Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Second Generation

Daniel and Esther (MOSS) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Mary (BISHOP) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents - John and Martha (LATHROP) MOSS

Kids - Mary , William , Daniel , Esther , Joseph , Abigail , Daniel , Benjamin , Martha and John

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Data Base

CF. Daniel Maltby, b. May 19, 1679, Branford. (William 1).

"In 1700, Daniel Maltbie joined the Church at Branford." Esther Moss, who was to become his wife, joined the church at the same time. They were married Oct. 27, 1702. (Branford Record). She was the daughter of John Moss (or Morse) and Mary Lothrop.

John Moss was a son of John Moss, New Haven Planters Association, June 4, 1639. Born in England, 1604. Member of 1st General Court, 1639 and 1648, 1649 and 1664. Corporal, Aug. 6, 1642; May, 1678, Commissioner. He was one of the first settlers of Wallingford, and died in 1707, aged 103 years, according to records.

Mary Lothrop was dau. of Samuel Lothrop of New London, and wife Elizabeth Scudder. Samuel was a son of Rev. John Lothrop who was born at Elton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, in 1584. He was bred at

Oxford, grad. Queen's College, 1605, and mar. Hannah Howse of Eastwell, Co. Kent. Rev. John was son of Thomas Lothrop or Lowthropp, of Cherry Burton, Yorks, and wife Mary; he son of Robert Lowttrop and wife Ellen, and he son of John Lowthrope living in early 16th century at Cherry Burton, a parish four miles from Lowthrop, where in 1548 his name appears on the Yorkshire Subsidy roll.

(Branford Rec., Vol. I, p. 224)

"June 14, 1703. Daniel Maltbie entered his ear mark, which is a crop on the top of both ears, and a hollow crop on the near ear." (Vol. II, p. 249)

"April 12, 1705. At a meeting of the Proprietors in Branford com- mencing March 25, and closing April 12, 1705, Daniel Maltbie desired them to give him about 2 acres of sedgy land, which was granted."

In 1710, William Maltby left "to my son Daniel, all that house and land where he now lives."

(New Haven Probate Rec., Vol. III, p. 235)

"October, 1710. Daniel Maltby was appointed guardian to Jonathon Maltbie, minor, son of Wm. Maltbie of Branford, deceased."

This half-brother of Daniel was then but twelve years of age. He evidently remained Daniel's ward but a short time, for, (p. 66 New Haven Rec.) we find: "Jonathon Maultbie, Minor, child of Mr. William Maultbie, late of Branford, did appear and made choice of Mr. Edward Barker of Branford to be his guardian."

Jonathon's elder brother (by the same mother) Samuel, married Elizabeth Barker in 1715. Edward Barker was her brother.

(Branford Rec., Vol. I, p. 342)

"Oct. 15, 1711. In staking out lots on Mulliner's Neck, 'D.M.' was to stand for Daniel Maltbie." (Vol. III, p. 81) "Deed to Daniel Maltbie from Allen Ball."

This is interesting as the first Alling Ball was one of the first settlers of New haven. He is thought to be a brother of William Ball of New Haven, considered as possibly father of Col. John Ball, whose dau. Mary Ball was mother of George Washington. The "Tuttle Gen., p. 628," states: "This would verify the tradition, or statement, that John Ball who mar. Mary Tuttle was 2nd cousin of Washington's mother."

In a list of "Freemen of Branford, 1714 to 1730," the name of Dan- iel Maltby is 18th on the list.

(p. 151) "1712-13. Land layed out to the Estate of Wm. Maltbie for Daniel Maltbie, Jan. 23, 1712-13." (p. 219) "Deed from *Edwin Barker to Daniel Maltby in consideration of # 22, 10s." (*This should be Edward Barker).

(p. 221) "1714. Deed to Daniel Maltbie from Caleb Parmerly, March 26, 1714." (Note. The Parmelees were of Guilford, and were from Kent Co., England).

(p. 403) "April 27, 1714. Deed to Daniel Maltby by Noah Rogers." (p. 514) "May 2, 1717. Land layed out to the Estate of Wm. Maltbie, Esqre., on the pitch of Daniel Maltbie."

(Vol. IV, p. 86) "Aug. 4, 1718. Deed of John Howd* to Daniel Maltbie of 3 acres of salt meadow and for another piece of salt meadow."

Note. Benjamin Howd mar. Elizabeth Whitehead. Their daughter, Elizabeth Howd, mar. Daniel Hoadley--their son, John Howd* mar. Martha Hoadley and their son Daniel Howd mar. in 1739, Martha Maltby. (p. 87) "July 29, 1718. Deed of John Parrish to Daniel Maltbie, of a piece of 5th division land, which he had formerly bought of said Maltbie, for # 28." (Note. Daniel Maltby's dau. Abigail, b. 1714, mar. for her 2nd husband, "Ephraim Parish of Cheshire.")

(Vol. IV, Branford Rec.)

"Oct. 26, 1719. (Abstract)" Deed. Samuel and Jonathon Maltbie of Branford, believing our Honrd. Father, Willm Maltbie desired that our brother Daniel Maltbie should have his right in Beaver Swamp, therefore give, etc. all our rights in ye above swamp, 8 acres, etc. (p. 445) Dec. 7, 1722. Deed. "Jonathon Maltbie of Stamford, cordwainer, for # 130, gives his brother, Daniel Maltbie, of Branford, 10 acres of land, being Jonathon's share of the home 1st, given him by his father, William."

Daniel Maltbie died Dec. 25, 1731. Branford Rec. reads: "Daniel Maltbie departed this life, Dec. ye 26, A.D. 1731, in the morning."

The tombstone of Daniel Maltbie was in the Old Burying Ground of Branford, not far from the stones of his father, William, and stepmother, Abigail. It was fairly near the fence, and was sinking and in bad condition. For the Maltby Family Association I had the stone straightened and properly cared for. Also, a cousin went to Branford and photographed the tombstone. Unfortunately this was stolen, and a great loss, as a friend who in later years went to Branford to photo- graph it, reported the stone no longer existed. She wrote that apparently a street had been out through and land evidently was needed to make it sufficiently broad. Such vandalism in these times is difficult to understand, but I fear many old tombstones have gone, giving way to "improvements." The stone read:

                             "Mr. Daniel Maltbie 
                              Died Dec. 25, 1731 
                              In 53rd year." 

Daniel Maltbie's widow, Esther (Moss) Maltby, mar. June 14, 1739, Deacon Samuel Todd, of New Haven, as his 2nd wife. (Conn. Mar. Branford). The "Tuttle Gen.," p. 325, states: mar. "June 20th." New Haven Rec. reads: "Mrs. Esther Maltby of Branford and Mr. Samuel Todd, Jun., mar. June 10, 1739."

The will of Daniel Maltbie was found in the Guilford Probate Records, Vol. II, p. 436, by Miss Ethel Lord Scofield, and copied by her, and also the inventory of his estate.

Abstract of the will of Daniel Maltbie. "Last Will of Daniel Maltbie of Branford, in County of New Haven and Colony of Connecticut in New England, Yeoman, made this Twenty Second Day of December, Anno Domini, 1731.

I give and Bequesthe unto my Dearly beloved wife, Esther, one third of all my Houseing, Lands and Personal Estate, after my just debts are paid; the real Estate During Life and the personal forever.

2ndly. I give and bequesthe unto my three sons, Joseph, Daniel and Benjamin, all Houseing and Lands and right of Lands, to be equally

Divided between them including my Wives' third part in each parcel. If any of my said Sons should Decease before he is twenty one then the Survivors of my sons shall have the Same equally between them and shall pay to each of my Daughters in money or equivalent thereto one Sixth part of that part of my Estate which Did by right Belong to the Deceased. And my son Joseph to have his part in my Housing and Homestead.

3rdly. My will is that Each of my Daughters, Esther, Abigail and Martha shall have out of my Personal Estate including what each of them has already had and by Me set out to any of them the Sum of one Hundred and thirty pounds apiece and if my Personal Estate be not Sufficient to make up the Sum then to be Equally made up to each of them by Each of my Sons Surviving and in Case any of my Daughters should Decease before She arrive at Lawfull age to Receive her Part in my Estate as above then that part shall be Equally Divided Between my Surviving Children.

4thly. If my Personal Estate after my Just Debts and Widows thirds be taken out be more than enough to Satisfy my Daughters Each one her part as above then the remainder shall be Equally divided between my Surviving Daughters.

I ordain my well beloved wife Esther and my Son Joseph to be Executers of this my last will and testament, etc. etc. . .In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the day and year above written.

Daniel Maltbie. Signed, Sealed, published and Declared by ye said Daniel Maltbie as his Last will and Testament in presence of us Subscribers.

     Josiah Frisbie, 
     Uzall Wardell, 
     Samuel Maltbie." 
                                          Branford January 8th 1731-2 

"Then Personally appeared Capt. Samuel Maltbie, Mr. Uzall Wardell and made Oath that they Saw Mr. Daniel Maltbie, Late of Branford, Dec'd. Sign, Seal and Declare this Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament and that they with Mr. Josiah Frisbie did then Signe thereunto in his presence as witnesses Judging him to be of Sound mind and Clear under- standing at ye time thereof.

                            Before me, Jno. Russell, Jus. Pac. 

Note. In Daniel Maltby's will, 1731, there is no mention of Mary, b. 1703, Branford; nor of William, b. 1705, Branford; nor of John, b. 1722. It is evident that Mary left no descendant or Daniel would have mentioned his grandchild. Mary would have been 28 years old in 1731. Deacon Charles Foote in his MS. Genealogy of Maltby (p. 17, Maltby-Morehouse Family) states, "Mary, (dau. of Daniel) mar. ---- Goodrich." This may well be the case, as we find: "July 5, 1730, Capt. Malbie's deed from Goodrich. Land in Litchfield from William Goodrich of Copateneck, in ye province of Mass. Bay, Yeoman, lately of Litchfield, to Samuel Maltbie of Branford, of several parcels of land in the Cretch of Bantam or Mill River for # 220. (Litchfield Rec., Vol. I, p. 596)"

Daniel's son William evidently never married; and Daniel's son John would have been but nine years of age in 1731---hence must have died in his boyhood.

(The complete will of Daniel Maltbie was printed in the "Maltby- Maltbie History, pp. 280, 281).

Abstract of the Inventory of Daniel Maltbie. (Guilford Probate Rec., Vol. II, p. 451).

"Esther Maltbie, Executor of Daniel Maltbie, late of Branford, Dec'd exhibited an Inventory of Said Deceased Estate which was approved and ordered to be Recorded."

                                                       #     s.    d. 
       Wearing Apparel 
" One Coat # 3, 5s 
"  "    "  lined with black, # 5, 10s                  8    15     0 
   "  Draget vest & breeches, # 3, 10s 
   "  old Coat & Vest # 3, 10s                         7     0     0 
   "  old Great Coat, # 1 
two cotton Vest & Breeches, # 3, 14s                   4    14     0 
one old pair cotton Breeches, 6s 
one pair of breeches, 10s                              0    16     0 
one Holland Shirt, # 1, 6s; one Do. 10s 
Woolen Shirt, # 1                                      2    16     0 
four pr. Stockings, # 1, 12s; 2 hats # 2, 8s 
*one pair of Gloves, # 3                               6     8     0 
one muslin Neckcloth, two Stocks, etc. 
  and one Checkered Handkerchief                       0    16     0 
one Sasanet Handkerchief, 7s 
two Silk muslin  "      , 8s                           0    15     0 
one belt, 1s, 2 pr. Shoes & 1 pr. buckles              1     1     0 
    The Buildings with the Garden 
and appurtenances to ye house                        178     0     0 
two acres of Orchard adjoining to ye buildings        80     0     0 
one acre of Orchard more in ye homestead              40     0     0 
18 acres & 1/4 of land in the homestead 
      beside ye Orchard                              237     5     0 
27 acres of Land at Bushyplain 
      at # 12 per acre                               324     0     0 
15 acres of pasture Land & 8 acres of 
      Swamp Land                                     276     0     0 
18 pd right in ye Common and 
      undivided Land                                  18     0     0 
        Stock one pr Oxen, # 14, one other pair       25     0     0 
one pr two year old Steers, # 6, 10s 
     one bull, # 3                                     9    10     0 
     one yearling bull                                 1    10     0 
one old brown cow, # 4, 15s; one young 
     brown cow, # 4, 15s                               9    10     0 
one black white face cow, # 5; one brown 
     Heifer, # 2, 10s                                  7    10     0 
one red white face Heifer, # 2, 10s; 
     one pide black cow, # 5                           7    10     0 
one yallowish cow, # 5; one pide heifer, # 4           9     0     0 
two three year old heifers, #7 
one red white face cow, # 5                           12 
20 Sheep, # 12; one Horse, # 8; 
     one Sorril mare, # 11                            31     0     0 
one mare coult, # 4; one horse 
     colt, # 3; one coult, # 4                        11     0     0 

                                                        #     s.    d. 
two brindle Calves, # 2; two calves more, # 3; 
     two more, # 2, 15s                                7    15     0 
6 piggs, # 3, 12s; one old Sow, 10s; 
     nine Geese, # 1-2-6                               5     4     6 
nine puter plates, # 1, 7s; three Old 
     Plates, 6s; one bason, 3s                         1    16     0 
three poringers, 7s; Six pounds old 
     puter, 9s, 4d; a salt seller, 4s                  0    18     4 
one bason, 8s; one Large Tankard, 16s; 
     one small one, 11s                                1    15     0 
one old Chamber pot, 2s; platters, #1, 12s; 
     two platters # 1, 8s                              3     2     0 
one puter beacor, 3s; one Quart pot, 4s; 
     one pint pot, 2s, 6d                              0     9     6 
one Large puter Platter, # 1, 12s;                   
     four puter spoons, 2s                             1    14     0 

one set of Flowered Callico Curtaines, # 4 
     one set of Streake      "       , # 3             7     0     0 
one Trunk, 6s; one box, 2s; one chest, 4s; 
     one chest more, 4s                                0    16     0 
one Chest with Drawers, # 1; one 
     more floured, # 1                                 2     0     0 
one chest with mouldings, lock and key # 1, 5s; 
     one chest, 5s                                     1    10     0 
one chest, 4s; one painted, # 1; one old 
     box, 1s; four pictures in frames, 12s             1     5     0 
one Looking glass, 12s; one more, 30s                  2    14     0 
three small glasses with pictures in them              0     5     0 
Ten pr of New Sheets, # 15; 2 pr more, # 3            18     0     0 
three sheets, # 1, 10s 
three pair and a half about half worn, # 2-16-6        4     2     6 
one sheet, 15s; one Table Cloath, 15s; 
     two more, 5s                                      1    15     0 
four Towils, 4s; two towils, 3s; 
     Six napkins, 6s; six more                         1     5     0 
one Table cloath, 3s; two table cloaths, 3s; 
     two more, 5s                                      0    11     0 
four pair of pillow Coats, # 1, 10s; 
     two pair more, 8s                                 1    18     0 
one pair more, 5s, 9d; five cushings, 7s; 
Six black chairs, # 2, 14s                             3     6     9 
One Great Black Chair, 14s; Six small 
     black chairs, # 1, 13s                            2     7     0 
One earthen Chamber pot, 5s                            0     5     0 

one bedstead cord pillows and 
     boulsters and 3 coverlids                        13     0     6 
one bed more with its furniture 
     and 1 silk grass                                  8    14     0 
one bed more with all its furniture                   20    11     3 
30 pds of feathers, # 5; 12 pds of feathers 
     more, 18s                                         5    18     0 

                                                       #     s.    d. 
a hand saw, 5s; an Iron Goose, 4s; 
     a walking Staff, 5s                               0    14     0 
four chairs, 12s; 
*one Sealskin chair, 9s; four chairs, 7s               1     8     0 
one Great Chair, 5s; one silver Spoon, 25s; 
     one more, 19s                                     2     9     0 
one pair Money scales and Weights, 6s; 
     five viol glasses, 1s                             0     7	 0 
two Drinking glasses, 2s, 4d; 
one glas case & ye earthen in it, 19s                  1     1     4 
Earthern ware on ye mantle Shelf, 13s, 10d; 
     one Lanthern, 3s                                  0    16    10 
five small baskets, 3s, 8d; two more 
     baskets, 3s 
twenty seven & 1/2 yds flax # 1-2-6; 
     four pds of 50s, 1s, 8d                           1     4     2 
3 1/2 pds of course wool, 5s; right in a puter 
     Still,  1-0-6                                     1     5     6 
Sundry Small books, 9s; ten glass 
     bottles, 8s, 4d; and more, 1s, 4d                 0    19     2 
one Two Quart bottle, 2s, 6d; an old 
     spade and Shovel Iron, 6s                         0     8     6 

Iron Horse Gears, 12s; two yokes & 
     their Irons, 7s, 6d                               0    19     6 
one half bushel Iron, 4s; one iron Shod 
     Shovel, 5s                                        0     9     0 
one bread Shovel, 2s; one old Shovel, 6d; 
     two hose, 11s                                     0    13     6 
one old hoe, 9d; four axes, # 1, 5s; 
     three sickles                                     1    12     9 
five pounds of old iron, 4s; three 
     Syths and Tackling                                1    19     0 
one Syth & cradles, 8s; plow irons 
     and plated, # 1, 4s                               1    12     0 
one old fork tines bottle rings hammer 
     and iron Shackel                                  0     6     0 
one Sid Saddle, # 1, 10s; 
one saddle, # 4; one more, # 2, 10s                    8     0     0 
*three old bridles, 18s; one gun amd sword 
     # 2, 15s                                          3    13     0 
one pair of Handirons, # 1, 13s, 9d; 
     one pr of tongs, 4s, 6d                           1    18     3 
two trammils, 19s, 6d; one pair of 
     Handirons, Tongs and Shovel                       2    19     6 
one old fire shovel, 4s; one pr of Stilliards, 12s     0    16     0 
one pair of wooden Scales and one 
     brass weight, 1s, 6d                              0     1     6 
one Iron Pott, # 1, 5s; one pot more, 8s; 
     one Iron Kittle, 11s                              2     4     0 
one brass Skillit, 8s; one Iron Skillet, 4s, 6d        0    12     6 
one flesh fork Choping knife & Skinner, 3s             0     3     0 
*one brass Kittle, # 3; one brass Kittle # 7          10     0     0 
                                                       #     s.    d. 
one box Iron and Hasters, 7s; one Creset, 1s           0     8     0 
one brass candlestick, 4s; one Iron 
     candlestick, 2s                                   0     6     0 
one wooden Screw Candlestick, 2s; 
     a warming pan, 16s                                0    18     0 
two water pails, 6s; a lignum vitee 
     Mortar petil, 7s                                  0    13     0 
*one wooden mortar, 1s; a Hatchet, 14s; 
     three milk pails, 5s, 6d                          1     0     6 
one hogg Pail, 3s; trays, 5s, 4d; bowls, 8s            0    17    10 
a Marthing tubb & brew tubb, 5s, 6d; 
     four Hogsheads, # 1, 12s                          1    17     6 
two barrils, 6s; one 1/2 barril, 2s; funnel, 1s, 6d; 
     one Small bubb, 1s, 6d                            0    11     0 
one butter tubb, 3s; vinegar cask, 1s, 6d; 
     one half barril, 3s                               0    17     6 
two powdering tubbs, 3s, 6d; a churn, 7s;              
     two flat tubbs, 5s                                0    15     6 
two Hogsheads, 12s; one half Hogshead, 2s, 6d; 
     two wash tubbs, 2s                                0    16     6 
a Meal Trough, 8s; one meal tray, 1s; 
     an old cask in the garret, 13s                    1     2     0 
an old bail, 4s; cart rope, 12s; two 
     great Wheels, 11s                                 1     7     0 
two small wheels, 10s; one pair of cards 
     1s, 6d; one cubbard, # 4                          4    11     6 
one cubbard with bannisters on it # 1; 
     one great table, 16s                              1    16     0 
three knot dishes, 4s; two white wood dishes, 1s; 
     one table, 10s                                    0    15     0 
one frying pan, 5s; three Gimblits, 2s; 
     one hammer, 1s                                    0     8     0 
earthen ware, 8s, 8d; one cart & Wheels, 14s; 
     one chain, 16s                                    5     8     2 
one chain, 16s; one chain more, 14s                    1    10     0 
one stool, 1s, 6d; one old table, 4s 
     twelve Trenchers, 2s                              0     7     6 
one small pitchfork, 3s; two old Chairs, 9s; 
     one bred sive, 1s                                 0    13     0 
one old bedstead and cord, 6s; a Loom Jions and 
     a reed (reel?), # 1                               1     6     0 
One old Wheel Spindle, Spools and Swift, 17s; 
     a pillion and Cloath, 33s                         2    10     0 
one pair flannel blankets, # 2, 10s; one Iron 
     Hayhook, 1s, 6d                                   2    11     6 
one Glass Bottle, 10d; two earthern pots, 2s; 
     a wooden bottle, 3s                               0     5    10 
one small box, 1s; one bagg, 4s                        0     5     0 
*a parcel of Household Stuff prepared for Abigail     41    14     2 
one pound of Coverlid yarn                             0     3     0 
one Iron Candlestick                                   0     1     0 
                                     Sum Total    # 1560     7     6 
                                   Esther Maltbie, Executrix.

 Sworn in Court                    Test  Samuel Hill, Clerk. 
                                Samuel Stent     ) 
                                Samuel Harrington)    Apprisers. 

Note. Some of the items in the foregoing inventory are worth notice,

viz: "One pair of gloves, three pounds." For those days this sum seems a fabulous amount, especially as "one old bedstead and cord" are valued at six shillings! "One sealskin chair, 9 shillings, is also of interest, suggesting the sealskin had been brought from far northern waters. "One brass Kettle" is valued at seven pounds, while a brass candlestick is marked four shillings. The wooden mortar and pestte should be noted, as a descendant believes he owns this heirloom.

Then we have the "Sword, two pounds and fifteen shillings." This item would seem to indicate that Daniel Maltbie had seen service in the Indian Wars. There was no sword listed in the inventory of his father so I do not think it was inherited.

The "parcel of household stuff prepared for Abigail, 41-14-2" suggests that it was about this time she expected to be married. She would be eighteen in 1731. Deacon Charles Foote in his MS. Maltby Genealogy, states: "Abigail mar. (1) John Hall of Cheshire and mar. (2) Ephraim Parish of Cheshire, July 19, 1744."

Mr. Donald Lines Jacobus writes that this John Hall could not be John Hall, descendant of John Hall of Wallingford.

The names of Daniel's children have been studied with the hope of establishing if he were son by a first wife of William Maltby or by Hannah Hosmer.

1st child Mary. This was the name of Daniel's grandmother, Mary (Williamson) Maltby. She may have gone to New England with her sons and married again. 2nd child William, named for Daniels's father; 3rd child Daniel, named for himself; 4th child Esther, named for his wife; 5th child Joseph, I do not know for whom named. 6th child Abigail, evidently for his step-mother; 7th child--Daniel again; 8th child Benjamin, I do not know for whom; 9th child Martha, named for Esther's mother, Martha Lothrop; 10th child John, may have been named for Daniel's uncle, John Maltby. Four daughters and none of them named Hannah. Consequently, it seems to me Daniel was not a son of William's wife, Hannah (Hosmer) Willard.

Family Group SheetDaniel & Ester MOSS

     Children of Daniel & Esther (Moss) Maltby 
CFa.  Mary Maltby, b. Dec. 7, 1703.  (Branford Rec.) 
CFB.  William  "   b. Feb. 17, 1705.      "     " 
CFC.  Daniel   "   b. June 16, 1708, died young. 
CFd.  Esther   "   b. Nov. 1709. 
CFE.  Joseph   "   b. May 31, 1712. 
CFf.  Abigail  "   b. Mar. 6, 1713. 
CFG.  Daniel   "   b. Oct. 30, 1715. 
CFH.  Benjamin "   b. June 20, 1717. 
CFi.  Martha   "   b. Sept. 10, 1720. 
CFJ.  John     "   b. April 29, 1722, "at night." 














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