Mr. Frank Bierce Maltby, C. E.

------------- The following sketch of Mr. Frank B. Maltby, whose name is so well known in the engineering world will be of interest to all the descendants. Mr. Maltby graduated from the University of Illinois in 1882, and was given an honorary degree in 1907. since leaving the University Mr. Maltby has followed the engineering profession and has been connected with railroad construction and work under the government on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. From 1902 to 1905 Mr. Maltby was in charge of all dredging operations on the Mississippi River below Cairo and at this time had under his direction the largest dredge plant in the world. In 1905 Mr. Maltby went to Panama as a dredging expert I charge of all dredging operations and was afterwards made Division Engineer and then Principal assistant Engineer under Mr. Jno. F. Stevens, Chief Engineer of the Isthmian Canal Commission. After the canal construction was turned over to the army engineers Mr. Maltby resigned and is now chief engineer for the firm of Dodge and Day, of Philadelphia. While in the service of the canal commission Mr. Maltby designed and built the dredges now in use in constructing the canal. This plant has cost about a million and a half dollars. Mr. Maltby’s work also included the construction of wharves and docks and beginning the construction of the great Gatun lock and dam. He also built a cold storage plant, laundry and a bakery on the Isthmus. Mr. Maltby’s work is so well known, and his fame as a hydraulic engineer and an expert on all classes of dredging operations, is so widespread, that any remarks of the writer would be superfluous. Dodge and Day, for whom Mr. Maltby is chief engineer, now have the contract for the erection of the largest cableway plant in the world for handling material at Gatun on the Isthmus. Mr. Maltby’s line of descent is given below: 1. William Maltby, mar. Hannah ------- 2. Daniel Maltby, mar. Esther Moss. 3. Daniel Maltby, mar. Mary Harrison. 4. Benjamin Maltby (R.W.) mar. Abigail Munger. 5. Nathaniel Harrison Maltby, mar. Betsy Patchin. 6. Warren Maltby, mar. Chloe Elizabeth Bierce. 7. Frank Bierce Maltby, mar. Margaret Ellen McNary. Mr. Maltby has two daughters: Miss Ruth McNary Maltby and Miss Marion Elizabeth Maltby.

Miss Margaret E. Maltby

------------- We take pleasure in being able to print for the members, the following short sketch of Miss Margaret E. Maltby, the only woman professor at Columbia University. Miss Maltby’s degrees are : Oberlin A. B. (1882); A M. (1891; Mass. Institute of Technology, S. B. (1891); Gottingen University (Germany) Ph. D. (1895.) The following fellowships have been held by Miss Maltby: Foreign Scholarship (or Fellowship) from Mass. Institute of Technology two years while in Gottingen ’93-’95. The foreign fellowship of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, ’95-’96. Miss Maltby is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and was private research assistant to President Kohlbrausch of the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsaustalt ’98-’99. In 1899-1900 Miss Maltby studied at Clark University with Professor Webster; for four years and a half she taught at Wellesley College; one year at Lake Erie College and eight years at Barnard. At present Miss Maltby is Adjunct Professor in charge of the Department of Physics of Barnard Columbia University—which post she has held since the summer of 1903. We regret exceedingly that we were not fortunate enough to secure a photograph of Miss Maltby, as we know all the members would be interested to see their kinswoman, who has made so brilliant a record in the world of science.


------------ Member Public Utilities Commission, N.Y., since June, 1907: Secretary Art Commission, N.Y., May, 1902, to July, 1907; born Hinckley, Ill., April 3, 1871; son Henry M. and Harriet Delano M.; grad. Upper Iowa University, 1892; (Ph. B., Northwester, 1893; Ph. D., Columbia 1897); took Dewey prize, $100, and Cushing prize, $100, Northwestern University, 1893; married July 11, 1901, Lucia McCosh; Prof. Economics and Mathematics, Mt. Morris College, Ill., 1893-5; fellow in administrative law, Columbia, 1895-7; Sec’y Reform Club Com. On City Affairs, 1897-1902; traveled in Europe in summer of 1899, investigating municipal problems for reform club, and in 1903 civic art; prize lecturer on municipal government, Columbia, 1900; editor of Municipal Affairs; 1897-1903; conducted investigation in Great Britain into relative merits of municipal and private management of public utilities, 1906; member Am. Economic Association, Reform Club, Soc. For Checking Abuses of Public Advertising (London), Municipal Art Soc., Am. Polit. Science Association, National Civic Federation, Commission of Municipal Ownership and Operation. Author: English Local Government of Today,--A Study of the Relations of Central and Local Government, 1897; Municipal Functions, 1898; Street Railways of Chicago, 1901. Contributor to Economic journalism. Residence: 512 W. 151 Street. Office: 154 Nassau Street, New York City.-(From Who’s Who, 1908-9.)