Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

John Davenport MALTBY

His Parents - Rev. John and Susanna (HUTCHINGS) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents -

Kid - none

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Data Base

CDA-BC. John Davenport MALTBY (John 4, Wm.3, Wm.2, Wm.1).

There is a Deed, dated Sept. 16, 1787, between John Davenport Maltby of Warwick (Mariner) and Hester his wife, to Dr. Richard Bell, of Southampton,"1st party sells to 2nd party, one undivided 3rd part in several tracts of land."

(Note. Warwick is evidently the parish of Warwick, Bermuda, also Southampton. On the steamer going to Bermuda in 1887, we met a Dr. Bell from Hartford, who was on his way to visit his mother, Mrs. Bell in Bermuda. Hearing Mother's name, he said he knew of the Maltbys.)

The above mentions a third part of lands. Possibly the son William had died unmarried.

I have considered the possibility that Hester was a Bell. The Bell home was but a couple of blocks from where we had the second floor of the Kirkham house on Cedar avenue. It was an attractive old Bermudian home with the usual lovely garden. Dr. Bell certainly memtioned "he was some sort of relation of the Maltbys."