Maltby Genealogy - American Lineage - Fourth Generation

Edmund and Jane (HODGKIN) LEWIS

Her Parents - Abraham and Hannah (MALTBY) HODGKIN

Spouse Parents -

Kids - Rebeca , Hannah , Samuel and John

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Data Base

CBd-d. Jane HODGKIN, b. 1738 (Hannah 3, John 2, Wm.1). m. Sept. 7, 1757, Edmund LEWIS, b. July 6, 1726, Guilford, Conn., son of Edward and Rebecca (Lothrop) Lewis, of Cape Cod, Mass. Edmund Lewis, husband of Jane, was also of Litchfield, Conn. He and his wife were members of the Church in Christ in North Bristol Society (now North Madison). He was a sailor. (p. 154, Vol. XIV, Louisiana)* for eleven years in the early part of his life. Seen after mar. he was Captain of a training vessel which was taken, by an armed French vessel, and he lost everything. A great granddau. states that there were seven children, but "Louisiana"* records only five, born in Guilford. In later life he was of Northford.

    Children:                     *was "Lewisiana" meant? 
CBd-da.  Rebeca Lewis, b. Mar. 18, 1759. 
CBd-db.  Hannah   "    b. Sept. 16, 1761. 
CBd-dC.  Edward   "    b. June 21, 1766. 
CBd-dD.  Samuel   "    b. Aug. 28, 1770. 
CBd-dE.  John     "    b. Feb. 19, 1773. 
    (According to Carll A. Lewis, of Fort Covington, N.Y., 
	the  descendants of John, b. 1773, have been traced).