Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Seventh Generation

Oscar R. and Unknown (UNKNOWN) MALTBY

Oscar R. and Unknown (UNKNOWN) MALTBY

Oscar R. and Lillian G. (FULLER) MALTBY

His Parents - Orrin and Mary Eleanor (called Betsey) (UNDERWOOD) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kid - Lola Orrin

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Data Base Output CFE-BCE-J. Oscar R. MALTBY, b. Aug. 11, 1864 (Orrin 6, Chandler 5, Jos.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He was m. three times. His 3rd wife was Lillian G. FULLER, m. Apr. 4, 1908. Daughter Lola Orrin MALTBY (Oscar 7, Orrin 6, Chandler 5, Jos.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Her mother (divorcee), was evidently a 2nd wife of Oscar MALTBY, and was Eva Marie Pontine. They were married in Bay City, Michigan, Dec. 21, 1885. Mrs. MALTBY will be 89 on Sept. 8, 1955. She resides with Lola, an only child. Lola and her mother are both trained nurses.

CFE-BCE-Ja.  Lola Orrin Maltby.

(The compiler owns a group photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Maltby, their three sons and daughter Elizabeth. This photograph of Grove Benjamin,--in descendants of Joseph 3 Maltby,--is the first to resem- ble the descendants in the line of Benjamin 3 Maltby. Previously the faces are long, eyes and nose are not as known in "our branch;" however Mr. Maltby's eyes and nose do have our "Maltby look." The same characteristics are shown by Cecil George).



Lola Orrin