Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Sixth Generation

Seth and Unknown (UNKNOWN) MALTBY

His Parents - Jehiel Merriman and Phebe (UNKNOWN) MALTBIE

Spouce Parents -

kid - daughter and daughter

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Data Base Output

CFG-BBB. Seth MALTBY, b. Nov. 12, 1795 (Jehiel M.5, Dan.4, Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). "Seth" is an unusual name in the MALTBY family. There were two Seth MALTBYs, 2nd cousins, contemporary. I have been unable to straighten out these two Seths.

Seth, b. 1795--His brother Allen settled in Chardon, Ohio.
               His brother Birdsey settled in Auburn, N.Y.
               His brother James mar. at Oswego, N.Y.

Mr. Ulric Z. MALTBY, Oswego, N.Y., wrote: "Seth MALTBIE lived here in 1870, he was then an old man and died some years later, and his daughters, I am told, moved away. He was a very fine old man, but I did not know his family."

In 1910 there was a Seth W. MALTBIE of Lordsburgh, New Mexico. The complication comes in by Jonathan (5) (1st cousin of Jehiel Merriman MALTBY (5)), of East Evans, N.Y., having a son, Seth, who is claimed to have died at Oswego, N.Y. This Seth was grandson of Zacheus (4).

James M. MALTBIE, another grandson of Zacheus, wrote: "A cousin of my father Daniel (6) was James MALTBY, and he had a brother, Seth Maltby who resided in Syracuse, and I think was a banker. He had two daughters. I think Seth MALTBIE of Syracuse removed to Oswego before he died." Information requested.

Mrs. Annie C. MALTBIE of Syracuse, N.Y., also wrote: "There was a family here years ago (Syracuse) whose acquaintance I wish we had cultivated then--Seth E. MALTBY. They were excellent people; had a daughter "Annie MALTBY" an elegant looking woman who married a rich batchelor named Yates and had two daughters."

Note. It seems evident she has made an error here. I think "Seth E." was really Stephen Elutherous MALTBY, brother of my great-grandfather. He was of Syracuse, N.Y., and his dau. Anna Eliza MALTBY m. May 5, 1853, Alonzo C. Yates.