Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Eight Generation

Charles Wilbur and Lulu Helen (SWIFT) MALTBY

His Parents - Byron William and Emily (MARTIN) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Harold Robert , Lyle Swift , Marian Isabelle and Wilbur William

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Data Base Output

CFE-BAI-DD. Charles Wilbur MALTBY, b. April 26, 1884, Riceville, Mitchell Co., IA; . (Byron 7, Wm.6, Jos.5, Jos.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). d. September 21, 1968, Corvallis, OR, Stroke., Res: 1915 - Alsea, OR - Info from Wilbur MALTBY, Mar. 1998" "Unpub. p.408, 561" Burial: Alsea Cemetery, OR; m. Lulu Helen SWIFT March 28, 1906 in Riceville, Mitchell Co., IA, daughter of Melville SWIFT and Mary FREEMAN. "Moved to Riceville IA. in 1889 Res: 1915, Alsea, OR" "Unpub. p.561; Son, Wilbur MALTBY, 1998", Burial: Alsea Cemetery, OR

      Children of Charles MALTBY and Lulu SWIFT are:
CFE-BAI-DDA.	Harold Robert MALTBY, b. January 11, 1907, Riceville, Howard Co., IA; d. October 01, 1966, Alsea, OR.
CFE-BAI-DDB.	Lyle Swift MALTBY, b. August 16, 1908, Riceville, Howard Co., IA; d. December 07, 1991, Portland, OR, Lung cancer.
CFE-BAI-DDc.	Marian Isabelle MALTBY, b. July 31, 1912, Alsea, Benton Co., OR; d. 1992, Bend, OR.
CFE-BAI-DDD.	Wilbur William MALTBY, b. May 06, 1919, Alsea, Benton County, OR.



Harold Robert

Lyle Swift

Marian Isabelle

Wilbur William