Gen. Isaac Maltby

Born November 10, 1767; graduated at Yale College 1786. He was the son of Benjamin Maltby of Northford and Branford, Conn., and Elizabeth Fowler, his wife. He was a student of divinity with Dr. Smalley of New Britain, Conn., and was admitted to the church in that place July 12, 1789, and licensed to preach the same year, by New Haven, East. He married Nov. 10, 1790, at Hatfield, Mass., Lucinda Murray, the only child of Seth Murray, who was a Brigadier General in the Hampshire Militia in the time of the Revolutionary War, and he was persuaded to settle with his father-in-law in Hatfield. He served as representative from Hatfield in the Massachusetts Legislature 1809-10; was the author of three books on Military Science, viz: “Elements of War,” “Military Tactics” and “Court Martial;” twice chosen Presidential Elector at a period in American history when the Electoral College was composed of notable men and when it was intended to select deliberately the President of the United States. He served through the war of 1812 and was made Brigadier General in 1813, with headquarters at Boston, his son Seth Murray Maltby being paymaster in the same brigade with the rank of major. In 1818 he removed to Waterloo, Seneca county, N. Y. where he died the following year (1819.)