidently a brother of above Gilbert.  See Pedigree II., John (3), Robert (4).


1310.  Charter of Robert, son of William de Scuderscelf, two borotes of land in Hoton, witnessed with alia (?) William de Mauteby (p. 146, Vol III. Cal. Of Charter Rolls).  See Pedigree II., William (4).


1312.  Confirmation of Abbot of Fountain by Richard Malebisse of lands in Queltriz (?) Hoton and other places (p. 434-5, Cal. Charter Rolls).  Vide article on Maltby, Yorks.  See also Richard (7), Pedigree I.


1307.  Bloomfield, Vol. Xi, p. 229: In 1307 Sir Robert de Mauteby presented to the Rectory of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Mauteby.  Probably Robert (8) Pedigree IV.


1312.  Confirmation of land to Berolington,  Convert land, in Fordon and Armesdale.  Witness (?) by William Malebisse (p. 443, Cal. Charter Rolls).  Probably William (9) Pedigree I.


1313.  Pardon to John Malebys, an adherent of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, respecting the death of Peter de Gervaston, (p. 21, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Perhaps John (8) Pedigree I.


1314.  Hugh Malebissa witnesses a charter (p. 97, Cal. Charter Rolls).  Probably Pedigree I.


1314.  Alan de Malteby witnesses a charter of land near Mer Teyse, York (p. 172, Cal Patent Rolls).


Query: Is this the Alan Maltbys mentioned in Pedigree III.


1314.  John de Malteby witnesses a charter of John de Ascelacly, burgess of Jarum, York (p. 172).  Also a charter of William de Latymer, Lord of Jarum (p. 172, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Probably John (8) Pedigree I.


1314.  William de Malteby witnesses a charter of Peter de Brusland in Jarum, York (p. 171, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Probably William (9) Pedigree I.


1315.  Complaint against John Malbys, late sheriff of York (pp. 324-419, Cal. Patent Rolls).  See Pedigree I. John (8).


1313.  John de Mauteby to levy for debt on lands of John de Claverying in Co. Norfolk (p. 579, Cal. Close Rolls).


Note.—Sir John (5) Mauteby, Pedigree IV.-A., m. Isabel, or Eliz. Clavering, dau. Of Robert Clavering.


1315.-1330.-1336.  9 Edward II.  John de Mauteby was lord (Bloomfield).  See John (7) Pedigree IV.


1316.  John Malebys to levy scutage, Co. York (p. 428, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Perhaps John (5) Pedigree II.


1316.  Lordship of Mauteby’s Hall.  Aveline de Mauteby, 9 Edward II.  Lady of the Manor.  Ref. Bloomfield.  Is this Arelina de Grenon, who m. Sir John (2) Pedigree IV.


1316.  Protection to John Malebys (p. 203, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1316.  Protection to the Abbot of Egleston and others, including William Malbys (p. 536, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1317.  Hugh Mallebille witnesses charter (p. 26, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1318.  William Malb’ witnesses charter of ------, Earl of Chaster (Cal. Patent Rolls).


1319.  Adam de Malteby, parson of Duns, diocese of St. Andrews (p. 382, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1319.  Petition of John de Malteby at AYork of having been assaulted at Wyrksop, Co. Nottingham (Cal. State Pap., p. 364. Cal. Patent Rolls).


1319.  John de Malteby accused with others of trespassing on a slip at Revenrshere, York (p. 366, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1320.  *Sir John Malbys, Kt.§ == Agnes.*   *Sir William Malbys, d. prior to 1320.    Thomas, son of Nicholas de Norfolk, granted 5 marks for repose of his father and mother’s souls and those of the Malbys* above who were buried at St. Marys Castle Gate, York (p.285, Eboracum).


* It may be that the above Sir John Malbys and Sir Willm. Malbys refers to John (3) and Sir William (4) Pedigree II, as it states they were buried at St. Marys Castle Gate, York.

§ Note.  John Malebys, High Sheriff Co. York, 8 Edw. II, 1314 (p. 352 Eboracum) is evidently the above John Malbys, also spelled Malebisse.  See Pedigree No. I.  John Malebisse mar. Agnes, d. of Sir Edward Willstrope.


1320.  Bloomfield, Vol. VII., p. 477; 1 May, 1320.  John de Maltby admitted prior of Mulicourt Priory, parish of Outwell, Co. of Norfolk.  He died circ., 1333.  This Priory was appropriated, 4 Dec., 1449, by Walter Hart, bishop of Norwich.  Possibly Sir John (5), Pedigree IV.-A.  See also under date 1336.


1324.  “Freemen of York,” pub. By Surtees So., Vol I., Edward III., Nich.  Fowles, Mayore.  Willelmus de Malteby.  Perhaps William (9), Pedigree I.


1325.  [18-19 Edward II.] ------ vs. John Mabely of Whaddon, chaplain in Abyngton (Cal. Patent Rolls).


1326.  Bloomfield, Vol. VIII., pp. 83-84.  Sir John de Mauteby, patron of the living (of Bassingham).  Evidently Sir John (5), Pedigree IV.


1327.  Pardon to John Maltby and ors. (Co. Worcester) (p. 203, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1329.  William de Malteby regarding land (2 acres) in Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk) given by him to Abbot and Convent of St. Edmunds (p. 370, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1326.  Pardon to Robert de Malteby (Co. Norfolk ?) (p. 263, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1322.  Protection for William Malbys accompanying William de Ros of Hamdatre, going with the King to Scotland (p. 185 Cal. State Pap.).


1322.  Alan de Malteby, a monk of Whiteby, York (p. 179, Cal. State Pap.).


1328.  William de Malteby of Retford, Co. York, (p. 363, Cal. Close Rolls).


Important note for the American Maltbys.  As East Retford is, we believe, the birthplace of our emigrant ancestor, William Maltby, Esq., this item showing Maltbys seated at Retford as early as 1328, should be of particular interest to us.  We think of East Retford as in Nottinghamshire, and true it is, but Nottingham was anciently in the diocese of York.  The information was kindly given by Harry Speight, Esq., of Yorkshire, the well known author and genealogist.


1330.  Writ to John de Mauteby and ors. to array the Knights and ors. capable of bearing arms, Co. Norfolk (p. 574, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Probably Sir John (5) Pedigree IV.-A.


1334.  William de Malteby, freeman Scarborough, (?) Yorks. (p. 18, Cal. Patent Rolls).


Note. – This is the earliest Maltby record I find from Scarborough and it is very probably closely related to the Maltbys of Scarborough.  See further.  Perhaps he was a near relative of William (9), Pedigree I.


1334.  John de Malteby, Knt., accused of breaking a close at Lyng, Co. Norfolk.  Also Robert, his son, and Ralph “Sire Tonesporest de Malteby; i.e., his chaplain” (p. 579, Cal State Papers).  See Pedigree V., John (1)


1336.  John de Maleby, complaint against, by Prior of Gisburn; also against William de Hert (p. 355 Cal. Patent Rolls).


1336.  Commission to Willaim Malby’s sons (?) for North Riding of Yorkshire (Cal. State Papers, p. 138).


1334.  Commission of Oyers terminer to William Malbys and sond (?) to try John, son of Roger Malbys re. scuttling a ship near Fyrele, Co. York (p. 576, Cal. State Papers).  Note. – The name Roger appears here for the first time, but at internals later.


1335.  William Malbys, Knt., acknowledges he owes John Malbys £20 (p. 499, Cal. Close Rolls).


1337.  Sir Robert de Malteby, Knt., is owed 350 marks.  Sir Robert de Maltby, Knt., owes 340 marks to be levied on his lands, etc., in Norfolk (pp. 145-251, Cal. Close Rolls).  Probably Sir Robert (6), Pedigre IV. – A.


1337.  Walter de Malteby of Kerketon (p. 93, Cal. Close Rolls). Query: Is this Walter (10, Pedigree I.?


1338.  Wm. De forentre holds in Askeby an eighth part of a Knight’s fee of Richard Mabelise of the fee of the Earl of Chester (p. 37, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Probably nearly related to William (9), Pedigree I.


1338.  Commission to William Malebys and ors. North Riding, Co. York (p. 138, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Probably William (9), Pedigree I.


1338.  John de Malteby presented to Vicarage of Pontefract dio. York (p. 125, Cal. Patent Rolls).  This was revoked in 1339 (p. 271, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1339.  John de Malteby regarding claims of disseisin; claim of Parson of Ruddeby, Co. York (p. 302, Cal. Pat Rolls).  Evidently same case as above.


1339-1340.  License to William Malebys to unpack his wood of Holt in Scalton, Co. York (pp.251-441 Cal. Patent Rolls).  Very evidently William (9) Pedigree I., as his son Walter (10) mortgaged Scalton to Wm. Fairfax.


1339.  Sir William de Malbys, re. land granted to Fountains Abbey (p. 398, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1340.  Commission to Wm. Malbys and ors. regarding custody of temporalities of the See of York (p. 495, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1340.  John de Malteby presented to Vicarage of Blythe, Dio.  York (p. 529. Cal. Patent Rolls).


1340.  Commission Robert de Mauteby and others charged with trespass at Great Chasterford, Essex (p. 97, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1340-1341.  Beatricia de Malteby, 16 Edward III., Freeman of York, 1340-1 Per Patres (Pub. Surtees Co., Vol. I.).  Possibly descended from Robert and Beatrix Maltby.  Se Pedigree III.


1343.  Robert de Malteby claim against, regarding goods on ships at Loyestoft, Suffolk (pp. 167-385, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Sec Pedigree III., Robert (4).


1344.-1348.  John de Malteby, Vicar Broad Clist, Co. Devon.  (pp. 197-377, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1346.  Commission to William de Malebys (p. 104, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1347.  Sir Robert de Mauteby, Lord of Matlask (Bloomfield).


1347.  Commission oyer and to William Malbys and ors. (p. 471, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1347.  William Malbys, J.P. North Riding, Co. York (p. 462, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1347.  3 April, Charter to Robert de Mauteby, Kt., in his demesne lands of Mauteby, Sowerton, Salle, Rasyngham, Sparham and Matelesk, Co. Norfolk (Cal. Patent Rolls).  This is evidently Sir Robert (8), Pedigree IV.


1347.  Bloomfield, Vol. VIII., pp. 83-84: Sir Robert de Mauteby, patron of the living (Matalate, etc.).  Same person as above, evidently.


1348.  John de Malteby had a messonage at Gisburn (p. 16. Cal. Patent Rolls).


1349.  Grant to the King’s clerk, John de Malteby, of the free chapel of Staughterford, Co. Wilts (p. 438, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1349.  Edward de Maultby was Rector, presented by Sir Robert de Mauteby at Mauteby.


1350.  Complaint against Robert de Mauteby, “chivaler,” and John, his brother, regarding driving (?) arsay cows at Merkessale and Castyre by Norwich (p. 588, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1351.  Exemption to serve in juries, William Malbise, Kt. (p. 38, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1355.  Bloomfield: Sir Robert de Mauteby and Alianore, his wife, living.  See Pedigree IV., Robert (8).


1356.  Benedict de Maldeby and ors. sued by Abbot of Whiteby regarding trespass and lordships of borough of Whiteby, Co. York (p. 29, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1362.  Robert de Mauteby held one fee of Earl of Pembroke, 35 Edward III. (Bloomfield).


1362.  Bloomfield’s Hist. Norfolk, Vol. III., p. 259: Avelina de Mauteby was returned to be lady of it (a lordship called Mautby’s Hall in the Parish) in the 9th year of Edward II. and Robert de Mautby was found to hold one fee here of the Earl of Pembroke, in the 35th year of Edward III.


Note. – Avelina was evidently the wife of Sir John (7), Pedigree IV.


1366.  In 1366 and 40 Edward III. [1365] Sir John de Mauteby was a feoffee for the Manors of Lanwades in Weston and Peekhall in Titleshall in Norfolk and sealed with a plain cross (Bloomfield).


1369.  Sir John Maultby, Patron of the living (Bloomfield, Vol. VIII., pp. 83-84).


1369.  John Mauteby, lord of Matlask (Bloomfield).


1373.  Willemus de Malteby, tailliom (Freemen of York).


1374.  In 1374, Sir John de Mauteby, son of Sir John, was buried before the Altar of St. Mary in the Parish Church of Fritton St. Edmund, where he lived (Page’s Suffolk Traveller, p. 313).  See Pedigree VIII.  Also Reg. Haydon fo. 45. p. 227.


1373-1377.  John de Mauteby was ---- for Norfolk, 1373-1377.  John Wand.  The case of Wm. Maltby is referred to in Sherwood’s “Memoranda.”


1374.  Sir John de Mauteby, lord of the Manor.  The last male heir of this family, leaving an only daughter and heir, Margaret, who brought it by marriage to John Paston, Esq., of Paston, temp. Henry VI.  See Pedigrees IV. And VIII.


1378.  John de Malteby, Vicar of Alton, Co. Hants., presented to West dione church dioc. Salisbury (p. 162, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1379.  Commission regarding guarding the ports, to John de Mauteby and ors., Co. Norfolk (p. 360, Cal. Patent Rolls). Probably Sir John (9), Pedigree IV.


1381.  Ricardo Malebise, 26 Henry VI.; 2 May, 18d from Wm. Malbys in Skeldergate, Yorks, Nobility, p. 34).


1381.  Constance Malbysse married Sir Robert Roclyf (Will dated 7 May, 1381) of Rocklyff by York (York Wills, Vol. I., p. 118).  See Vist. York, edited by Chas.  Best Norcliffe (1881), Harl. Socy., Vol. XVI, p.266.


1382.  John de Mauteby, J.P. Co. Norfolk (pp. 141-248-508, Cal. Patent Rolls).  This is Sir John de Mauteby, Kt.


1384.  Exemption for life for serving on juries to John de Mauteby, Kt., of Norfolk (p. 519, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1390.  Robert de Malteby, Citizen, London (p. 282, Cal. Patent Rolls).


Note. – This is the first mention of Maltbys in London as yet found.


1390.  Commission to John de Maudeby and ors. to try a salvage claim, ship salved off coast of Norfolk (p. 271, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1392.  Henry Malbys, Parson of Wyloughby (p. 110, Cal. Patent Rolls); also referred to as Henry Malbrush, 1389 (pp. 3-38), and as Henry Malbyssh in 1396 (p. 11, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Sir Nicholas Malby names his son Henry.


1395.  April 14, Malbys, William, bur. St. Olaves, York, April 5, 1395 (Yorkshire Wills).


Note. – This is the oldest recorded Maltby Will yet found.


1396.  29 July.  Pardon to John Malteby of Hylderwell [Hinderwall] in Quydbystranide {p. 15. Cal. Patent Rolls).


1395.  Walter Malteby, monk (p. 625, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1396.  (p. 227, Vol XI., Bloomfield) 5 Ric. II. Sir John de Mauteby lord, and in 1396 Sir John de Mauteby and Agnes, his wife, enfeoffed Sir Adam Clifton in his manors of Mauteby, Winterton, East Somerton, etc., for the use of his eldest son, John, entail.  See Pedigree IV., Sir John (9).


1397.  Sir John de Mauteby presented this year (Bloomfield, Vol. XI., p. 229).  This refers to the Rector of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Mauteby.


1397.  Sir John de Maultby, Patron of the living (Bloomfield p. 137, p. 84, Vol. VIII.)  Temp. Henry VI.  The Manor, etc., of Bassingham went to the Pastons on the marriage of Margaret, dau. and heir of Sir John Mauteby, Kt.; 6 Edward I., Walter de Mauteby, lord of Matlask; 9 Edw. II. John de Mauteby, Lord of Matlask; 20 Henry VI., Margaret, brought it to the Pastons (p. 136-7).  See Pedigree IV.


Note. – Before beginning the records of the next century it may be well to note that in the items above, nearly every person mentioned can be traced, or placed, to the Yorkshire or Norfolk Maltbys found in Pedigrees I., II. and IV.  From the commencement of the 15th century, 1400 to 1499, it is more difficult to identify the persons contained in the records; this, of course, owing to the fact that the younger sons emigrated to new counties, and also to the greatly increased number of descendants. It shows very clearly, however, that every generation further back we are able to trace our ancestry, just so much easier becomes the task, as there were comparatively few of the name living in the first two or three hundred years after the Conquest.


1401.  Thomas Malby, Mayor of Limerick, 1401 (Vide: Feffar’s Hist. of Limerick).


Note. – This is the second record of a Maltby in Ireland in my possession.*


1401.  July, Confirmat.  Sellers Patent to William Maltby and Margaret, his wife, and others to found a Chantry for 4 Chaplains in the Church of St. Martin Seyestre (p. 371, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1401-1402.  Robert de Malteby, Citizen of London (pp. 81-496, Cal. Patent Rolls).


*1402.  Tuey (?) Robert Malteby, Citizen of London, suing for 10 marks, John Sampson, Jr., of Plymouth (Cal. Patent Rolls).


Note. – These records are about the earliest of any London Maltbys and they probably were of Yorkshire stock.


1405.  Oct. 26, Maltby, Matilda de, Aldwerk, York, fst. St. Thomas de “Herfordensis Epi,” 1405 (Vol. 3, 238 folio, Yorkshire Wills).


1406.  Robert Malteby (of London) suing Nicholas Waryn of Co. Essex (p. 135, Cal. Patent Rolls).  Evidently the same as in item 1402.


* 1401.  This item may be important and prove the connection between the London Maltbys and the Malebisse family of Yorkshire.  Pedigree I.  William (9) de Malebisse, Miles, 1339; died about 1365; married a daughter of John Sampson, Miles, and here we find in 1402.  Robert Malteby, Citizen of London, suing John Sampson, junior, of Plymouth for 10 marks.  It wife – Sampson Malebisse – and that John Sampson, Jr., was his causin.


* Is this Thomas (2), Pedigree V.?


1406.  Richard Malteby [of Scardeburgh] Scarboro (p. 62, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1407.  Richard Malteby of York (p. 353, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1407.  In 1407 Robert Mautby presented John Begge (Bloomfield).


1403.  27 Oct. 1403-29 Oct. 1403.  Will of Sir John de Mauteby appoints Robert Martham and others exors.  Mentions: Robert, son and heir; John, a piece of plate.  Late John Mautebys, his uncle Thomas, a piece of plate.  Will proved 18 Dec. 1403; d. 30 Oct . 1403; bur. in Chapel of St. Mary in the Church of St. Pater and St. Paul of Mauteby.  His wife, Agnes, predeceased him (Bloomfield’s Norfolk).


Note. – From this it will be seen that John (8), Pedigree IV., had a brother Thomas.


* 1413.  In 1413, Robert Mauteby, Esq., enfeoffed Sir Miles Stapleton, Sir Simon Feltrigge, Sir William Argentien and others in the Manor of Friton, Suffolk, with other lordships in Norfolk, to fulfil his will made in the same year.  The lordship later became vested in the Sydnor family.  See Pedigrees V. and IV. – A., Robert (8); Page’s Suffolk Traveller, p. 313.  See also Suckling’s Suffolk, p. 353.  See Pedigree of Stoneham-Aspal-Suffolk.


Note. – Also in Clivers Manor, Norf.  These felffees presented to the Rectory in 1425.  John Mauteby, his son and heir, m. a dau. of John Berney of Reedham and their dau. Margaret, only dau. and heiress, m. a Paston.  Her will, proved Dec. 18, 1484, gives each poor household in the town of Sparham, late her tenants, 6/--.

Bloomfield gives: “Mauteby’s Manor in Burston or Briston (Town).  The family of de Mauteby.”  (Vol. IX., p. 377).  See Pedigree VIII.


1415.  Ricardo Malebise, 1415 (Yorkshire Nobility, p. 82).


1415.  Freemen of York, Ricardo Malebise.


1424.  Thomas Maltby.  Parson of Sewalby (Swabey), dioc. Lincoln, after of Besseby (p. 195. Cal. Patent Rolls).


* 1413.  (p. 227).  Robert Mauteby, Esq., enfeoffed Sir Miles Stapleton, Sir Simon Felbrigge, etc, in Manors of Mauteby, Sparham, Basingham, Beetham, Matlash, Berstow, Kirke-hall in Salle, Flegg-hall in Winterton Somerton, etc.: 111s rent in Castre and Merkeshale Freton Manor in Suffolk, to fulfil his will etc.  Wife named Eleanor (Alianore).  Son John, son and heir.  Brother John Oeil (qr. a priest).  Daughter Eleanor, a nun at Shouldham.  Daughter Agnes.  Walter, Edward, Peter, Thomas, sons under age.  His widow remarried, 20 Henry VI., Thomas Chambers, lord of Sparham, in her right.


(p. 228).  John (son and heir of Robert) married Margaret, dau. of John Berney, Esq., of Reedham, by whom he had Margaret, his only daughter and heiress, who married John Paston, Esq., son and heir of Sir William Paston, the judge, and brought a great estate into that family.  Margaret Paston’s will is dated 4 Feb., 1481 (she was then a widow) and proved 18 Dec., 1484.  She desired to be buried in church at Mauteby and her tomb to be embellished with four scotchyns thereon the 1st Paston and Mauteby: 2nd Mauteby and Burney of Reedham: 3rd Mauteby and the Lord Loveyn; 4th Mauteby and ‘Sir Roger Beauchamp, etc., etc.


1426.  Oct. 4. Malbys, Dame Sibilla, relic. Of Sir Wm. Malbys, Kt., of Acaster Maltbys (Acaster Malbys (Am. Vol. 2, folio 497, Yorkshire Wills).  See Pedigree I., which ends, in 1377, with Walter Maltby who went to the Noly Lands; but from the above will it is conclusively proved that this family did not die out, but was perpetuated through younger sons.


1426.  Dec. 22, Maltby, John, Whytby (Whitby) (May 25, 1426, completed folio 515, Vol. 2, 503, Yorkshire Wills).


1427.  John Nikere of Hardingham, Chaplain, held two messuages and five acres of land in Hardingham form John Gilbert and John Malteby (p.451, Cal, Patent Rolls).


1429.  William Maltby, Citizen and Mercer of London, sues John Colvyll of Normanby, York (p. 516, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1430.  Feb.  William Mallebise witnesses a charter of William, Earl of Warenne, respecting the taking of timber from Lancaster forest by the Abbey (of Lancaster?) (p. 77, Cal. Pat. Rolls).


1431.  William Maltby, Citizen and Mercer, London (p. 98, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1432.  Sept. 22, Maltby, John, Rect. Of Riter (June 22, 1432, Vol. 2, 617, Yorkshire Wills).


1433.  Commission to William Malbys of Miton, (Mitton) Yorks, and others (p. 301, Cal. Pat. Rolls).


1435.  Robert Malteby, Esquire, died before this date.  He had a share in adrouesons of Evarwartown, Suffolk (p. 500, Cal. Patent Rolls). See Pedigree V.


1438.  Thomas Maltby [Kent ?] sues Thomas Grenfeld of Chepsted, Kent (p. 207, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1438.  Thomas Maltby, chaplain to Vicarage of Stenyng (Steyning) (p. 220, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1438.  John Maltby, the elder, John Maltby, the younger, regarding land at Hardyngham (pp. 135-6, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1438.  (Bloomfield’s Hist. of Norfolk). Peter Mautby, Esquire., by his will dated Oct., 1438.  Oct. 4, 1438.  By will of this date, Peter Mauteby, Esq., requires to be buried in the church of Sparham, St. Mary.  See Pedigree IV., Peter (11).


1442.  (Bloomfield, Vol. VIII., p. 259).  Sir Simon Feltrig and Trustees of Robert Mauteby, Esq., settles lordship of Mauteby’s Hall on John Paston, Seq., who had married Margaret, dau. and heir of heir of John Mauteby, Esq. (son and heir of said Robert) for his life; remainder to Margaret.  See Pedigree IV., Robert (10).


1443.  (Bloomfield’s Norfolk, Vol. I., p. 243).  Roger, son of William de Brown of Manor of Browne Hall, near Norton, Norfolk, [on border of Suffolk] m. Petronell, one of the heiresses of Roger de Somery from whom she inherited this manor.  She died before 1443.  This Petronell was a daughter of Sir Robert de Maltaby, Kt., and Olive, his wife.  How Petronell became Somery’s Heiress is not known.


Note. – In Pedigree IV., it will be seen that Sir Walter (5) Mauteby m. Petronella --- and his son, Sir Robert (6), m. Olive ---.  It is probable that Petronella --- was a Somery, hence the ingeritance to her granddaughter, Petronell.  Also it is warthy of note that Bloomfield spells the name Maltaby in Vol. I., p. 243, proving to skeptics that it is the same name as Mauteby.


1438.  William Maltby and Joan, his wife, widow of Nicholas Tournay.  Lands in Bucks and Lincoln (Close Rolls, 16 Henry VI.)  M. I. D.


Note. – This is the earliest Maltby record furnished by Mr. Fothergill.


1445.  (The Ancestor, Vol. 10, p. 96).  “The obits. Of the fomily of Barrey or Berry and its allied houses.”  “Obitus Magerie uxoris Johannis Mawdeby anmigeir* et filie Johannis Berney de Redam, ao. Dmi. MCCCCXLV.


Note. – This is Margaret, w. of John Mawtby, and dau. of John Barney (Berney) of Redham.  See Norfolk, Pedigree.


1446.  Thomas Maltby, bailiff of Bamburgh (Cal. Patent Rolls).


1448.  (Freemen of York, p. 34).  “18d from Wm. Malbys in Skeldergate, York, 2 May, 26 Henry VI.


1448.  In 1448 John Paston, Esq., presented.


In the north window of the chancel in Mauteby Church is an effigy of a man in complete armour. . . de Hykeling; also effigy of his wife, Alice or Elizabeth de Hickling, with arms sa. A cross argent.  At each end of the church lies a curious antique monument of grey marble, a coffin on pavement; on the coffin is the effigy of a Knight Templar* cross legged in armour, in memory, it is said, of a Knight of de Mauteby family living according to the style of the monument circ. 1250.

The south aisle, where many Mautbys wer buried was rebuilt by Margaret Paston and she was buried there but it was in ruins (in 1810).  In the church was the shield of St. Peter and the arms of Mautby and Loveyn, Mautby and Clifton, Mautby and Beauchamp, Mautby and Berney, Mautby and Marshall (p. 230, Vol. XI., Bloomfield’s Norfolk).

Burke Gen. Ar. gives Clifton of Bokenham, Co. Norfolk, chequey or. and gu. a bend ermine.  Beauchamp, Bletso, Co. Bedford, descended from Roger de Beauchamp, temp. Edward III.  Sent to Parliament, 1363; Gu. a fesse bet. 6 martlets or.


1453.  Feb. 13., Malteby, Thomas, Slaynton (Jan. 26, 1453. Vol. II., p. 290, Yorkshire Wills).


1455.  Rev. John Maltby, Vicar of Send, 6 June, 1455, M. A. Ref. Manning and “Bray’s Hist. Surry, Vol. III.


1462.  Rev. John Maltby, Rector of Ockham.  He was Rector, 6 April, 1462, an official of the archdeaconery of Surrey.  Evidently same person as above.


1470.  Pardon to John Maltby, yeoman of Edynhall, Co. Cumberland (p. 215, Cal. Patent Rolls).


1477.  Henry Maltby of Alverstoke (p. 50. Cal. Patent Rolls).


1477.  From Baker’s Hist. of Uton, Co. Northampton, Isthling-borough, All Saints, Rectors, John Maltby, 6 June, 1477.


1485.  Thorpe Malson (2 ½ miles from Kettering) Rector John Maltby, 17 July, 1485.  Evidently Rev. John Maltby of above records.


1484.  Temp. James I.  Sir William Paston held lordship of the Manor of Mauteby’s Hall, held of Lord Morley, valued at £15 – 00 – 4 per annum.


1484.  18 Dec.  Will proved of Margaret Paston (widow of John Paston, Esq.) gives to each poor household in the town of Sparham, late her tenants, 6/ (p. 259. Vol. VIII., Bloomfield).  Bloomfield also gives, on the same page: 1300-1400 Mauteby’s Hall, Lordship in Sparham (Town) Norfolk.


1497.  (Bloomfield, Vol. IV., p. 338).  Will.  Mawtby, Esq., interred in church of Blackfriars, Norwich [circ. 1497?].


1511.  John Maltbye, clk., presented to church of Norhleve dioc. Exter. Vol. Il, p. 229.  To Vesy (?) in June, 1513 (p. 607, Vol. I.  Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII., edited by Brewer).


1512.  June.  John Malteby presented to church of Wassbrynburgh, dioc, Lincoln (Vol. I., p. 365, Ibid).


1513.  4 March, John Maltbye, clerk, presented to Hemeswell, dioc. Lincoln (Vol. I., pp. 503-539, Ibid).


1514.  Sir John Maltby, clk. (i.e., Rev’d John Maltby) (Vol. II. part 2, p. 1464, Ibid.


1522.  Feb. 5.  Maltby, William, Helmssey, gentleman (Nov. 12, 1522, Vol. IX., p. 351, Yorkshire Wills).


1523.  Sir John Maltby, Yorks., name in sheriff’s list (p. 1488, Vol. III., part 3); i.e. Sir John Maltby, Knight, elig. For office of Sheriff in Co. York.


Note. – Evidently related to family in Pedigree I.  This note taken from Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII., edited by Brewer.


1531.  17 May.  John Maltby and others make statement on oath respecting “a rate for scavage.”  (Same ref., Letters, For. And Dom.)


1532.  17 Maye.  Abstract of the Will of John Maltby: Mother, Jennet Maltby and the children of Richard Norton, his wife, Elizabeth; my sister, Church of Welton, Church Dunam, Cosyn Katherine Jeffrason, poor of Welton, sons Roger,*  John,§ Nicholas,€, and Anthony.¥  Money put in trust in hands of the Mercers Comp.  Brother Thomas Maltby, Master Hill of the Custom House.  Roger Deale, underbutler.  Every clerk in the Custom House.  Hugh, Dyer, Elys Johnson, Richard Watson and his son, Henry (See Will of Will. Maltby, 1558).  Thomas Marbury, Haberdasher, of London and Ric. Marbury, Citz. And Merchants Taylor, to be exors.  Mary Hawkins, Margaret, her mother.


Note. – Mary Hawkins later m. ----- Hancock.


* The name Roger is uncommon in the Maltby Family up to this date.  Perhaps this Roger is the Roger, Vicar of St. Nicholas.  See under date 1563.  Also in 1592, at Springthorpe, Roger Maltby had a son John, bapt. 26 Nov., 1592.


§ The writer has wondered if this John is John Maltby of Kexby Hall, Will 1557.  Presumed to be the ancestor of the American Maltbys of New England, 1667-70.


€ Is this Sir Nicholas Maltby of the Irish notes?  The records say: “Sir Nicholas Maltby’s father died when he was four years old – died about 1534.”  This is near enough so that it would be possible for this Nicholas to be one and the same as Sir Nicholas.


₤ Anthony Maltby.  This is a name found amongst the Orston Maltbys and also Anthony Marbury is a very common name in the Marbury family.  There seems to be a close connectin here between the Maltbys and Marburys.  See further under Maltby Heraldry.


1530.  (Nicholas Topographer and Genealogist, Vol. III., p. 513):  “Edmond Gresham was borne upon saynt Clare day, the vyrgen, the xij day of August Ao diy. XVCXXX.  John Malby, John Danstall and Thomas Ippeswell, these were his godfathers.”


1530.  Richard Maltby held, A. D. 1530, one ox-gang of land in Orston of Sir Richard Bozon, Kt.  (Indes 185, Inquisitions Post Mortem, Nottinghamshire, edit.  W. P. W. Phillimore).  This should be of interest to the Orston Maltbys. 


The following from Rutland Wills, found in the Boston Library:

  1527-32.  Maxbie, Robert, Maseby (Book D., p. 205).

  1540-42.  Malbie, John, Crick.  (Book G., p. 118, P. 35).

  1545-46.  Malbye, Robert, Slapton (p. 72, Book 1545-46, P. 42).

  1560-66.  Page 64, Malby, William, Crick. (p. 97. Book P. ?).

  1590-1602.  Page 91, Mawbie, Lambert (p.22, B. W. 1590-97-1602).  For continuation of these Wills, see under years 1600-1699.


1535.  Jan. 31., Maltbye, Wylliam, par. St. Den., York. (June 16, 1535, Vol. II., p. 117, Yorkshire Wills).


1536.  Examination of William Hurte and others regarding the Lincolnshire Rebellion, 28 Oct., 28 Henry VIII.  That Sir Simon Maltby, Parson of Farforthe was on Saturday before the Insurrection, before D. Reynes, the Bishop of Lincoln at Bollyngebrooke at the court of the valuation of Benefices and returning home reported that their silver chalices were to be given to the King in exchange for tin ones, and that he and other priests had determined to take down and said Chancellor and trusted in the support of their neighbors.  The Sunday after the Insurrection, Sir Simon prayed for the Pope and College and Cardinals. (Vide p. 401, Vol. XI., Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, 1536.  See also p. 47, Vol. II., “Henry VIII, and the English Monasteries,” by F. A. Casquet, 6th edit., pub. John Hodges, 1902.)


Note. – “Sir” here is equivalent to “Mr.”  It was the prefix of respect placed before clergymen’s names and equivalent to “Rev’d.”  Simon is a name found in Pedigree IV.


1538.  July 16.  Maltby, William, Hull, Adm. Harthill (Yorkshire Wills).


1539.  Grant of possessions of the suppressed Priory of Snelshaw, Bucks., of which William Maltebey was the late Prior (Vol. 14 (I), p. 163, Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII., edit. Brewer).


1539.  Walt. Maltby appears in the list of Musters for Lindsey, Co. Lincoln, as belonging to [Beesby ? or Maltby ?] (Vol. 14. I., p. 277, above reference).


1542.  One Maulby (or Maltby) of London is interested in Army Contracts (Vol. 17, pp. 402-473, above reference).


1543.  Wm. Malbe, John and Joan, his wife, and ------, their sons, hold tenements in Rugby, Co. Warwick; part of Monastic property granted to Sir John Williams (Vol. 18, I., p. 130, above reference).


1543.  License to Sir John Williams of Ricote Olon to alienate tenement and land in Regbie, Warwick, in tenure of Willm, Malbye, which belonged to Chaccombe Priory (Vol. 18, I., p. 368, above reference).


1541.  Christopher Maltby of Hemswell, Co. Lincoln, 27 May, 1541.  Wife Johan.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 17 April, 1542, folio 117.)


1545.  Abstract of Will of Johan Maltbye, mayden sister to William Maltbye of All Hallowes, Greswell, 23 Aug. 1545.  Church of Willingham, Repingham and Wettellany.  Brother’s son and daughter, Thomas Maltbye and Isabell Maltbye.  Isabell Sutton, Sir Leonard Calvard and Sir Thomas Wessynne.  Brother William Maltby and Isabell Maltby, my sister.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 22 Nov. 1545, folio 303.)


Note. – Evidently Johan and William Maltby were children of Christopher and Johan of Hemswell.  See Will 1541.


1543.  Mawbye “is a wise fellow”; i. e., Thomes Maltby or Mawbye, who has a provision to contract for victualling the army (!).  The exclamation is added by a contemporary Englishman who furnished the record; before the present war, however.  (Vol. 18, II., p. 130; Vol. 18, I., p. 728, same reference.)


1544.  Grant to Thomas Melby (Malby) and others of lands in Yorks.; lands belonging lately to Roche Monastery (Vol. 19, Part II., p. 77, above reference).  Evidently belonging to the family in Pedigree II.


1544.  Maltbie has a contract to purvey cheese (to the troops) (Vol. 19, P. 2, p. 88, above reference).  This is evidently Thomas Maltby, alias Mawlbie, alias Maulbie..


Note. – This is evidently the first time in recording the name of Maltby in its manifold forms, that we find Maltbie, which has come to be so much used since.


1545.  Thomas Malby of London, fishmonger, regarding victualling Calais and Boulogne (Vol. XX., Pr. 2, p. 194, above reference).  This is evidently the same person as above.


1549.  May 9.  Maltbie, Christopher, Thorneton in Pikernigelieth, husbandman (Oct. 8, 1548, Vol. XIII., 517, Yorkshire Wills).  Ws this Christopher (13), Pedigree II.?


1547.  Abstract of Will of William Maltby of Ingham, 15 1ug., 1547.  Son Robert, daus. Elizabeth and Katherine.  Mr. Thomas Burton to be supervisor.  Wife, Isabell, and son, John, exors. (Proved in Arch Stow, 3 Feby. 1547-8, folio 477.)


1557.  Abstract of Will of John Maltby of Kexby Hall, dated 26 Nov., 1557.  Burial at Upton.  (This is probably the ancestor of the American Maltbys of New England, 1670.)  Daughters Margaret, Izabell.  Wife, Margerie, and son, Richard, to be exors.  Son, William.  Mentions Christopher Maultby as a supervisor.  (Proved in ons of Lincoln, 3 Dec., 1557.)


Note. – This John Maltby, we believe, was nearly related to the family of Maltby, Pedigree II.


1558.  Will of William Maltby of Greatwell, Co. Lincoln, 16 Oct. 1558.  Jenytt Maltby (for same name see Will 1532).  Son, Thomas Maltby.  Henry Watson, one of three witnesses.  (See will 1532.)  (Proved in Arch Stow, 22 Jany., 1558-9, 301.)


1556.  Abstract Will of Robert Maltbye of Willoughton, 20 March, 1556.  Wife, son Robert, Kinsman William Maltbie, Thomas Maltby, junior, William Maltby, junior, Nicholas Maltby,* Helene Maltby, Isabell Maltby, Thomas’s daughter.  John, my brother John’s son, and Richard.  Son Richard.  Sons Thomas, Richard and Robert, exors. (Proved in Arch Stow, April 1556, 179.)


1551.  April 17.  Maltby, James, fisher, (Nov. 11, 1550. Vol. XIII., folio 718, Yorkshire Wills).


1555.  March 10, Maltbye, Robert, Orston (Notts) (Feb. 26, 1553. Vol. XIV., 226, Yorkshire Wills).  This item should be of interest to the branch of the family who came from Orston.


1558.  Wills proved in Consistory Court of Lincoln.  Alice Maltbie, Burgh St. Mary and others.


1562.  (Bloomfield Vol. X., p. 407.)  John Maltby, Vicar of Catton, Norfolk, 1562, presented by Dean Chapter of Norwich Cathedral.


1563.  Roger Maltby, Vicar of Church of St. Nicholas last Dereham, Norfolk, presented by Willm.  Mowse, Rector (p. 211, Bloomfield).  This may be Roger, in will 1532.


1562.  (Cal. St. Pap. Dom., edit. Lemon.)  Reprieve for Nicholas Malby (qr. of London ?) to be delivered over to the Earl of Warwick for service abroad.  (See q. v. under Maltby Irish Notes.)


1574.  Abstract of Will of Richard Maltby of Willoughton Co. Lincoln, 9 Jany.  1574-5.  Thomas Maltby, the elder, to bring up testators son, Nicholas.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 27 April, 1575, folio 169.)


1582.  Abstract of Will of William Maltbie of Kexbie, Co. Lincoln; husbandman; dated 1 Nov., 1583.  Burial at Upton.  Children, Corothy, Richard, William, Thomas, Henry and Margaret.  Wife, Grace.  One of three supervisors.  Richard Maltby.  (Proved in Archy Stow, 19 Nov. 1582.)


Note. – This is a younger brother of Richard Maltby (2), son of John (1) of Kexby Hall.  Item of interest to American Maltbys.  From the names of the children we shall probably find that John was a son of a Richard of a William Maltby.  The wid. Grace Maltby, evidently remarried, as the Upton Registers give: “Grace Maltby m. John Walker, 23 May, 1584.  The dau. Dorothy, above, is evidently she who marries at Upton, 18 June, 1593, Thomas Tollen.


* Perhaps nearly related to Richard Maltby.  See Will 1574-5.  He may be the father of this Richard.


1582.  John Maltbie and Eliz. Greaves, m. 30 July, 1582, Orston.


1584.  Anna Maltbye, dau. of Hugh, bapt. 20 Dec., 1584, at Orston.


1587.  Abigail Maltbye, filius Hugoris, bapt. 28 June, June, 1587, at Orston.


1589.  Johannes Maltbye, filius Hugoris, bapt. 28 June, 1589, at Orston.


1592.  Petrus Maltbye, filius Hugoris Maltbye, bapt. 15 June, at Orston.


1565.  May 10.  Maltbye, William, Driapole in Holderness (Feb. 1, 1564, Vol. XVII., 424, Yorkshire Wills).


1572-1634.  Visitation of Hertfordshire:  “Isabel, daughter and heiress of William Maltby of Throwondby, lux, m. Robert Morley, son of Christopher Morley and Elizabeth.”  He was a son of John and Jane Morely, and he was a son of Michael, living in 1434.  Crest: Cap. of Maintance, gules, turned up, ermine., p. 154.  See Pedigree II.


1575.  Christ, Maltby, Sheriff of York (p. 365, Eboracum, Hist. of York, by Francis Drake).  See Pedigree II.


1580.  Dec. 19.  Maltbye, Robert, Newe Malton (May 21, 1580, Vol. XXI., folio 515, Yorkshire Wills).


1584.  Feb. 28.  Maltbie, Christopher, Alderman of York City (Feb. 1, 27 Eliz. Vol. XXII., folio 673, Yorkshire Wills).  See Pedigree II., Christopher.


1585.  Oct. 14.  Maltsbye, Dame Mary, widow of Christopher M ----, Alderman of York (Aug. 31, 1585, Vol. XXIII, folio 106, Yorkshire Wills).


Note. – This was a second wife Mary, dau. of Arthur Dyneley.  Foster’s Vist. Of Yorks., p. 298, gives: “Dyneley of Swillington, Mary Maltby, w. of Christopher Maltby, Alderman of York.  Christopher Maltby, Alderman of York, buried his w., Frances Young, 30 Dec., 1580, at St. Crus (York.) where his son, Christopher, was bapht., 18 March, 1574-5; and m. there Mary, dau. of Arthur Dyneley, 11 July, 1581.  His sister, Jane Maltby, buried 12 July, 1604, at All Saints’ Pavement, m. Robert Brooks, D.D., Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1622-1631; Christopher Brooke, M. P.; the poet, Jane Brooke, w. of Thomas Hesketh of Heslington, whose heir general is the editor of this work.  (Yorkshire Wills, etc.)  See Pedigree II.


1586.  Nov. 22.  Maltbye, Margaret, Swillington, Ainsty.  (Yorkshire Wills.)


Note. – Possibly a sister of Christopher, Pedigree II., he had a dau. Margaret who d. April 17, 1591.


1585.  (Bingle Parish Reg.)  Born Oct. 3, 1585, Mychaell, son of Isabel Moberly and Mych. Oyts.


1584.  (Nichols Topographer and Genealogist, Vol. II., p. 556):  “For this will as well as an elaborate pedigree of the Morleys of Normanby and Maltby in Stainton parish, I am indebted to Mr. William Paver of York.  Cuthbert Morley of Normanby recorded their pedigree at York Visit.,  1584, to which his half brother added his achievement, his mother of Maltby in Stainton.”


1585.  Inquisition made at York Castle, 25 March, 27 Elizabeth.  On death of Christopher Maltby, Alderman of City of York.  Seised of Muston and Fylaye, manor of Maltby other lands detailed, Will 1 Feby., 27 Elizabeth, all his lands to Raphe Richardson, Alderman of York, William Dynelay of Swillington, for 11 years.  Wife, Mary; son, Christopher,* brother, Richard Maltbie.  Maltby is held of heirs of late Lord Conyres, d. 2 Feby. Last.  That Christorpher is his son and aged 10.  (Chancery Inq. P. M., Vol. 207, No. 95, Series II.)  See Pedigree II.


* This is an important record as it shows that this family (Ped. II) did not fail entirely of male issue.  Compare the names in the will of John Maltby of Kexby, 1557.


1586.  Abstract of Will of Richard Maltbie of Glentworth, Co. Lincoln, dated 10 May, 1586.  Sister’s son, John Maultby, dwelling in Norfolk, besides Walsingham, 20/ for a legacy left him by my mother.  Daughters Jane, Anna.  Wife Alls. Sons Roger and John.  (Proved Arch Stow, 4 Jany., 1586, 338.)


Note. – This John Maultby, dwelling in Norfolk, is probably a son of Roger Maltby, Vicar of St. Nicholas, Norfolk in 1563.  Does this means Walsingham a place?  And is this John the brother of Sir Nicholas, who he mentions in 1580?


1589.(?)  (Vist. Of Lincolnshire, The Genealogist, Vol. IV., 1880 (or 6) p. 259: “Richard Morgan married Margaret, daughter of ------Maltby.”  (See p. 248.)  Marbury the same name.  Arms: Arg. on a fess engrailed gules, 3 garbs or.  The Harleian Soc., pub. 1903, p. 690, gives the pedigree of Morgan of Gainsborough.  For another refernce see Maltby Heraldry and the Isish Maltby Notes.


1590.  Born, Jan. 24, 1590, John, son of Isabell Moberley and Jo. Husler.  (Bingley Parish Reg.)  Bur. Aug. 31, Isabell Mouberley.  (For further records see 1631, 1600, 1610.)


1593.  Bloombield, Vol. VIII., p. 228, gives this pedigree; 1. John Wysse; 2. Margaret Wysse, m. (1) ----- Mautby, gent.; m. (2) Clement Hyrne, Kt., Mayor of Norwich, 1593.


1595.  From “Old Yorkshire,” by Will. Smith, p. 176: Gregory Creyke, the fifth son, succeeded; bapt. at Bridlington April 21, 1595.  He m. Ursula, dau. of Sir John Legard, Kt., of Grantum, by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William Mallory, Kt., of Studly;  Everilda, the only daughter; she m., in 1599, Christopher Maltby of Maltby.  She had three daughters.

Foster’s Vist. Of York., 1584-1612, gives:  Creyeke of Cottingham.  Arms: Quarterly 1 and 4.  Per fesse arg. and sable, a pale countercharged, and 3 birds of the last.  Creyke 2 and 3:  Paly of 6 or. and gu., in chief argent, 3 lozenges of the 2nd arden.  Crest: An eagle sable, standing on a garb fesseways or. 1. Wm. Creyke Esq. of Cottingham, Co. York., m. Frances, dau. of Sir William Babthorpe of Osgodby.  2. Ralph Creyke, twice m., and by Catherine, dau. to Thomas Crathorne of Crathorne.  3. Everild Creyke, w. of Christopher Maltby, Esq.


1595.  4 Dec.  Grant of a Canowry and Prebend at St. Stephen’s Church, Westminster, to Thomas Goodric, the King’s Chaplain.  Vice. John Maltby, dec., Vol. VI., p. 651.


1591.  April 17, Maltby, George and Margaret, children of Christopher Maltby, Alderman of York, dec. City. Aug. 31, 1585 (Vol. XXIII., folio 106, Yorkshire Wills).  See Pedigree II. This is an interesting item, showing that besides Christopher, who m. Everilda Creyke, there were other children.


1593.  Feby. Ult.  Maltby, Agnes, Thormeton (Ridall) widow.  Feb. 1, 1593 (Vol. XXV., folio 1513, Yorkshire Wills).


1593.  March 1, Maltby Roger, Thormeton (Ridall) Apri. 6, 1593 (Vol. 251, folio 1513, Yorkshire Wills).  Perhaps son of the widow, Agnes Maltby, above.


1594.  April 25, Maltby,  John, Farnedon, Newark, (Yorkshire Wills).


1596.  Sept.  29, Maltbie, John, Robinhoodbaie, Cleveland (Yorkshire Wills).


1596.  (?) For the Pedigree.  Robert For the, Sheriff, 1596. Anne For the, m. second ----- Mendham; had Annie Ward, who m. Edward Malbye, Esq.  (For further records consult years 1617-18.  See also Pedigree V.)


1597.  April 30, Maltbie, Mary, Dickering (Yorkshire Wills).


1599.  Thomas Malby gets a grant (Cal. State Papers, p. 224).  Evidenely has been building ships for the Nevy.

A stray item, without date, is the following: “John Riers m. Anne, dau. of Arthur Maltby and sister and co-heir of Thomas Maltby.”


1595.  Baptized at Orston, Notts.  Willmus Maltby, son of Hugh, bapt. 4 Apr.


1599.  Buried at Orston.  John Maultby, buried 1st March.


1600.  Elizabeth Maltby, filia Hugoris Maltby, bapt. at Orston, Notts.


1600.  Buried (Bingly Parish Reg).  17 May 1600.  Uxor Lawrencii Maberley de Cottingham.


1601.  Dec. 17. Maltbie, Robert, Hunmandbie, Derckering (Yorkshire Wills).


1602.  Dec. 20.  Maltby, Wm. Hundemandby, Oct. 26, 1602. (Vol. XXVIII, folio 824).


1602.  Dec. 20.  Maltbie, Janet, Hunmandbie, Dickering.


1602.  Abstract of Will of Richard Maultbye, the elder, of Kexbie.  Son Christopher, son John, son Richard; daughters Ellen Quipp and Margaret Wilkinson.  My Lord Willoubie.  (Proved in Arch Stow ult. Dec., 1602.)


Note. – Ancestor of American branch, Richard (2), John (1).


1603.  Abstract of Will of Christopher Maultby of Upton, Lincoln. Nusbandman.  Dated 3 March 1602.  (Note. This is the oldest son of above Richard, brother to John (3) progenitor of American Maltbys.)  Son Richard, son Thomas under 21, son Christopher under 21, brother Richard, son John under 21, daughter Elizabeth under 21.  Wife Elizabeth.  Brother John.  (Proved Arch Stow, 25 March, 1603.)


Note. – Married at Upton, Christopher Maltby and Eliz. Fysher, 27 May, 1593.


1603.  Buried at St. James, 5 Sept. 1603, Nicholas, son of Mres. Malbey.


1604.  The Jorksire Papists, Harthill-Cottingham, noncommunicant, returned Jane Ashe, servant to Xpofer Maltbie, gentleman, noncommunicant for a year past.  “Taken from” A List of Roman Catholics in the County of York in 1604, by Ed. Peacock.  F.S.A.  (See item dated 1600, Lawrence Moberley of Cottingham.)


1604.  Thomas Maltby, filius Hugoris Maultby, bapt. June, 1604. at Orston.


1605.  Oct. 3.  Maltbie, Richard, Hunmandby, bachelor, Sept. 16, 1605 (Vol. XXIX., 702) son of Richard Malteby of Hunmandby, dec. Tin. Dickering.


1605.  Johanis Maltby, hauc vitam reli quit, 5 June, 1605, Orston.


1606.  Vol. I., p. 159: “The plague raged in the parish of Buckland in 1606, by which the rector, John Maltbee lost six children in one month.”


1610.  Abstract of Will of John Maltbie of Springthorpe, Co. Lincoln, yeoman.  Dated 20 May.


Note. – This is a will pertaining to the American Maltbys, John (3), Richard (2), John (1), and is given entire under another heading.  It may be well to give here births and baptisms of his children recorded at Springthorpe.



1592-3.     Richard, son of John, bapt. 24 Feb.

1594.         Jane, dau. of John, bapt. 26 Nov.

1594-5.     Jane Maltby, buried 23 Jany.

1595.         Hellen, dau. of John, bapt. 2 Jany.

1598.          Allice, dau. of John, bapt. 28 March.

1599-1600.  Elizabeth, dau. of John, bapt. 27 Feb.

1606.            William, son of John, bapt. 8 Nov.

1609.            Robert, son of John, bapt. 1 Apl.

1609.            Alice, dau. of John, buried 10 Feby.

1610.            John Maltby, buried 27 May.


Note. – It will be seen that the second son, John, is not amongst these children; he was probably born at Upton.  Neither are the births of his daughters, Margaret and Mary, recorded at Springthorpe.  The daughter Ellen, mentioned in his will, was probably the Hellen, bapt. in 1595.


1610.  29 June.  Buried *Humfrey Maltby at Upton.


1610.  29 June Admon. of * Humfrey Maltbie of Upton, Co. Lincoln, to Richard Maltbie of Upton, the brother (Arch Stow, 113).  Bond of Richard Maltbie, William Kyrke of Hepam, Co. Lincoln, and Richard Maltbie of Kexbie in £20.  Inventory £152 – 16-8.  See Pedigree, VII,.  Humphrey Marbury.  He was probably a brother of the Richard Maltbie of Upton, whose will follows: Abstract of Will, 28 Oct., 1617.  Son William, land at Stourton, next Stow.  Wife Elizabeth.*  Daughter Ann Maltbie, daughter Margaret.  Wife’s daughter Elizabeth Maultby,* who is a daughter of Christopher Maltby.  John Maltbie.  Brothers William and Thomas.  (Proved Arch. Stow, 18 Dec. 1618, 370.)


The Upton Registers give the children of Richard as follows:

1604.  John, bapt. 2 Aug.

1604.  Mary, bapt. 18 Nov.

1604.  Mary, buried 24 Dec.

1605.  William, bapt. 20 Dec.

1608.  Margaret, bapt. 16 Apl.

1609.  Richard, bapt. 22 Feby.

1609.  Richard, buried 24 Feby.

1610.  Ann, bapt. 14 Feby.

1611.  Ann, bapt. (?) 27 June.

1612.  Richard, bapt.

1612.  Mary, bapt. 8 Nov.

1613.  Elizabeth, bapt. 10 Oct.


* Elizabeth Frsher mar. Christopher Maltby in 1593.  He died in 1603 and she married Richard Maltby.


1610.  Buried, June 15,  1610.  Lawrencii Moberley de Cottingham (Bingley Parish Register).


1614.  Aug. 5.  Maultbie als.  Conyers, John, Blawgill par Hawnbie, Nov. 16, 1613, (Vol. XXXIII, folio 224, Yorkshire Wills).  See Note 1585 which states that “Maltby is held of heirs of late Lord Conyers, died Feby. Last.”


1618.  Abstract Will Thomas Maultby, the elder of Willoughton, Co. Lincoln.  (Proved Arch. Stow, 4 Feby., 1618-19.)


1619.  March.  Elizabeth Maltby, Orston, Notts, Oct. 22, 1639 (Yorkshire Wills).


Note. – This will should be looked up and abstracted for the Orston Maltbys, as it might throw additional light on the ancestry of their progenitor,  William Maltby, gent., b. in 1641.


1619.  April 15, Maltby, Christopher, Cottingham, Esq., Harthill (Yorkshire Wills).  Probably Christopher, son of Christopher and Everilda Creyke.  See Pedigree II.  See also dates 1610, 1604, 1600.


1620.  Abigail Maltbie, m. Wm. Taber, Oct. 22, 1620, at Orston.


1620.  Thomas Maltbie, haue vitom reliquit Vicessimo, 4 April, 1620, at Orston.


1620.  Michael Wharton m. Catharine, dau. and co-heir of Christopher Maltby of Maltby in coun. Ebor. 1 Oct., 1620, at Cottingham.


Note. – From the date 1610 and 1600 it would seem that Lawrence Moberly of Cottingham was nearly related to Christopher of Cottingham.


1619.  The York Marriage Licenses read: Sir Michael Warton of Beverley and Evereld Maltby of Cottingham at Beverley or Cottingham, 1619.


Note. – Query: Should the previous note read Evereld and not Catharine.  And did Evereld marry twice?  Still she would have been called widow if the following record applied to her.  It is from York Marriage Licenses, 1626, and reads: “Geo Wentworth, gent., of Wolley and Averil Maltby of Cottingham, 1626, at Royston or Cottingham.”  The York Marriage Licenses also have “Robert Hemhough of Drax and Thomazine Maltby of Drax, 1612.  (The wid. of Sir Nicholas Malby was Thomasine.)


1622.  Lincoln Marriage Licenses, 1598-1628.  1622, May 28, Robert Maultby of Gaudly, husbandman, ae. 23 (hence born, 1599) and Alice Howden of Hemmingley, spinster, ae. 22, parents’ consent (Gaudbie).


1622.  April 29.  Maltbie Katherine, Carwood, Amisty (Yorkshire Wills).


1622-3.  Maltby, John, son of John of Buckland, Co. Gloucester, sacred Magdalen Hall, matriculated 31 Jan, 1622-3, aged 15 (hence born in 1607) B. A., 14 Feb., 1625-6; his father, rector of Buckland, 1591-1632.


Note. – Refer to date 1606.


1623.  Robt.  Maltby and Susan Ransome m. last day of July, 1623.  From Transcripts of N. Muskham, 1623-1633 and 1638.


1623.  London Marriage Licenses:  Maultby, John, brewer, and Anne Jenks of St. Aephage, London, wid. of Jonah Jenks, late of same, white, baker, of St. Aephage, aforesaid, 2 Dec. 1623.  B.  (Also Harleian Soc. Pub. 1887.)


1623.  Page 140:  Mawbe, Edward Crick, O. 159-1623; page 191, Mabley, J., 139; page 191, Malby, J., 35,  W. 64; page 192, Mawbie, E., 140. Eliz. 140 J. 111. (From Rutland Wills.)


1624.  May 7, Edw. Sweete of Anderby, yeom., a. 24, and Dorothy Maltby of same, aged 21 (born 1603) a parish near Alford.  (Lincoln Marriage Licenses, St. Paul.)


1624.  Abstract of Will of Richard Maltbie of Upton, Co. Lincoln, batchelor, 20 Fby., 1623-4.  Sisters Margaret, Ann; brothers William, John.  Mother Elizabeth.  Uncles Robert Fisher and Richard Maltbie.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 4 Aug. 1623, 48.)


Note. – This is Richard, son of Christopher, Will proved 1603.


1626.  13 June.   Thomas Maultby of Sleeford applies for license for Jno. Marsh and Agnes Pike, widow.


1627.  Anthonie Maltbie and Phillipe Challand, m. Feb. 21, 1627, Orston.


1627.  William Maultby and Isabell Pepper, Apr. 17, 1627, m. Orston.


1625.  Abstract of Will of Peter Maltby of S. Olave in Southwarke, Co. Surrey, Cordwayner, dated Aug., 1625.  Child unborn, brothers, William, John; Sister Elizabeth,  Wife,  Joane.  Father, Hugh.  Cozens, Stephen and Francis Segood, sons of Henry Segood.  Uncle, John Malby,  All my apprentices.  (Proved in the P. C. C., 30 Aug., 1625, by Hugh Maltby; Jane, the exex, having died.  84 Clarke.)


Note. – Unless the child survived this line evidently died out.


1627.  Anthonie Maultbie, s. of Anthonie Maultbie, bapt. 28 July, 1627, at Orston.


1627.  Anne Maultbie, w. of Anthonie, buried 27 Aug., 1627, Orston.


1627.  Anthonie Maultbie, the son of Anthonie Maultbie, buried 7 Feb., 1627, Orston.


1628.  Elizabeth Maultbie, dau. of Anthonie Maultbie, bapt. 28 Dec., 1628, Orston.


1628.  John Maultby and Elizabeth Blount, m. June 24, 1628, Crston.


1628.  William (?) and Eliz. (?) m. Aug. 3, 1628. Orston.


1629.  Elizabeth Maltbie and Rich. Challand, m. Nov. 23, 1629, Orston.


1629.  Dorothie Maltbie and Henry Worsingerip (?) m. June 7, 1629, Orston.


1629.  William Maultbie, son of John Maultbie, bapt. 5 Sept., 1629, Orston.


1629.  Anne Maltbie, wife of John Maltbie, was buried 5 Sept., 1629, Orston.


1629.  William Maultbie, son of John Maultbie, bapt. 7 Sept. 1630, Orston.


1630.  Katherine Maultbie, dau. of Anthonie Maultbie, bapt. 7 Sept, 1630, Orston.


1631.  John Maultbie, son of John Maultbie, bapt. 29 Nov., 1631, Orston.


1631.  Mawbie, Thomas, B. A. from Magdalen Hall, 10 Dec., 1631.


1632.  Thomas Maultbie, son of Anthonic Maultbie, bapt. 10 Feb., 1632, Orston.


1632.  Thomas Maultbie buried 14 Feb.


1633.  Elizabeth Maultbie, dau. of John Maultbie and Marie, his wife, bapt. 7 Aug., Orston.


1633.  Hugh Maultbie buried 9 March, Orston.


1633.  Abigail Maultbie, dau. of Anthonie Maultbie and Phillip, his wife, bapt. ye 11th March.


1633.  John Maltbie of Bainton m. Elizabeth Ward of Bain.


1634.  Anne Maultbie, dau. of John Maultbie and Marie, his wife, bapt. 7 Dec., Orston.


1635.  Abstract of Will of Richard Maltby of Kexby, dated 1635.  Burial at Upton.  Son John, house in Kexby; dau. Elizabeth; son, Christopher, William, Nicholas (?), Robert, Richard, (Proved in Arch Stow, May, 1635, 2.)


Note. – This is Richard, son of Richard, W. P. 1602, and brother of John (3) from whom the American branch probably descends.


1636.  Abstract of Will of John Maultbie of S. Olaves, Southwarke, Co. Surrey, Brewer, dated 14 March, 1634-5.  Daughter Elizabeth.  Mary Sherwood, my first wife’s daughter, and to Jona and Josias Jinks, my second wifes sons; to Elizabeth Martin, my cozen.  (Proved in P. C. C., 6 Sept., 1636, by Anne, the relict.  101 Pile.


Note. – This is evidently the “brother John” mentioned in the will of Peter Maltby in 1625.


1636.  N. B. – The Orston records which follow are in bad shape owing to the register being eaten away, torn and badly damaged.  It will be noted that after 1639 the Maltby records cease until 1662.  As it was in 1641 that William Maltby, gent., who married Jane Brough, was born, it is very probable that his birth follows that of Mary Maltby in 1639, and that he was a son of John and Mary Maltby.


1636.  Hugh Maltbie, son of John (hole); Marie, his wife, bapt. (hole)


1636.  (eaten away) Maltbie was buried 24 July.


1636.  Henrie Maltbie, son of Anthonie and Phillipp, his wife, bapt. 15 Octbr.


1636.  Elizabeth Maultbie was buried ye (---) of (March ?).


1637.  Elizabeth Maltbie (---) Maultbie was buried ye (---).


1638.  Hugh Maltby (---); his wife, was bapt. (---)


1638.  Hugh Maltby, the son of (---); his wife, was buried 19 of June.


1639.  Mary (John) Maltby (---) was bapt. (Jan)uary.


1639.  Mary, the dau. of John and Mary, his wife, was buried 26 Jan.


Note. – The descendants of William Maltby of Orston, b. 1641, should study these recores well.  Let us look at the names of the children of John and Mary Maltby, viz.:

1633. Elizabeth.

1634. Anne.

1636. Hugh.

1639. Mary; and there was evidently Thomas, as in 1662 we find:

“Thomas, son of John Maltby, buried 27 Oct., 1662.”

Suppose, for example, William, b. 1641, was a son of the above John and Mary Maltby.  He m. Jane, dau. of George Brough.  Now let us glance over the nemes of his children, as follows:

William, named for himself.

Mary, named for his mother.

George, named for his wife’s father.

Anne, named for his sister and perhaps his grandmother as well.

Thomas,  He evidently had a brother Thomas, and it may have been his grandfather’s name.

John, named for his father.

Charles.  This is not a Maltby name; perhaps it was a Brough name, or on the maternal side of his family.

Elizabeth.  He had a sister Elizabeth.

Surely, it there is anything in the names of children to indicate a family’s descent, here is strong evidence.  And there certainly is a finger post pointing the way, to be read plainly by any genealogist in the way children were named in the early days.


1638.  Abstract of the Will of Richard Maltby of Springthorpe, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, dated 22 April 1638.  Son Richard, son William, dau. Sarah, grandchild Sara Parke, dau. Margaret, dau. Mary; mother, Scendle; each man servant; wife Sarai. (Proved in P. C. C. 10 Nov., 1638, by Sarah Maltby, the relict and exex. 147 Lee.)


Note. – This is a brother of John (4) from whom the New England Maltbys claim descent.


Note. – Eldest daughter Sarah, m. 23 Aug. 1636, Wm. Parke of Springthorpe.


1638.  Abstract of Will of Christopher Maltby of Kexby, Co. Lincoln, batchelor; dated 14 Dec., 1638.  Eldest brother John, brother William, brother Robert, youngest brother Nicholas; sisters Mary, Prudence and Elizabeth; brother Derby’s children.  Mary and Ann; brother John’s son, Richard; brother Richard’s daughter, Elizabeth. (Proved in Arch Stow, 10 Jany, 1638-9, 10.)


See Pedigree of Kexby Maltbys.


1639.  Abstract of Will of Robert Maltby of Wilgheton, Lincoln, March 1635.  Son Nicholas, land in Kirton; wife Dorothy, son John, son Hammond, (Proved in Arch Stow, 19 April, 1639, 54.)


1639.  Abstract of Will of Sir George Maltbie, Kt., dated 6 Dec., 1638.  Nephew and niece Paulett; my wife (Anne).  (P. C. C., 29 June, 1639.


See under notes of Sir Nicholas Malby.


Inquisition made at Lincoln, 8 Jany. 14 Car. I., after daeath of Richard Maltby of Springthorpe.  Concerning land in Humberston and a messuage in East Retford.  William is his son and next heir and aged, at the death of his father, four years.  (Miscel. Chancery Inq. P. M. 14 Car. I., pt. 2-86.)


1642.  Chancery Proceedings Car. I., M. 9-33.  12 May 1642, Orators Thomas Maltby of Kirton, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, and Ann, his wife.


Note. – This Thomas may be nearly related to Robert of Wilgheton, Will 1639, who left land in Kirton to son Nicholas.


1643.  Yorkshire Parish Reg. Soc. Burton-Fleming, 1538-1812.  Married John Maltbie and Isabel Robinson, 25th Feb., 1643.


1645.  Abstract of the Will of Thomas Maultbie of Willoughton, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, dated 16 Oct., 1645.  Cozen William, son of my brother Richard (really his nephew); brother William’s children, Thomas Southwell’s children and his wife Ann; Richard Raw, Thomas Raw; brother Richard’s sons, Nicholas and William.  Wife Anna’s brother William and John Raw to be exors.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 30 Nov., 1645, 331.)  (The wid. of Sir Nicholas Malby mar. George Rawe.)  Note.  His wife was evidently Anna Raw.


1646.  From Gloucester Notes and Queries, Vol. III., p. 71:  Alice Maberly, wid. parish of Baunton.


1647.  Will of John Maultby of E. Retford, Co. Nottingham, alderman, dated 6 Oct., 1647. (Supposed father of the New England emigrants, John, William and Robert.)  Eldest son, John Maltby, houses in Briggate, E. Retford, Carr Lane, close in Little Gringly in Clarborough.  Second son, William, my lands in Springthorpe and Little Corringham, Co. Lincoln.  Eldest dau., Jane Maltby, £100, under 21.  Brother Robert Maultby of Bawtry.  Younger dau., Elizabeth Maltby, £100.  Mrs. Anne Mason, godmother of Elizabeth.  Child my wife is now with, £50.  Wife Mary to hold my house during the nonage of my sons, Jon and “William, to have the residue and to be exex. Sister Ellin Chatterton, 10/--.  Nephew John Maltby, 10/--.  Servant, Alice Moore, 20/--.  Poor of Springthorpe, 20.--.  Brother Robert friends, Mr. Dickens of Saundley, elk., and Beaumont Sutton of E. Retford, gent., to be overseers.  Annie Stounton, Tho Maulby +, Witnesses.  Codicil, 28 Dec., 1647; House in Briggate to be sold and £100 to son John at 21, and the residue for my youngest son, lately born.  Tho. Biggs, Tho. Maultby, P.C.Y., Apl., 1648.  Filed Will.


This Will appears again under the American section of the book, but it will bear considerable study here.  From the Retford Baptisms we learn that John Maultbie had a son Richard, bapt. 15 Aug., 1642, and from the Retford Burials that Richard died 7 Aug., 1644.  John Maltby, the father, died 4 Jan., 1647-8.

Mrs. Anne Mason, godmother of his daughter Elizabeth, was probably a connection by marriage, as his niece Margaret married William Mason, gent., of E. Retford.  His nephew John was a son of his brother Robert of Bautry.

If will be notice that in his will John Maltby leaves “Eldest son, John Maltby, houses in Briggate, E. Retford, etc.” And further: “Wife Mary to hold my houses during the nonage of my sons Jon and William,” and still further in the codicil: “House in Briggate to be sold and £100 to son John at 21 and the residue for my youngest son, lately born.”  This youngest son was Robert.  The Retford Baptisms give: “28 Dec., 1647, Robt. Son of John Maultby.”

Now if we turn to the year 1662 we find William Carr and Dorothy, his wife; John Maltby; George Holmes and Mary, his wife; Robert Maltby; Robert White and Johne, his wife, selling two messuages, two gardens, 25 acres of land, etc., in East Retford, etc.

William Carr and wife Dorothy I fail to place.  John Maltby I take to be John, son of John, who had come of age (hence he would have been born in 1641) and was selling the houses in Briggate to secure his £100 and it was probably this money received that started him in the New World, for it will be remembered that only two years later, 1664, April, we find John Maltby’s signature in New England.

George Holmes and Mary, his wife.  This I presume to be Mary Maltby, wid. of John Maltby, who had remarried.  This would explain why no will of a Mary Maltby could be found by Mr. Fothergill.

Robert White and Johne, his wife.  In the will of William, son of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, he mentions: “his cousin, Jane Turnell,” always presumed to be Jane, dau. of John Maltby  Possibly she m. first Robert White.  Much of this is purely conjecture, but it is plausible and worth keeping in mind.


Inquisition indented made at Swineshead, Lincoln, 2 Jany., 14 James I., on the death of William Maltby of Billinghay, Lincoln.  Gave his messuage in Billinghay to son William, excepting three arable lands to son Robert; if William die without issue, Thomas is to have the messuage; wife Margery to have messuage until son William is 21.  William senior died 5 Feby., 8 James I.  The messuage was held by knights, service being a twentieh part of a knight’s fee, worth 20/.  That John Maltby is the son and next heir and was aged at the time of his father’s death, 16 or more.  The messuage is in the hands of the King by reason of the minority of John, the son.  Inquest Post Mortem, 4 James 1 pt. 2. No. 65.  Chancery Inquisition, 22 James I., pt. I. No. 71.


1645, 22 Nov.  Maltby V. Sanderson,  Orators William Maltby of Willoughton als Willerton, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife, and Mary Dales of Willoughton, wid., dau. of Hamond Sutton, dec.  That Hamond Sutton had issue by a first wife, formerly the wife of Pickering, your said Oratrixes, Elizabeth and Mary, and the said Margaret had issue by Pickering, Katherine, now wife of John Chapman of Willoughton aforesaid.  Nicholas Sutton, uncle of Hamond Sutton, fifty years ago settled his estate on the marriage of Hamond Sutton and Margaret Pickering.  Dispute obout the trusts.  Defendants: Sir Peregrine Saunderson, now Lord Castleton; Lady Francis, his mother; Lady Jane Saunderson, wid.; John Chapman, Katherine, his wife and William Tomlinson.  (Chancery Proceedings, Car. I., M. 35-9.)


Note. – The Suttons and Maltbys seem to have been closely connected.  The name Hamond Maltby evidently came from the Suttons.  The Will of John Maltby, of E. Retford, 1647, mentions for overseer, “Beaumont Sutton, Gent.”  The Will of Johan Maltbye, 1545, mentions Isabell Sutton.  (It has been thought that the name Isabell in the Maltby family was derived from the Suttons.)  The Will of Robert Maltby of Wilgheton, 1635, mentions son Hammond.  It may also be that the name Nicholas, comes from the Sutton family.


1648.  Lambe V. Maltby.  The answer of Margaret Maltby, relict of Martin Maltby, dec., deft., to complaint of Thomas Lambe, Ric. Lyme and Elizabeth, his wife.  Abraham Lambe held land in Stillington holden from Merton Callege, Oxford.  (Chancery Proceedings before 1714, H. 218-17.)


Note. – Sir Nicholas Malby’s w. was Thomasine Lamb of Leeds, York.


1649.  Final agreement made in the Court of our Lord the King, at Westminster, between John Story, plaintiff, and Hugh Maltby and Elizabeth, his wife, deforcients of a messuage, a garden, an orchard, 22 acres of land, 7 of meadow, 2 of pasture in Gotham, Notts.  Feet of Fines Hily, 1649.


1650.  24 Sept.  Administration of the goods of Thomas Maltby of Gt. Chilton in Merrington, Durham to Anne, the relict.  P.C.C., 146.


1653.  Robert Maltbie, son of John Maltbie, bapt.  (York Par. Reg. Soc.)


1651.  Committee for Compounding William Maltby, 4 July, 1651. Begs to compound, not being requestered for going into the King’s army in his minority.  Has only wearing apparel, value £6, 25 Feb. (or July).  Fine at 1/6 - £1.  (Vide Printed State Papers.)


1654.  Litters and Papers relating to the Navy.  Aug. 1654.  Letter from Comrs. For Sick and Wounded to the Admiralty.  In favor of John Maltby, surgeon of Hull, for payment of sums due for his charge of the sick and wounded there in 1655 (e?), (Vide, Printed State Papers.)


1651.  Abstract of Nuncupative Will of Thomas Malbye, 8 June 1651.  Wife and child, Sarah £58 a year out of the Manor of Chakewell; Margaret, dau. of my sister, Mary Frewin, two wodds, Copyhold called Stubrids and the great Fusser Field to be sold and divided amongst my three sister, except my eldest sister.  (Proved in P.C.C., 14 Oct., 1651, by Sarah Baker, otherwise Malbye, the relict.  192, Grey.)


N, B. – A friend who is a barrister informs me that soldiers, sailors, etc., when dying were allowed to make verbal wills in the presence of witnesses which were legal.  The above is such a will.


1654.  18 Nov. Commission issued to Christopher Maultby, uncle and curator of Christopher and Dorcas Maultby, children of Thomas Maultby, late of Miningsey, Co. Lincoln, widower.  (P.C.C. 221)


1657-8.  Abstract of the Will of Richard Maltby of Kexby, dated 2 Feby., 1657-8.  Burial at Upton.  Eldest daughter Elizabeth, under 21.  Son Richard Maltby at 21, house in occupation the John Lamin.  Daughters Ann and Mary at 21, Brother Robert Maltby’s four children.  Wife Mary.  (P.C.C. 30 July 1658, by Maultby the relict and exex. 512 Wotten.)


1658.  Robert Maltby of Bawtry, Yorks, admitted to Greys Inn, London, 1658.  (Query: Is this Robert Maltby of Bawtry, will make 1660, proved 1663, or is it his son Robert?)


1659.  John Mabley and Anne Lake (?) m. 1659 (p. 101) Old Yorkshire.


1659.  Final agreement made in the Court of our Lord the King at Westminster between William Wood Clerk, purchaser, and John Maultby, gent., Anne Aubynne, widow, vendor of one messuage, 2 cottages, 20 acres of land, 40 of meadow, 80 of pasture in Billinghay, alias Billinghey and North Kynne, Co. Lincoln.  Feet of Fines Trinity, 1659.


1659.  Between William Maltby, William Bingley, John Bingley, purchaseors and John Maltby and Bridgett, his wife: Thomas Barker and Mary, his wife; George Cartwright and Elizabeth, his wife; vendors of 3 messuages, etc., in Littleburrow and Sturton.  Notes of Fines, Notts, Easter, 1659.


Note. – The above I take to be William Maltby, bapt. 20 Dec., 1605, whose father, Richard, Will 1618, left him lands, etc., in Stourton next Stow.  He had a brother John, bapt. 1604; a sister Anne, bapt. 1611 (perhaps the wid. Anne Aubynne above); Mary, bapt. 1612. (wife of Thomas Barker ?), and a sister Elizabeth, bapt. 1613 (w. of George Cartwright ?).


1659.  Maultby V. Humberston.  Orator John Maultby of Sturton in Stowe, Co. Lincoln, gent.  Action about right of common.  Deft. Robert Humberston.  Chanc. Proc. Bef. 1714.  Mit 518-67.


1659.  Abstract of Will of Christopher Maultby of Gosberkirke, Co., Lincoln, husbandman, dated 13 May, 1658.  Son-in-law Henry Jefferye, son-in-law Edward Jeffery, son-in-law Thomas Jefferye, daughter-in-law Mary Jefferye, Uncle William Maltby, Aunt Jefferye of Long Sutton, Kinsman Francis Hiss.  To my brother William Maultby (if he be living).  Tho. Jefferye of Long Sutton and Robert Hill of Gosberkirke.  (P.C.C., 26 July, 1659.)


1660.  Final agreement between John Booth and Thomas Dickenson, purchaseors, and Thomas Maultby and Eliz., his wife; Thomas Clayton and Sara, his wife; Robert Thornton and Elizabeth, his sife, vendors of land in Billinghey and North Kynne, Co. Lincoln.  Feet of Fines Hily, 12-13, Car. II., 1660.


1660.  From St. Peter’s Church: “Hugh Maultby of Hoveringham, Motts, and Mary Bibson of Cossall, Notts. (license) 1 25 Feby., 1660.”


1660.  Final agreement made between John Smyth, purchaseor, and John Hallifax, clerk; Elizabeth, his wife; William Mason, Margaret, his wife; Robert Farmery and Mary, his wife; Robert Farmery and Mary, his wife, and Sarah Maultby, widow, vendors of third part of a messuage, a barn, a stable, a garden, an orchard, 60 acres of land, 23 of meadow, 20 of pasture and pasture for 17 animals in Humberston, Co. Lincoln.  Feet of Fines Hily, 12 and 13, Car. II., 1660.  (See Will of Richard Maltby, Will 1638.)


1660.  Abstract of the Will of Richard Maltby of Hommonby, Co. York, weaver, dated 6 Sept., 1658.  Sons Richard, Rhomas, Christopher, Robert, Mathew; daughter Eliz., now wife of Wm. Atkinson.  John Mawger of Flambrough.  Wife Ann, son John.  Codicil, son-in-law, Robert Blackwell.  P. C. Y., 1660-1, 43-455.  (See Will of Thomas Maltby, 1666-7.)


1660.  Abstract of the Will of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, dated 10 Nov., 1660.  Eldest son, William Maltby, land I had with his mother in Clarebrough William Maltby, land I had with his mother in Clarchrough William Morhouse and house in E., Retford.  (This William d.s.i.  See Will 1665.)  Second son, Robert Maltby, the house I now live in, land called Catts.  Bethey Moore, land at Springthorp in Lincolnshire and to be exor.  (This is the Robert Maltby who sold and mortgaged land about 1670, and who is presumed to be the Robert Maltby, Senior, who was in New Haven in 1671, and “being to return to England”; he was cousin to Robert Maltby, b. 1648, at East Retford, who is presumed to have been the “Robert Maltby, Junior.” With him, “strangers” in New Haven.)  Son, Hohn Maltby, under 21, £200. (Bapt. at E. Retford, 2 Aug., 1642, John, son of Robert Maultbie.)  Cosin John Chattor.  (His sister Hellen (or Ellen) m. John Chatterton.  He probably refers to a nephew, John Chatterton.)  Fourth son, Daniel Maltby, the Crowne.  (He was born in 1650, as we learn later, where he is called “aged 17” in 1667.)  Daughter, Barbara Maltbie, £200.  (She was born in 1648 as she is called “age 18” in 1668, when she married Richard Thwaytes, gent.)  Nephew John Chattor, 20/--.  Cousin Ratchell Williamson, 10/--.  Sister Mary Long, £5.  Newpews, Ro Maltbie, £5; John Maltby.  (Supposed to be the emigrants to New England.)  Cosins John Chatterton and Robert Hindmarsh to be supervisors.  Wife Ann £100.  Tho. Swallow +, Anne Watton +, P.C.Y., 1663-5, 46-66.


1660.  Raw V. Maultby,  1 June, 1660.  Orators Thomas Raw of Willoughton, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, and Richard Raw, his brother, of Aiseby.  That Anne Maltby, late of Willoughton, wid., dec., had a personal estate worth £60 and died in 1657 and admon, was granted to your Orators, they being nephews and next of kinn.  One William Maltby of Willoughton, has combined with Henry Pridden and forceably put your Orators out of possession, pretending a will, when in truth she made none.  Deft. William Maltby.  (Chancery Proceedings before 1714, R. 22-139.  See Will of Thomas Maultbie, 1645.)


1662.  Buried at Orstor, Thomas, son of John, 27 Oct.


1662-65.  The Genealogist, Vol. 10, 1894, p. 164: “Thomas Tancred, Esq., of Broughbridge, a Bart. By Charles II., 1662, buried at Aldborough, 19 Aug., 1663; m. Frances, dau. and co-heir of Christopher Maltby, Esq. of Cottingham.  She was buried at Aldborough, 27 April, 1655 or 1665 (?).  Children: Sir William Tancred and Catherine Tancred.”  (See Pedigree No. II.)


1662.  Maltby V. Andrews.  2 Nov., 1662.  Orator John Maltby of Wiborton, Co. Lincoln, yeoman.  Two years since your Orator sold 3 acres of land in Boston to Robert Andrews.  Orator’s wife not of age till Michaelmas next.  Relief from a bond.  (Chanc. Proc. Before 1714. C. 160)


1663.  This is the final agreement made between William Wood, clerk, John Booth and Robert Andrews, purchaseors, and John Maltby, gent., and Mary, his wife; vendors of 2 messuages, 2 cottages, 20 acres of land, 40 acres of pasture, 87 acres of pasture and common of pasture for all animals in Billinghay, alias Billinghey, Northkune,  Boston and Kerton in Holland.  Feet of Fines, 15 Car. 11., 1663, Mic. Lincoln.  (For futher record see 1668.)


1662.  Final agreement between Peter Booth, John Langfitt, purchaseors, and Sir George Savile, bart., and Dorothy, his wife; Robert Farmery and Mary, his wife; Cecilia Cherbury, widdow; William Mason, gent., and John Maultby, vendors of a messuage, 2 cottages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, etc., in East Retford, Co. Notts.  Feet of Fines, 14-15. Car. II., 1662.


Note. – The above are evidently descendants of Richard Maltby, Will proved 1638.  Dorothy, w. of Sir George Savile is evidently a dau. of Elizabeth Maltby Hallifax or of her brother, William Maltby.  Sarah Maltby m. William Parke and had a dau. Sicely, who is evidently the wid., Cecilia Cherbury.  Margaret Maltby m. William Mason, gent., and Mary Maltby m. Robert Rarmary.  The John Maltby is evidently John, the son of Richard’s brother John, or in other words, the John we believe emigrated to New England.  His father having died, he evidently was co-heir with his cousins.


The following agreement has previously been mentioned and it is believed to be the sale which furnished the funds for John Maltby to start life in the New World.


1662.  Final agreement between John Darell, gent.; John Ward and Elizabeth, his wife; Richard Oter, Anne, his wife, purchaseors, William Carr and Dorothy, his wife; John Maltby, George Holmes, Mary, his wife, Rebert Maltby, Robert White and Johne, his wife, vendors of two messuages, two gardens, 25 acres of land, 6 of meadow, 2 of pasture and common of pasture with appurts, in East Retford, West Retford and Babworth in Co. Notts.  Feet of Fines Trinity, 14 Car. II., 1662.


Note. – The Dorothy Carr I fail to place.  John Maltby is evidently the son of John, Will proved 1647-8, and when he became of age the property in Briggate was to be sold and he was to receive £100 and his brother Robert was to have the residue.  Consequently John Maltby was evidently b. in 1640-41.  Mary Holmes I take to be his widowed mother, who m. George Holmes and Johne (Joan) White may have been his sister Jane.


1665.  John Mabley, son of Luke, buried at St. Michael, Cornhill, Sept. 17, 1665 (p. 225) Old Yorkshire.


1664.  Indenture made 25 April, 16 Car. II., 1664, betweene Owfeld als Oldfeld of Elsham, Co. Lincoln, Seq., of first part.  William Maltby of London, haberdasher of hats, executor of John Julian of St. Dunstons in West of the second part and Jonathain Boole, Vicar of Elsham, Edward Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, Junior, William Mumby, Francis Holmes, Alexander Holmes, John Markham, George Brooke, and Robert Hudson, all inhabitants of Elsham.  Trust deed for apprenticeships and bread for the parish of Elsham with money left by John Julian.  (Close Roll, 4172).


1665.  Abstract of Will of Sarah Maltby of Springthorpe, Co. Lincoln, widow, dated 6 Jany., 1664.  (Widow of Richard, Will proved 1638.)  Daughter Margaret Mason, Daughter Elizabeth Hallifax’s children.  Daughter Mary Farmary’s children, which I paid for Robert Farmary, her husband, to one John Atkinson of E. Retford.  Sarah, daughter of Robert Farmary.  Son-in-law, William Parke, dec., Sicely, his daughter.  Nephew Richard Hornby of Springthorpe.  Thomas, son of William Hornby.  Richard, son of Richard Hornby.  Margaret and Elizabeth, sisters of said Richard.  Servant, Anthony Smith.  Richard Tyler, Brother John Hornby.  Son-in-law John Hallifax to be exor.  Robert Spicer, Thomas Robinson, William Parks, Witnesses.  Proved in Arch of Stow, 17 April, 1665, 237.


Note. – For some reason unknown William cut his two eldest brothers off with a very small share of his estate.  It would appear that his mother was Anne Stoakham from his Will.


1666.  14 Nov.  Administration of the goods of William Maltby of S. Dunstan’s in West London, to Elizabeth, the relict.  (Query: Is this a connection with Sir George Maltby, will proved 1639? See Irish records.)


1667.  10 Dec.  Administration of Cuthbert Maultby of All Hallowes, Lombard St., London, to Elizabeth, the relict.  P.C.C.


1667.  Maltby V. Marshall.  18 May, 1667.  Orator Daniel Maltby of Doncaster, Co. York, aged 17, by his guardian, Richard Thwaites, of Arnthorp.  Messuage called the Crown in Bawtry.  Orator’s father was Robert Maltby.  Title.  Defts.  Rowland Cottan, John Noble, Benjamin Marshall.  (Chane, Proc. Before 1714, Ham 489.


1666.  York Marriage Licenses.  Ric. Thwaytes,* gent., als Clarworth or Tickhill of Armthorpe and Barba Maltby, aged 18, of Bawtry, spinster, 1666.


* It was Isabel Thwaites whom William Rairfax of Steeton carried off from the clutches of the Abbess of Nun Appleton.  Isabel Thwaites was a great heiress and Mother Church intended her for its own, but Will Fairfax managed to get her out of the church where she  was confined and they were married at Bolton Percy “and there was scarce any end of the riches this stolen bride showered upon the happy thief.”  The Abbess lived to see the Dissolution and her nunnery was granted to none other than the son of William and Isabel Thwaites Fairfax..


Note. – It will be seen that the guardian of Daniel Maltby was his brother-in-law, husband of his sister Barbara.  Benjamin Marshall is perhaps the “Capt. Benjamin Marshall of Doncaster: mentioned in the Will of William Maltby, 1665, older brother of Daniel of Doncaster.


1668.  Cannon V. Maltby.  22May, 1668.  Orator Richard Cannon of S. Clement Dnes, Middlesex, merchant taylor. Leonard Pettie of Luppitt, Devon, owed your Orator money.  Nathaniel Burroughs of Bevey Tracey, Devon, and Wm. Maltby of Sherborne,  Dorset,  Innkeeper, have combined to defraude your Orator and are made defts.  (Chancery Proceedings before 1714, C. 46-55.)


1669.  Orston Record:  Peter Maltby, son of Widdow Maltby, buried 24 Nov., 1669.


1669.  John Maltby, buried the (sic) 13 Jan.


1669  Maltby V. Potterell.  5 May, 1669.  Answer of Ralph Potterell to complaint of Elizabeth Maultby, widow.  That the compt. Is relict and administratrix of William Maultby, Citizen and Haberdasher, of London.  Money matters.  (Chanc. Proc. Before 1714, C. 183.)


1669.  Maultby V. Phillipps, 28 Apl., 1669.  Oratrix Elizabeth Maultby of S. Olaves, Southwark, wid., relict and administratrix of William Maltby, Citizen and Haberdasher, of London.  William in his lifetime four years ago, became bound for Tho. Phillipps and Tho. Sturges.  Reliefe from the bond being put in suit.  (Chanc. Proceedings, Bridges before 1714, 54-82.


1668.  Abstract of Will of John Maltby of Kingston upon Hull, yeo., 11 Sept., 1668.  Wife Anne a cottage in Awbrough in Holderness.  Son Stephen, second son John, third son Joseph, daughter Susanna, daughter Mary.  (10 May 1671,  Proved in P. C. Y., 52-144.)  See Wills 1679-80 and 1680-81.


1666.  Abstract of Will of Thomas Maltby of Hummanby, York, batchelor, dated 21 Aug. 1666.  Brothers John, Richard, Mathew.  Sister Eliz. Atkinson, her children 5/-- each.  Brother Christopher’s child.  Brother-in-law Robert Blackwell.  (P.C.Y., 1666-7, 48-250.)


1668.  Final agreement between Helen Webberly and John Maultby and Mary, his wife, Robert Andrew and Elizabeth, his wife, messuage and land in Weberton.  (Feet of Fines, 20 Car. II., 1668, Mic. Lincoln.)


1669. Final agreement made between Thomas Wilson, gent., and John Maltby and Thomas Maltby, vendors of 2 messuages, a barn, a stable, a garden, an orchard, 6 acres of land, 52 acres of pasture common of turbary and pasture in Northkyne.  (Feet of Fines, 21 Car. II., 1669, Trinity, Lincoln.)


1670.  Married at Orston.  Ann Maltbie and Thomas Wright, by vicar of Orston in Elton Church, July 6, 1670.


1670-71.  Final Agreement between Josuam Maltby and Joseph Claxton, vendor of a messuage with appurts, in Boston.  (Feet of Fines, Lincoln Hil, 22-23 Car. II., Lincoln.)


1670.  Final agreement between Richard Willan, gent., purchaseor, and John Willie, gent., and Rebecca, his wife, and Rebecca Maltby, widow, vendors of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 10 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 20 acres of pasture in Littlebrough and Sturton, Co. Notts.  (Feet of fines, 22 Car. II., 1670 E. Notts.)


1671.  Cotton V. Maltby, 13 Feby., 1657-8.  Orator Rowland Cotton of Crake Marsh, Co. Stafford, Esq., son and heir of Wm. Cotton and Ann Cotton.  Orator’s mother, Ann, was seised of the Crowne Inn in Bawtry, Co. York, and worth £50 per ann.  In 1642, your Orator was in ward of the Court of Wards and a fine was set at £450 and £40 rent.  By assignments the Crowne became vested in Tobert Maltby, who is since dead and the messuage has come to Daniel Maltby, an infant son and heir of said Robert, who with Richard Thwaits, gent., have threatened to eject your Orator.  Object of suit equity of redemption of the Crowne.*  Defts.  Daniel Maltby, Richard Thwaites and John Noble.  The answer of Daniel Maultby is that it was an absolute purchase, as it appears by deed dated 30 Oct., 1654.  This deft. Is now 21 years of age, but is willing to reconvey the messuage if paid for it.  (Chancry Proceedings before 1714, C. 201.)


1670.  Diglyn V. Maltby.  Easter 22, Car. II., Orator Ezekiel Diglny of Orston, Co. Notts, Clerk, Parson of Orston.  William Maltby, the elder, of Orston has not paid his tithes for eight years last past. . says your Orator does nothing for him.  Object: to recover £4, the value of the tithes.  (Excheq. Proceedings, Notts, Car. II., Notts.)


Note. – This is probably William Maltby of Orston, father of William Maltby, b. 1641, who m. Jane Brough.


1671.  Abstract of Nuncupative Will of Elizabeth Maltby, dated 9 Jany., 1670-1.  Daughter Martha leases in Fleet Street and King Street.  My sister Hales.  Nephew Josiah Wadsworth, Jonathon and Thomas Reeves.  Bother Thomas Wadsworth.  Uncle Wadsworth.  She cosen Hammond.  Cosens Duffil, Manning, Manning, Hales, 17 Jan., 1670-1, Administration with will to John Parker, the curator of Martha Maltby, the residuary legatee, a minor.  (6 Duke.)


Note. – Elizabeth Maltby was evidently born a Wadsworth.


1671.  Abstract of Will of William Maltby of Broxholm, Co. Lincoln, Farmer, dated 29 Sept. 1671.  Son John, son William, son Richard, daughters Ann, Mary.  Brother Robert Maltby’s children.  Brother Nicholas’ child.  Wife Mary.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 3 Nov. 1671, 70.)


1672.  Abstract of the Will of Richard Beare of Bautrey, Co. York.  To my daughter, Mary Boare, a house in Bautrey, wherein one Elizabeth Carbonell now dwelleth, lately purchased of Robert Maultby and John Phillips.  Dated 6 August, 1672.  (Proved in P.C.Y., 18 Sept. 1672, 53-262.)


Note. – From this item we find that Robert Maultby of Bawtry sold a house in Bawtry to Richard Beare a short time before 6 August 1672.  It was probably in order to have ready money for his voyage to New England that he sold this house.  See under American notes where Robert Maltby, Senior, was a “stranger in New Haven,” Dec. 29, 1671.


1672-3.  Abstract of Will of Hammon Maltbie of Thonnocke, Co. Lincoln, batchelor, dated 15 March, 1671-2.  Brother William’s son William.  Brothers Thomas, John, Mathew.  Sister Mary Labley. House in Bishops Norton (Proved in Archdeacony Stow, 6 March, 1672, 123.)


1672.  Final agreement between John Flamsteed, senior, gent., and Stephen Flamsteed, gent., purchaseors, and Sir John Shore, Kt., Hugh Maultby, Mary, his wife, vendors of three messauges, three gardens, three orchards, 60 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture in Chilwell, Attenborow and Cassall, Co. Notts.  (Feet of Fines, 24 Car. II., 1672, Trinity.)


1673.  Abstract of Will of Henry Maltby of Hummanby.  Dated 2 April, 1673.  Daughters Elizabeth, Ellin, Jane, Grace.  Close called Dammes.  Son Richard.  Wife Katherine,  (P.C.Y., 1675, 56-67.)


1674.  15 Aug.  Administration of William Maltby of Sherborne, Dorset, to Grace, the relict.  (P.C.C.)


1672-3.  Maltby V. Maltby.  17 Feby., 1672-3.  Orator Daniel Maltby of Doncaster, Co. York, gent.  Robert Maltby of Bawtry borrowed £50 from Robert Langley of Bawtry and for security mortgaged three messuages in Bawtry.  Langley conveyed his interest in the mortgage to your Orator.  Robert Maltby has failed to pay the principal and interest.  To recover money and discovery of a deed of agreement.  Defts, Robert Maultbie, Cornelius Clark, Wm. Simpson and Eliz. Partridge.  (Chanc. Proc. Before 1714, C. 542-206.)


Note: -- This also bears out the supposition that to raise money to go to New England, Robert Maltbie mortgaged his three messuages in Bawtry.  See American notes, where he mentions “ye wrong sustained in coming from England,” etc.


1673.  Maltby V. Alured.  15 June, 1673.  Oratix Sarah Maltby, spinster, ye only daughter now living of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, Co. York, by the said Robert, her father and guardian.  Anne Maltby of Bawtry, ye elder, (her grandmother) was, during her widowhood, seized of a good estate.  To recover rents.  Ann Maltby, the younger, dec. sister to your Oratrix.  The answers of Mary Coulson, Richard Wayne (or Waynd) and Dorothy, his wife, defts, to bill of Sarah Maltby, an infant, by Robert Maltby, her guardian.  Robert Coulston of Cottingham was agent for Ann Maltby, the elder, as collector of rents.  Ann directed that any money that should remain more than herselfe should receive should receive should go to the children of one Robert Maltby, which they believe were Ann, who is since dec. and Sarah, the now complt.  Ready to perform the trusts.  The answer of John Alured, a defendant.  Anne Maltby died intestate, Oct. 19, Cor. II., (1667-8) and admon, was granted to this deft. As next of kin by the P.C.Y.  Estate of Ann Maltby.  (Chane. Proc. before 1714. C. 63.)


Note. – It would seem that Ann, w. of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, will proved 1663-5, was an Alured or possibly John Alured was a sister’s son.  If she were an Alured, then William Maltby, Will 1666-7, was probably the son by a first wife (perhaps Barbara) Stoakham.  It also would seem that Robert Maltby, returning to England and needing funds, tried to collect rents from the estate left his infant daughter by her grandmother.  The fact that this Robert of Bawtry was slighted in his brother’s will and that he seems to have been in more or less legal difficulties, rather points to the fact that he was persona non grata with his relatives.


1675.  Abstract of Will of William Maltby of Speeton, Co. York, yeoman, dated 15 May, 1675.  Grandchild Katherine Johnson, my house in Bridlington, remainded to her sister, Elizabeth Johnson.  Son-in-law John Hodgsen.  Grandchildren Benjamin Johnson and George Hodgson.  Eme Maltby, wife of John Lumbard.  Brother Robert Maltby’s children, living at Flamboro.  Brother Rovert Norram’s two daughters.  Son Richard Hardye’s children.  Son Thomas Vickerman’s children.  Son-in-law John Vickerman of Bridlington.  Grandchild Tho. Preston.  (Proved in P.C.Y., 1675, 56-198.)


1678-9.  Marriage Licenses,  London:  Jan. 27, John Ayent (Ayest ?) of St. Magnus, London, Widr. about 35; and Martha Maltby of St. Olaves, Southwark, spinster, 21 or upward, at her own disposal, at St. Thomas in Southwark, or (Blank).


Note. – This I take to be Martha, dau. of Elizabeth Maltby, Will 1670-1, and that Elizabeth Maltby, who made the Will is the wid. Elizabeth, of S. Olaves, Southwark, relict of William Maltby, haberdasher, of London.


1679.  John Maltbie was buried 8 May, 1679 (Yorkshire Parish Reg. Society, Burton-Fleming, 1538-1812).


1679.  Abstract of Will of John Maltby of Kexbie, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, dated 4 Oct., 1679.  Burial at Upton.  Wife Elizabeth, a house and one close called Cooper’s Close, an oxgang purchased of William Lambe and £70.  Brother Robert and his children.  Brother Nicholas and his daughter Sarah.  Grandchildren Richard Maltby, Cooper’s Close after my wife.  Grandchild Elizabeth Maltby.  William Darbie’s children of Apley.  (His sister Elizabeth m. Wm. Derby.)  Thomas Johnson of Bransby.  John Johnson, dec.  Thomas Johnson’s children of Bransby.  William and John Leary.  (Stepchildren, see will 1684.)  (Proved in Arch Stow, 19 Dec., 1679, 21 and 24.


From the Upton Parish Register: John Maltby, m. 23 Jany., 1633-34, Prudence Johnson.  She evidently died and he married again, Elizabeth, wid. of a Mr. Leary.  See her will, 1684.


1679-8.  Abstract of Will of William Maltby of Kingston, upon Hull, Marriner, dated 1 Feb., 1679-8.  Dorothy Maltby, daughter of my eldest brother James Maltby.  Stephen, John, Joseph, Susanna and Mary, sons and daughters of my second brother, John Maltby.  Wife Judith.  (P.C.Y., 1680, 58-2411.)  See Robert Maltby, Will 1680-81.


1679-80.  Abstract of Will of William Maltbie of Broxholme, Co. Lincoln, farmer, 1 March, 1679.  Daughters Ann, Elizabeth.  Mercy Remention, Ann Fanna.  My sisters and brother, Ann, Mary and Richard Maltby.  Wife Ann.


1680-1.  Abstract of Will of Robert Maltby of Flamborough, Co. York, husbandman.  Son-in-law John Meeke.  Grandchild Ann Meeke.  Son Robert, son Stephen, daughter Ann.  Dorothy Norham of Bempton and Isabell, her sister.  Son Robert and wife to be exors.  (Proved in P.C.Y., 18 Jany., 1680-1, 59-41.)


Note. – Probably a brother of William Maltby, Will 1679-80.


1679.  Abstract of Will of Mary Maultby of Normanby, in Stowe, Co. Lincoln, widow, ult. Dec., 1674.  Grandchildren William Clarke, Mary Maultby, daughter of Richard of Ingham.  Ann and Thomas, son daughter of John Tompson of Willingham.  Richard, son of my son John Maltby.  Sons Richard and John.  (Proved in Archdeacony Stow, 9 Jany. 1679-80, by exors.)  Maultby V. Humberston.  Orator John Maultby of Sturton in Stowe, Co. Lincoln, gent.  Action about right of common.  Deft.  Robert Humberston.  (Chance. Proc. Before 1714, Mit, 518-67.


1682.  William Maltby of Orston, Notts, married Jane Brough of Shelton, Oct. 31, 1682.


1684.  Abstract of Will of Elizabeth Maultby of Upton, Co. Lincoln, widdower, 20 April 1684.  Youngest son, John Leary.  Eldest son, William Leary.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 13 June, 1684, 40.)


1685.  Abstract of Will of Judith Maultby of Grayingham, Co. Lincoln, widdower, 4 April, 1685.  Sister Jane Newill, a cottage.  Mother Margaret Newill.  Sister Anne Tompkinson.  Ann Tompkinson, daughter of John.  John Tompkinson, son of John, my nephew.  Sister Mary Smith.  Thomas Smith, Junior.  Sister Sarah Crane.  Sister Margaret Newill.  Joseph Tompkinson.  Poor of Ingham.  (Proved in Archy of Stow, 10 April, 1685.)


1686.  Abstract of Will of John Maultby of Kingston upon Hull, Co. York, mariner, dated 27 Oct., 1685.  Mentions only friends in London.  (P.C.C., 1 Nov., 1686, by John Bateman.  151 Lloyd.)


1686.  Allegations for Marriage Licenses Issued by the Commissary Court of Surrey.  Transcribed by Alfred Ridley Bax, F.S.A.


Note. – The two items from the above work were kindly furnished by the transcriber.


1686.  8th October.  William Mawbey of St. Martin in the fields, bachelor, 24 (hence born 1662) and Martha Farmer of St. Michael, Wood Street, London, single woman, 21 (to be married) at St. Saviours, Southwark.  With the consent of Richard Farmer, her father.


1689-90.  “Richard Rogers of St. Sepulchre, Lond., bach., 22, and Mary Mallaber of same, spinster, 18, consent of her parents attested by Richard Mallaber – at St. Sep., 3 Jan., 1689-90.  B.


1689.  Maltby V. Slater, 30 June, 1689.  Orators William Maltby and Jane, his wife, ye daughter of Compton, lately dec., by Elizabeth, his wife, who afterwards married one Maltby, yeoman, since also dec. and now the widow of Samuel Slater.  (Chance. Proc. Before 1714, B. 88, 65-64; Chance Proc. Before 174, Whit., 344; Chance. Proc. before Mit., 547-105.)


1690-1.  Feby. 26.  Coker V. Maltby.  Orator William Coker of Beamister, Dorset, gent., son and heir of Edward Coker of Sherborne, dec., who died 1670.  Estate of Edward Coker.  One Grace Maltby of Sherborne, relict of Wm. Maltby of Sherborne, was guardian to your Orator.  Deft. Grace Maltby.  See 1674.  (Chancery Proceedings before 1714, C. 315.)


1690-1.  Abstract of Will or Wm. Maultby of Sutton upon Trent, Co. Notts, farmer, dated 8 Feby., 1690-1.  Brother George Maultby.  Brother’s children, Mary and Elizabeth.  Wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary Maultby.  Bond dated 1 Dec., 1702.  Inventory £126:5:0.  Filed will.


1691.  MaltbyV. Royston.  2 Dec., 1691.  Orator William Maltby of ------, Co. Lincoln, gent., exor. of John Maltby, his father, Money matters.  (Chanc. Proc. before 1714, C. 544-44.)


1693.  Abstract of Will of William Maultby of Martin in Timberland, Co. Lincoln, weaver, dated 18 Jany., 1693-4.  Son George, daughters Mary, Elizabeth, son William.  Wife Elizabeth.  (Proved in Cons. Of Lincoln, 30 Jany., 1693-4. folio 83.)


1695.  Faith Maltbee, wid., d. 1695 (Old York).


1695.  Maltby V. Royston.  Orator William Maltby of Stow, exor. of his father, John Maltby.  Deft. John Royston.  Money matters.  Chancery Proceedings before 1714, Whit. 353.


1696.  Maltby V. Polland.  Orators William Maltby of Crowland, Co. Lincoln, yeoman, and Susanna, his wife, late widow and exex. of William Turlington, etc.  Dispute as to right of common.  (Chance. Proc. before 1714, C. 544-40.)


1697.  America and West Indies, p. 326, Vol. X.:  “On Governor Fletcher’s arrival Malby applied to him for pay to discharge his debts contracted in the service, while Governor Fletcher refusing, Malby was obliged to leave the country secretly without satisfying his creditors.”  Board of Trade, New York, Jan. 26, 1697.


Answer (p. 331):  “If anything be due Sergeant Malby it is from her (Bradshaw’s widow) but Malby did not leave the country, as Mr. Shanke alleges, for he served a considerable time in the country’s pay after Governor Fletcher’s arrival.”


Note. – It would be of considerable interest and great value if it could be ascertained just who was this Malby, serving in the army or navy in 1697.  Could it have been the emigrant, Robert Maltbye, brother of John and William?


1697-8.  Abstract of Will of John Maultby of Broxholme, Co. Lincoln, farmer, dated 7 March, 1697-8.  Son-in-law William Quip of Thorp in the Fallowes.  Wife Elizabeth.  Sister Mary Blakey.  Sister Anne Kilne.  Brother Richard Maltby.  (Proved in Arch Stow, 1697-8, by the exors.  146.)


1698.  “There was a Maltby, a freeholder of Newton, in 1698, in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire – the surname also occurs in the last Nottinghamshire.”


1698-9.  Abstract of Will of Joseph Maultby of S. Paul, Shadwell, Co. Middlesex, mariner, dated 2 Dec., 1695.  Mentions no relatives.  (Proved in P.C.C., 6 Feby., 1698-, by Wm. Westall.  27 Pett.)


1698-9.  Abstract of Will of Hugh Maultby of Hoveringham, Co. Notts, husbandman, dated 25 March, 199-1700.  Son William, my house.  Son Hugh Maultby.  Son Richard Maultby.  Son John Maultby.  Son James Maultby.  Daughter Mary.  Wife Mary to have the residue.  (P.C.Y., 1698-9, 63-302.)


Note. – This should be of interest to the Hoveringham Maltbys.  We find the same names still appearing in this branch of the family.  The following record from St. Peter’s Church evidently refers to the above Hugh and Mary, his wife: “Hugh Maultby of Hoveringham, Notts, and Mary Gibson of Cossall, Notts (license) 25 Feby., 1660.


1698.  Abstract of Will of Thomas Maltby of S. Paul, Shadwell, Co.  Middlesex, mariner, dated 28 March, 1698.  Thomas Maultby of Shadwell to be exor.  (Proved in P.C.C. 27 Feby., 1700-1.  25 Dyer.)


1700.  Maltby V. Jolland.  23 Jany., 1700.  Orator William Maltby of Sturton in Stow, Co. Lincoln, yeoman.  Former bill in 1699 against John Willie, etc.  Dispute about purchase of lands.  Orator’s father, John Maltby.  John Willie married your Orator’s aunt.  Defts. Joseph Willie, John Jolland and Rebecca, his wife, and Rebecca Willie.  (Chancery Proceedings before 1714, Whit. 257.  Further answer in this suit, Whit. 258.)  Amended in 1703-4.  Orator’s (William Maltby)grandmother was Rebecca Maltby.  Orator’s father, John Maltby, had a sister Rebecca Maltby, who married John Willie.  Joseph and Rebecca Willie are children of John and Rebecca Maltby Willie.  (Chanc.Proc. before 1714, C. 543-168.)


1701.  Maltby V. Hicks.  19 Dec. 1701.  Orator Richard Maltby of Righton, Co. Yorke, yeoman, and Dinah, his wife, late widow and administratrix of John Hewittson of Righton, etx.  (Chanc. Proc. before 1714, H. 611.)


1700.  Abstract of Will of Mercy Maltby of Grantham, Co. Lincoln, widow, dated 16 April, 1700.  Sons William and Henry.  Daughter Mercy Lambe.  (Proved in Cons. Of Lincoln, 24 April, 1700, folio 107.


1702.  Abstract of Will of Thomas Maltby of Shadwell, mariner, dated 22 Aug., 1702.  Wife Margaret.  (Proved in P.C.C., 26 June, 1710, 125 Smith.)


1704.  Abstract of Will of Richard Maltby of Ciam Cloas in Greasley, Co. Notts.  Sons John, William, Thomas.  Wife Rebecca.  Wife and Daniel Maltby to be exors.  Inventory, 8 Feby., 1703-4, £18:11:8.  Indorsed, 3 May, 1704.  Filed will at York.


1706.  Reg. St. Mary Le Bow.  William Maltby, emg. And Mary Westly (p. 38, London Marriage Licenses).


1710.  Married at Orston.  John Maltby and Anne Kirk, Feb. 4, 1710.


1711.  Abstract of Will of Mary Maltby of Reighton, York, widow, 26 Dec., 1711.  Son Richard, son William, son John.  (Proved in P.C.Y., 27 May, 1714, 68-61.)  See Maltby V. Hicks, 1701.


1714.  Orston.  William, son of John Maltby, bapt. April 25, 1716.


1716.  Orston.  Eliz., dau. of John Maltby, bapt. Oct. 15.


1717.  Orston.  Hugh, son of John Maltby, bapt. Feb. 14


1717.  Bloomfield’s Norfolk, Vol. IV., p. 501: “In North aisle of St. Saviour’s Hospital in Caselany, Norwich, is a monument to Anne, dau. of William and Jane Maultby of Orston, Notts, 1717, 29.”


Note. – This is Anne, dau. of William and Jane Brough Maltby.  She d. 25 Aug. 1717, and from the above note, evidently ae. 29, hence b. 1688.


1718.  At Orston.  William Maltby, gent., Sepult., Oct. ye 4th.


Note. – This is quite evidently William Maltby, who m. Jane Brough, though notes furnished by a descendant state that he died Nov. 1st, 1718.


1718-19.  Abstract of Will of William Maltby of Orston, Co. Notts, gent., dated 29 March, 1718.  Daughter Elizabeth Maltby, £200.  Sons and daughters, Wm. Maltby, Mary Parnham, George Maltby, Tho. Maltby, John Maltby and Charles Maltby 21/--. Wife Jane sole exex.  Ric. Holder, +; Tho. Cragg. +; Wm. Gaylby, +. (P.C.Y., 1718-19, 73-207.)


1719.  4 July.  Administration of the goods of William Maltby of St. Mary le Bow, London, to Mary, the relict.  (P.C.C., 116.)


1721.  Orston.  Anne Maltby, buried March ye 30.


1721.  Orston.  Catharin Maltby, sepult., 11 Nov.


1724.  Orston.  Hugh, son of John Maltby, bapt. Sept. 13.


1724.  Orston.  Mrs. Jane Maltby, sepult., Nov. 6.


Note. – This is Jane Brough, wid. of William Maltby.


1725.  George, son of John and Mary Maltby, bapt. June 15, Orston.


1725.  Orston.  Mary, dau. of Peter Maltby, bapt. Jan. 27.


1727.  Orston.  Stephen, son of Peter Mattby, bapt. Jan. 1.


1728.  Orston.  Anne, dau. of John Maltby, bapt. 30 of April.


1728.  Bloomfield’s Norfolk, Vol. III., p. 449: Thomas Maltby, Sheriff of Norwich, 1728.


Note. – This is evidently Thomas, son of William and Jane Brough Maltby.


1729.  Bloomfield’s Norfolk, Vol. IV., p. 404: In the nave of the Church of St. Edmund the King of Martyrs, Norwich, is a stone slab – Martha, wife of Charles Malteby, 1729-32 and two of their children.  Martha, their daughter 1725-2.


Note. – This is evidently the wife of Charles, son of William and Jane Brough Maltby.  She would have been born in 1697 and was probably about the same age as her husband.  The dau. Martha seems to have been born in 1723 and Charles Maltby probably m. about 1720.


1729.  Orston.  Hugh Maltby, son of John Maltby, sepult., Ap. 18.


1730.  Orston.  Hugh, son of John Maltby, bapt. Sept. 13.


1732.  Orston.  Mary, dau. of John Maltby, bapt. July 18.


1732.  Orston.  Hugh, son of Peter and Avis Maltby, bapt., Nov. 17.


1734.  Orston.  George, son of John Maltby, bapt., No. 21.


1734.  Orston.  Mary Maltby, sepult., Nov. 25.


1735.  Orston.  Catherine, dau. of Peter Maltby, sepult., Nov. 6.


1735.  19 June.  Maltby V. Fawcett.  Orators Thomas Maltby of Friday Street, London, Mercer and Thomas Newby of S. Johns Wapping, hatmaker.  Money matters.  (Chancery Proceeding, 1714-58, 1523.)


Note. – The year 1735 was as late as Mr. Fothergill searched for Maltby records; this date being twenty-five years after the death of William Maltby, emigrant to New England.


1736.  Orston.  John, son of Peter and Avice Maultby, bapt. July 18.


1736.  Orston.  William, son of John and Mary Maultby, bapt. Oct. 14.


Note. – From this name of the children of the above John and Mary Maltby it would seem probable that John was John, the son of William and Jane Brough Maltby.


1736.  John Maultby and Elizabeth Cook, m. Nov. 18, at Orston.


1737.  Bloomfield’s Norfolk, Vol. III., p. 450: Charles Maltby, Sheriff of Norwich in 1737.


Note. – This is evidently Charles, son of William and Jane Brough Maltby.


1738.  Orston.  Eliz., dau. of Peter and Avice Maultby, bapt. Aug. 11.


1739.  Orston.  Mary, dau. of John Maultby, buried June 3.


1740.  Orston.  Katharin, dau. of Peter and Avice Mautlby, bapt. Feb. 7.


1740.  Orston.  Katherine Maultby, infant, buried Feb. 17.


1742.  Orston.  Avis, the wife of Peter Maltby, was buried Oct. ye 5.


1745.  Orston.  Married, Elizabeth Maltby and George Oldershaw, July 1, 1745.


1746.  Orston.  William Maultby and Eliz. Hill, m. Aug. 4, 1746.


1744.  Dec. 29.  Buried, Elizabeth, dau. of Brough Maltby, linen-draper.


1746.  April 6.  Buried, Ann Maltby, a child.


1748.  May 17.  Buried, Affiah Maltby, sister to Mr. Maltby, linen-draper.


Note. – These three records from St. Mary, Woolworth Burials.


1746.  In 1746 a Charles Maltby was committed to York Castle for High Treason.


With the hope that some descendant, either in England or the States may be able to furnish some information concerning the following item we are publishing it in this book.  Anyone who can throw any light on this subject is earnestly requested to inform the compiler.

“The Hisory of Massachusetts, from the first settlement in 1628 to 1750 by Thomas Hutchinson, late Governor of Massachusetts, Boston, 1795,” page 357.

(In the year 1740.)  “At length it being known that Lord Euston’s election for Coventry was dubious, one of these gentlemen undertook to the Duke of Grafton to secure the election, provided Mr. Belcher might immediately be removed, and to accomplish his design he represented to Mr. Maltby, a large dealer in Coventry stuffs, and a zealous dissenter, that Mr. Belcher was with the Episcopal clergy, conspiring the ruin of the Congregational interest in New England, and unless he was immediately removed, it would be irrevocably lost; that the Duke of Grafton had promised if Lord Euston’s election could be secured it should be done; that letters to his friends in Coventry would infallibly secure it; that he could not better employ his interest that in the cause of God and religion.  Maltby swallowed the bait, used all his interest for Lord Euston; the two gentlement spent three weeks at Coventry, and having succeeded, agreeable to the Duke’s promis, Mr. Belcher was removed a day or two after their return.  This account I received from Mr. Maltby himself, who lamented that he had suffered himself to be so easily imposed on.”

From the syntax in would seem that the “Mr. Maltby” of whom Governor Hutchinson wrote, resided in the Colony and journeyed to England to labor for the interests of the Congregational Church in New England, and that he returned to New England, where he had an interview with Governor Hutchinson.  Who was this “Mr. Maltby?”  Was it Captain Samuel (2) Maltby?  The Genealogist can think of no other Maltby who would have been of the proper age and educationally fitted for such a mission.  If this was Samuel (2) Maltby, did he visit relatives in England at this time, and did he perhaps bring back that “coat-of-arms” which figures in the inventory of his estare some ten years later?

Could some reader look up the above mentioned reference?  Doubtless if we had more material copied we should have some clue to the identify of the “Mr. Maltby” mentioned.  Possibly ther are other references to the Maltbys in this book.  It is certainly worth investigating.


1746.  Orston.  William, son of William and Eliz. Maltby, bapt. Nov. 7.


1747.  Orston.  Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Maltby was buried March 30.


1747.  Orston.  Thomas, the son of Peter Maltby, was buried March 30.


Note. – The word “Illegit” is added to the above, but in this sense it only denotes that he was baptized by a dissenting minister.


1747.  John, son of Wm. And Eliz. Maltby, bapt. Jan. 5.


1747.  John, son of Wm. And Eliz. Maltby, buried Jan. 7.


1747.  Mary, the dau. of Peter Maltby, buried Feb. 13.


1748.  Mary, the dau. of John and Mary Maltby, bapt. May 30.


1748.  John, son of William and Eliz. Maltby, bapt. Oct. 29.


1748.  Peter Maltby, buried Jan. 27.


1748.  Stephen Maltby, a servant, buried Oct. 29.


1750.  George, the son of John and Mary Maltby, bapt. Oct. 14.


1753.  Ann Maltby and Thomas Weat, m. March 6, 1753.


The above records from Orston, Notts.


1757.  Orston.  William Maltby and Ellen Drvig, m. Dec. 15, 1757.


1762.  [1754-1774] British Officers serving in America:


                                                                        Date of

      Name.                                Rank.               Regt.                Commission.

      Mawby, John                     Lieut.                22                    13 Feb. 1762

      Mawby, John                     Lieut.                22                    1 Oct. 1762

      Mawby, Thomas                Ensin                22                    1 Oct. 1762

      Mawby, John                     Ensign              18                    23 Nov, 1768

      Mawby, ----                      Adjt.                18                    11 Feb. 1760

      Mawby, ----                      Lieut.                18                    19 July 1771

      Mawby, ----                      Capt.                18                    19 July 1771


N.B. – There is another list under Maltby, but not available for copying without too much delay.*


1763.  From Modern Eng. Biog., Boase, Vol. 2 I. 2:  Maltby, Mrs. Harriet, b. 1763; a friend of W. Wilberforce, W. Pitt. Hannah More and other celebrities; a large contributor of the Bath Charities.  Died Royal Crescent, Bath, Dec., 1852.  (See Orston Maltby Pedigree.)


* The list referred to contains these names:


                                                                        Date of

      Name.                                Rank.               Regt.                Commission.

      Maltby, John                      Lieut.                22                    1 Oct. 1762

      Maltby, Thomas                 Ensin                22                    1 Oct. 1762


(Reg N.E. Hist. and Gen. Reg. Vol. XLVIII., October, 1894, p. 424.)


1765.  From Allegations for Marriage licenses Issued by the Commissary Court of Surrey.  Transcribed by Alferd Ridley Bax, F.S.A.  16 June, 1765, John Mawbey of Lambeth, abode 4 weeks, gentleman, widower, and Ann Fielding of Lambert, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 21 (to be married) at Lambeth.  Sign of J. M.


1768.  Orston.  Mary Maltby and John Kirk, m. March 23, 1768.


1771.  Orston.  William Maltby and Sarah Taylor, m. June 4, 1771.


1777.  Orston.  Catherine Maltby, lie, and Thomas Marshall, Dec. 9, 1777.


1777.  Orston.  John Maltby and Sarah Pepper, w. Dc. 15, 1777.


1779.  Orston.  Ann Maltby and William, Beau, m. Apr. 27, 1779.


1783.  Orston.  John Maltby and Sarah Waun, Feb. 13, 1783.


1788.  Musgraves Obituary Records: Maltby, Thomas, Lakenham Grove, Norfolk, 16 March, 1788.  (E. M. 232, G. M. 277.)


1791.  (Same reference): Maltby, Thomas, of Court, Swithins Lane, 16 Feb., 1791. (E. M. 239, G. M. 190.)


1791.  Orston.  Thomas Maltby and Eliz. Breedon, lic., Jnly 2, 1791.


1795.  Maltby-Drake.  pp. 8, 73, 165, Vol. I., Glos.  Notes and Queries:  “Sir Frances Henry Drake, baronet of Buckland, Co. Devon, m. Ann Frances, dau. of Thomas Maltby, Esq., of St. Mary-le-bone, or Great Marylebone St., London, m. Nov. 3, 1795.


Note. – A letter from Lady Drake to the compiler, dated April, 1905, Nutwell Court, Lympstone, Devon, explains the history of the above person, who, although a Drake by blood, had no right to style himself “Sir Frances.”  Lady Drake’s sympathies seemed to be with the unfortunate Miss Maltby.


1800.  In Harwich churchyard: “Mr. Charles, 3rd son of Mr. George Maltby, late of Morwich, merchant, d. on the passage from Hamburg, 26 Oct., 1800, aged 33 (hence born 1767).


Note. – This is an older brother of Bishop Edward Maltby.  He m. Sarah Sweers at Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 17, 1796.


Cyrus Hamlin’s “My Life and Times,” p. 409: “I had a very interesting week in Berlin, with my nephew, William Maltby, professor elect of modern languages in Bowdoin College.”


Note. – A. B. Seymour writes: “This, I understand, was soon after the Crimean War,” (1854).


1804.  Orston.  William Maltby w. and Eliz. Bagnly (?) w., m. Feb. 20, 1804.


1809.  William Maltby, w., and Mary Taylor, w., April 4, 1809.


1814.  John Ince Maltby,  R. Shelton, Notts, 24 March, 1814.  P. C. Sibthorpe and Catham, Notts, 13 Apr., 1837.  (See Orston Maltby Pedigree.)


1837.  Henry Joseph Maltby, B. A.  Vicor Egglingham, Northumberland, 2 June, 1837.  (See Orston Maltby Pedigree.)


1872.  Orston.  Ann Maltby and John Green, 1872.


1871.  Charles Maltby, eldest son of Joseph of Ilkestone, Derbyshire, b. in 1848; m. in 1871, Eliza.  Long.  Address: DalbyHouse, Ilkestone, R.S.O., Derbyshire.


1878.  Thomas Maltby, C. T. E. 1878, Ordinary Companions.


1887.  Lt. Gen. Robert Mallaby, served in Afghan war in 1880.  T.S.C., Major General, 1887.


1813.  Harriet Maltby, dau. of Brough Maltby, Esq., of Skelton, Notts, m., 1813, George Nichols, Esq.  Poor Law Commission of London (Burke Landed Gentry, p. 932, Vol. II., 1846).


1879.  Emily Maltbyd. At Clifton near Bristol, Co. Gloster, 17 March, 1879, aged 73 (hence born 1806).  Vide Tombstone in churchyard of Redland Breen Church, near the Dwidham Downs.  Clifton, near Bristol.


1816.  “Barbadoes Mercury.”  Died. Richard Maltby, Esq., of Bridgetown, Barbadoes, within a few days of Sept. 14, 1816.  Mrs. Maltby, his w., d. the morning of March 23, 1813.


1800.  “West Indian Deeds on the Close Rolls, London, is one of Butler Claxton, by Thomas Maltby, Henrietta, his w., Nevis. 1800, 7. 13. 14. 15. 16.”


Note: -- This is evidently Thomas Maltby, b. 1752; who m. 1787, Henrietta Crichton.  He d. in 1830 and his w. d. 1837.  See Pedigree of Maltby of North Allerton, York.