Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Second Generation

William and Elizabeth (MORRIS) MALTBY

His Parents - William and Mary (BISHOP) MALTBY

Spouse's Parents - John and Hannah (BISHOP) MORRIS

Kid - William

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Data Base

CD. Capt. William Maltby, b. Jan. 9, 1673. (William 1). Born at New Haven, Conn. He resided in New Haven previous to 1700, and, from the following record, evidently lived on the corner of Water and Union

streets, at that time a fashionable part of town, and here, doubtless, he watched his good Brigantine "Friends Adventure" of which he was captain, and his father, owner, or part owner, riding at anchor in the harbor.

"The Trowbridge Genealogy, p. 52," tells us that: Hezekiah Sabin came to New Haven about 1743, and bought of the heirs of William Maltbie, the house on the corner of Water and Union streets, near the Creek."

Capt. William Maltby married Elizabeth Morris, b. 1675. She was daughter of John Morris and wife, Hannah Bishop; and grand-daughter of Thomas Morris and his wife, Elizabeth.

Capt. William was probably of Branford in 1690, for in that year he is recorded there as joining the church.

(New Haven Town Records, Vol. II, pp. 11-12)

"John Morris, shipwright, of New Haven, for # 110, sells his house and his land to his son-in-law, William Maltbie of New Haven, Mariner, whose wife is Elizabeth Morris Maltby. Jan. 1, 1698-99."

We have seen that the wife of John Morris was Hannah Bishop. She was the eldest child of Deputy Gov. James Bishop, and therefore sister of Abigail Bishop, third wife of William (1) Maltby. Abigail Bishop was own aunt of Elizabeth Morris and step-mother of Capt. William Maltby.

"William Maltby was a sea captain and died in the West Indies, 1701, aged only 27," writes Mrs. Cushman; while Ralph D. Smith stated, "he was lost at sea, in March, 1701" and another record reads: "he died of yel- low fever in the West Indies."

From the following records it is evident he left New Haven in December, 1700, as "Master of the Friends Adventure," and never returned to his young wife and infant son, William, who was then but seven months old.

(New Haven County Court Rec. Vol. II, p.52)

Dec. 3, 1700. "Wm. Maltbie, Master of ye Brigantine ffriend's Adventure, made complaint against Daniell Thomas of said New Haven, for absenting himself from the vessel without leave." (Vol. II, p.53)

"Wm. Maltbie of New Haven, Master of ye Brigantine Friend's Adven- ture, was fined # 5 for receiving on board a quantity of hogs head head- ing and other timber contrary to law." (Vol. II, p.65)

"At a Court of Probate held at New Haven, April ye 30th day, 1701.

                                     Present: William Maltbie 
                                              Jeremiah Osborne, 
                                              John Alling, Esqrs. 
                                                  Justices Quorum.

"Administration of ye estate of William Maltbie, Mariner, late of New Haven, deceased in ye West Indies, was granted to Mr. John Morris and Mrs. Elizabeth Maltbie, widow and relict of said deceased of said New Haven, upon their recognizance of # 300 well and truly paid to administer ye same."

(Vol. II, p. 286). Probate records of New Haven, Conn., give:

"The inventory of x/m William Maltbie's Estate, deceased, taken

 by us whose names are underwritten, this 10th day of June, 1701." 
                                                        #     s.     d. 
His Clothes, # 9, 3s.  Hatt # 1, 13s.                  10    16 
Stockings, Cane & marking Iron                          2    10 
An old chest, 6s, four books, 4s, sailing instruments   3    10 
2 Boxes & Sheepskin, 4s, 6s, bedding & 
     bedstead # 5, 10s.                                 5    14     6 
A trunk with feet, 33s, blue linen, 14s, 
     bagg with Wool 36s.                                4     3 
Spiker and Lond, 10s, Fire shovel & Tongs, 16s, 
     Flax, 9s, 9d.                                      1    15     9 *Sourrale glass & earthern dish--Jug                         17 
Two Pwtt of Sugar 18s; Earthern Ware 2s, 6d.            1    10     6 
Bed Cord and Matt, 6s; Coverlid, 20s; 
     Bolts, # 2-4-6.                                    3    10     6 Basketts--*Corrills--Trays, 13s, 6d, 
     Woolen Yarne 4s.                                        17     6 
A chist of drawers # 6, 10s; Rowcloth, 45s              8    15 
Seven pr. Sheets # 15; Two pr. Sheets # 4 
     Pillow borrs 9s.                                  19     9 
Table cloathes, 20s, 6d; Napkins 2s, 4d; 
     Napkins 20 
Man Servant # 16; Negro Boy # 20. 
     John Alling 
     William Thomson. 
Sundry other articles--House and Lot. 
     # 100 Cash. 
359 gallons Rum 
104 gallons molasse 
     Total                                            231     5    00 

Mr. Wm. Maltbie gives one half his division of # 50 an allotment at Sibeis Hill, half as first laid out and half the addition of swamp, which is in Branford bounds, appraised at # 50 in money.

     Debts due ye Estate in Barbadoes: 
                                                        #     s.    d. Sundry items                                           35    13   7 1/2 
     The Estate Dr. 
To Mr. John Morris, for Freight                        17     3 
         +                                         #   18    10   7 1/2 
     Ex. M. Maltbie, Widow. Sworn to ye pse onbrod (?) 
     Mr. John Alling                          sworne to ye 
     Mr. William Thompon               April 20th & Novom. 14, 1701. 

     *(This was a sour ale glass). 

In the above inventory we find "359 gallons of Rum" and: "Debts due ye Estate in Barbadoes." It is evident our early Maltbys had a connection with Barbados, for, as far back as 1664, John Maltby (uncle of William) had a note from John Coving, promising to sell his rum on his arrival in Virginia, or to make him returns in the first ship to Mr. John Rockeby, merchant, in Barbadoes. Also the inventory of William's father, William (1), in 1710, mentions: "Cask of Rum, #8-3s-6d."

The "Corrills-baskets and trays," apparently had been brought from the West Indies. The molasses, sugar and rum may have come from their

own Plantation. Unfortunately Barbados records of this period were destroyed in some disaster.

The Copy of the Inventory of Capt. William Maltbie sent me, clearly has an "M." Maltbie, Widow. I cannot understand why this was not an "E." Maltbie.

On the Estate Samuel Coloys of Milford put in a bill for # 6-16s.- 00d."

On "July 27, 1700-1. Elizabeth Maltbie was admitted to the First Church at New Haven."

(Proprietors Records, Vol. IV, pp. 137-138)

Division of New Haven Lands, 1704.

"Here followeth the Claims that persons made and had land laid out to them in ye half Division also allowed in ye Sequestered Land, which Lots were drawn, April 3d, 1704.

"Sergt. John Morris # 200 of Mr. Hickocks 1st purchase Right and Mrs. Maltbies his daughter's Right, 1702." In 1712, the widow, Mrs. Elizabeth (Morris) Maltbie, was engaged in a suit regarding the proper- ty of her father.

(New Haven County Court Record, Vol. II, p. 494)

"Court held 2nd Tuesday of Nov. 1712. Joseph Smith, James Peck, Stephen Howell and Elizabeth Maultby, heirs to Mr. John Morris, late of New Haven, deceased, plaintiffs, contra Gershom Brown, mariner and Matthew Row of New Haven, defendants."

Until the death of John Morris in 1712, Elizabeth and her father appear to have lived together at New Haven.

In 1713, Elizabeth (Morris) Maltby mar. Rev. John Davenport, of Stamford, as his 2nd wife, and was the mother of the Hon. Abraham Daven- port and Rev. James Davenport. (Davenport Genealogy by Ammi Davenport, p. 192/3--records her death):

"The ancient Madam, Mrs. Elizabeth Davenport, widow and relict of ye late Rev. John Davenport, died Jan. 4, 1758."

The Davenport lineage has been traced back in England to A.D.1086. Their coat-of-arms was on silver tankards brought to New England at a very early date.

(Probate Rec. New Haven, Vol. IV, p. 381)

"Feb. 6, 1715-16. Mrs. Elizabeth Davenport, alias Maltbie, administratrix of Mr. Wm. Maltbie, late of New Haven, deceased, by letter, desires the addition of # 8 money to b?????? to his estate."

Note. There is an interesting item which may pertain to John Morris above. New London. 1668-9.

"Whereas Capt. Morrise hath reported and informed the King's Commissioner, that Mr. Thomas Stanton, Senior, did in Virginia some 20 odd years since (1638-1650) cause a massacre among the Indians, according to Richard Ayre, Mariner."

This was Thomas Stanton of Saybrook, Conn., 1637, who mar. Ann Lord. Later Ayre denied he had ever made such a statement.

     Child of William and Elizabeth Maltby. 
CDA.  William Maltby, b. May 26, 1700. 
             (Vol. I, p. 131, New Haven Records). 





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