Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

William MALTBY

His Parents - Rev. John and Susanna (HUTCHINGS) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents -

Kid - none

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Data Base

CDA-BB. William Maltby (John 4, Wm.3, Wm.2, Wm.1).

     He may be the following:
(South Carolina Hist. and Gen. Magazine, Vol. III, p. 123)
     "Roll of Capt. John Jenkins Co. of Volunteer Militia, from
Papers of the first Council of Safety of the Revolution June-
November, 1775.
                 William Maltby,"
In the "Boston Transcript," Nov. 21, 1921, "W.K.S." replied to my query regarding this William Maltby. He wrote"

"William Maltby mar. Caroline Holmes, step-daughter of John Reanille (Renell) of Beach Creek, Pa. Caroline's mother was Elish- aba Holmes, before she mar. John Renell, then living in Pottsville, Pa., 1848.