Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Seventh Generation

Orrin Alonzo and Anna Mary (OVERBECK) MALTBY

His Parents - Calvin and Minerva ((WOODWARD) WEBB)) MALTBY

Spouce Parents -

kids - Morton Ellsworth , Earl and Dayton Morse

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Data Base Output

CFE-BAB-G. Orrin Alonzo MALTBY, b. Jan. 6, 1854, at Dunkirk, N.Y. (Luther 6, Jos.5, Jos.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). m. Aug. 8, 1877, Anna Mary OVERBECK, b. Louisburg, Pa., June 4, 1860. m. at Clin- ton, Iowa. He d. Sept. 17, 1913 at Tacoma, Wash. His wid. and a son reside at Tacoma. They knew nothing of Luther (6) but said Calvin (7) died about 1911 and his widow resided in Texas.

CFE-BAB-GA.  Morton Ellsworth Maltby, died aged 2.
CFE-BAB-GB.  Earl                "    died aged 3.
CFE-BAB-GC.  Dayton Morse        "    b. May 21, 1888, St. Paul, Minn.
              They did reside at 1403 Willow Street, Minneapolis,
              Minn., m. Oct. 14, 1918, Rose C. McEntre of Tacoma,
              Wash.  Res. 322 North G. Street.



Morton Ellsworth


Dayton Morse