Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fifth Generation

John and Lucy (COX) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Lydia (RITTER) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

Kids - Mills , Mary and Norman

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CFE-DG. John MALTBY, b. Oct. 22, 1778 (Lenox Rec.) (Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. in 1805-6- Lucy COX, dau. of William and Mary (Swaine) Cox, of the "Boston Tea Party," who died at Verona, N.Y. aged 56. William Cox was b. in Cambridge, Mass. in 1750, d. and buried in West Fairlee, Vt. Upon his tombstone is the inscription:

"He Helped Steep The Tea In The Atlantic."

He and his four brothers served in the Rev. War.

"He was one of the "Band of Indians" of the "Boston Tea Party" who on Dec. 16, 1773, dumped the Tea overboard in Boston Harbor."

"Gentleman--You are desired to meet at Liberty Tree" announced the Town Crier, during the Tea Tax crises of 1773.

"Under the branches of Liberty Tree; Boston's famous Tea Party was planned. There it was decided that patriots dressed as Indians should throw the British Tea into the Sea."

My notes are largely from the records of Arthur Norman Maltby. As nearly as I can see it, Lucy Cox was daughter of Daniel Cox, of Watertown, Mass., and his wife Susan ----. He gives this on p. 4 of his MS. and on p.6, calls her dau. of William Cox and Mary Swain. Mar. Nov. 29, 1779, at Cambridge, Mass. He has as reference for Lucy, dau. of Daniel and Susan Cox, Martha Stanley Humphreys, who was a professional genealogist. William Cox was s. of Capt. Matthew Cox and Elizabeth Russell.

(Abstract of obituary from "Northern Christian Advocate," Auburn, N.Y.

Jan. 29, 1845). "Died at Andover, Oneida Co., N.Y. on the morning of the 12th of November, 1844, Mrs. Lucy Maltby, wife of Mr. John Maltby in the 58th year of her age."

"More than thirty years ago our deceased sister gave her heart to God, and immediately connected herself with the M.E. Church, of which she continued a living member until her death.

She was naturally of a reserved and retiring turn of mind, and enjoyed herself best in the discharge of the unassuming and quiet duties which devolved upon her as a wife and mother, yet she was always attentive to the public and social means of grace and prompt in the discharge of duties which rested upon her as a member of the Church of Christ.

She was a friend of the poor and a consoler of the afflicted, always ready to visit the sick and sorrowing. In a word, she gave good evidence that she was a Christian. She died in the blissful assurance of the eternal rest in the kingdom of heaven, leaving be- hind her the best evidence in the world that "all is well" by a long and consistant Christian life."

                                 Signed: "S. G. Lathrop."


"John Maltby, died in Footville, Wisconsin, May 14, 1856, aged 79. He was born in Lenox, Mass., and removed to Vernon, N.Y., forty years since. About the same time he experienced the renewal of his heart by the Holy Spirit, and, it is believed. ever after both enjoyed and even exemplified the religion of Christ.

He was greatly endeared to the church in this place (Vernon) and when he removed to Footville, his farewell address was full of kind- ly admonitions and counsels, we all wept; for in his bending frame and broken voice we read the evidence that we should see his face no more, the world had few better men than father Maltby.

He died as he had lived happy in the prospect of eternal life."

Signed: "E. P. Williams."

He is buried at Footville. (His portrait,p.339, Maltby-Maltbie Hist.)

     Children of John Maltby and Lucy Cox:
CFE-DGA.  Mills Maltby, b. Oct.13,1807; d. 1822-5, Vernon, N.Y.
CFE-DGb.  Mary    "     b.        1810; d. 1825-30, Vernon, N.Y.
CFE-DGC.  Norman  "     b. Apr. 15, 1814, Vernon, N.Y.